Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Celebration to Feature ‘Heritage of the Classic Sonic Franchise’


Sega has been quite tight lipped on their plans for the 25th Anniversary of Sonic, whilst a logo has been leaked out of the Vegas Licensing Expo,Β and First 4 Figures teasing a statue for the event, very little else has been mentioned.

However we can now reveal some new details about the event. During the Vegas Licensing Expo there was a daily newsletter published which would detail news and photos from the event from various booths. Now Sega had a small section on their booth in one of the newsletters, primarilly the information was about Boom, in fact this information was later released, we even newsed it here.

However, the newsletter contains one extra detail which has since been omitted from other press material. Specifically regarding the 25th anniversary celebrations.



The article details that Sega will be planning a celebration for Sonic’s 25th anniversary, and the tiny detail comes at the end where it states the following.

SEGA is also planning to showcase the heritage of the classic “Sonic” franchise as part of its anniversary celebrations

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the next game is focused on Classic Sonic, it may mean that merchandise and some licensing deals with be focused on Classic Sonic, however, it does seem odd to put such a focus on the Classic Sonic brand.

To put it another way, we now have two completely different sources, Sega & First4Figures commenting on the 25th Anniversary stating that there will be a classic Sonic focus. First4Figures went as far as to sayΒ 

-Classic Sonic is to be the main focus (of the statue).

Speculating, this to me strongly suggests that we might see the return of Classic Sonic in some way in the foreseeable future. Whilst I don’t want to suggest a Sonic Generations 2 like experience, it does seem very odd to be promoting the classic Sonic brand and not actually reflecting that in the primary sales asset (games).

Anyway, excited at the thought of Classic Sonic returning? Think it’s a new game? Or just a merchandise promotion. Look below you, see that? That’s a comment box, let us know your thoughts Blue Believers.

Source: Global License.


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  1. I’m in two minds about what they mean by “Classic” Sonic. Considering the rest of the information is entirely Boom related I can’t help but wonder if they were referring to what we know as SEGA Sonic.

    Now F4F is obviously specifically meaning THE Classic Sonic but I’m not entirely sure the two connect yet. Still, it’s certainly not the biggest stretch to imagine.

    1. Actually, Sega typically calls Modern Sonic “Legacy Sonic”. It would probably use that term if it were describing current mainline Sonic stuff.

        1. Yeah, I suppose there were quotation marks around Sonic.

          I guess it could go either way.

      1. “Legacy sonic” was something coined by someone interviewing Sega, not Sega themselves.
        To me it seems like they just meant “The Sonic series” which is “classic”.

          1. Actually, Modern Sonic was called “Generic Sonic” in the files… It actually became a short-lived meme upon being discovered, lol.

    2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they just mean “SEGA” Sonic, not the Genesis-era Sonic. You have to understand that they’re writing this to those who aren’t familiar to the series, only with the character. That’s also why they wouldn’t bother using specific terms like “Legacy Sonic”, because there’s only two brands for potential licensors to differentiate from: Boom Sonic and the “old” Sonic: aka, the “classic” Sonic that we haven’t seen much of since Boom.

      That’s just my view on it, but I highly doubt they’re specifically differentiating between the “classic” and “modern” types of Sonic, like in Generations.

  2. Predictable, but still pretty cool. Given the success of Classic Sonic in Gens., it would make sense that the 25th anniversary game would contain at least a few homages the Classic games. Though I can’t shake that this will be mostly merch based. After all, if its true that Sega is focusing on listening to its fans, it surely must have heard the complaints about overuse of nostalgia in Sonic games.

    Man, I wish I had been in the Vegas area as there was clearly a lot announced at this event… Any more licensing expos coming up for Sega where information could possibly be given regarding the big 25?

    1. Well guys we dont know if this anniversary will turn out good and sell well next year and we dony know if we ever get a chance for SEGA to bring back classic sonic and put the anniversary of all consoles you know if it worth for BigRedButton SEGA would never announce sonic boom you know the next sonic title could be sonic origins.

  3. I hope Modern Sonic won’t be forgotten, I love Yuji Uekawa’s work!!…
    I really like Classic Sonic but Modern Sonic is my favourite… well, it doesn’t matter since Modern Sonic is in the same universe as Classic Sonic!!…
    Well, I don’t like BOOM at all, so I’m pleased by SEGA last paragraph!!…

  4. It’s not really that odd. It’s a major anniversary celebration, and classic is obviously what the people who are concerned with such milestones care about, much moreso than the aforementioned “offshoot” that got most of them so riled up in the first place.

  5. I just really want to see a new Sonic game that isn’t exclusively for WiiU D:
    Sonic is so much better on multi platform and it’s been a long while since they brought out a main stream game that was so. It was Sonic Gen since the last one I think…

  6. Advance games Sonic will always be the definitive Sonic for me. I think it’s a shame how SEGA have not paid any mind to how awesome the advance games were.

    1. Yeah, we need more games like them. If the 25th anniversary game was basically an advance style game, I would be completely satisfied.

    2. Really? I liked those games but I felt the definitive 2D Sonic games were the Sonic Rush games, at least for me of course.

      1. If I recall correctly, Rush actually built off of a lot of what Advance introduced. Most significantly, it retooled and expanded on the role of the boost from Advance 2. But it also uses the same source of inspiration for its gameplay– the Classic games.

      2. That’s very understandable. I think Sonic Rush Adventure is a truly incredible game. I pick Advance over Rush for smaller things I suppose like I prefer sprites or I prefer the more pick-up-and-play nature, or the special stages. But still, handheld Sonic truly does deserve some respect.

  7. Man i really wish for another generations or something like that. The first one was perfect. If Sega wants to apologize, they better start with another good nostalgic goodness.

  8. I feel like this headline was sort of clickbait, as we don’t know much about this name. However, it is interesting to know Sega is slowly revealing stuff about te 25th anniversary. I think this game will be a game on its own, not necessarily focusing on the anniversary. Like SA2 & 06.

    1. How is it clickbait, what do you mean we don’t know much about this name?

      Classic Sonic? What don’t you know about it?

  9. I really think Sega should make a Sonic game for PS4 and Xbox One that is more about the feel of an epic adventure and looks amazing on the two consoles, rather than focus on nostalgia. They can release some nostalgia games for other consoles too, but the PS4 and Xbox One should get a Sonic game that’s truly breath taking.

    Also, Sega should commission BackBone entertainment to make Sonic Rivals 3 on PS Vita. 2016 is also gonna be Sonic Rival’s 10th anniversary. It’s also gonna be Sonic Rider’s 10th as well, but Sonic Riders sucks so I hope Sega leave Sonic Riders out of sight. Sonic Free Riders already killed the Riders series.

    1. You’re wrong, sir. Just because you don’t like the Riders series doesn’t mean it should never happen again according to you.

    2. Sonic Riders wasn’t that great, but it was leaps better than the embarrassment that was Sonic Rivals. Also, a PS Vita game in 2016? I hope you’re joking.

  10. To… be perfectly honest, I know nothing’s confirmed yet about the game, and this could really just mean they want to pay attention to Sonic of old, be it Classic or Modern… but I don’t want SEGA to just rely on pure nostalgia again. Sonic Generations is my favorite Sonic game for its gameplay, but I don’t like the idea of fans only accepting games with nostalgia shoved at them. It’s one of the few reasons I hear from some fans when they claim Sonic Colors is better. It’s less derivative. If that’s how it needs to be, then games like Sonic Generations will feel redundant. It’ll also just amplify the fact that we can’t handle anything new anymore. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice’s reception, to me, is an example of how fans won’t accept newer content, regardless of quality. Even if the game were good (which nothing seems to be wrong yet), its name and “awful character designs” would put 22-year-old Classic Sonic gamers at unease.

    Homages, yes, are really nice. Sonic Lost World has a lot of homages to the classics and past games, while still doing something new… albeit a bit forgettable. For the 25th Anniversary, I’m in the minority that doesn’t want Sonic Generations 2 or anything. I don’t feel like SEGA should only be trusted by fans if they merely spam 90’s Sonic references. I like the old games, don’t get me wrong, but I want something new and memorable while still giving a bit of attention to games of the past. That’d be cool. Sonic Adventure 3, as heavily requested as it is, is something I’d like to see… but I don’t want just a rehash of the other two Sonic Adventure games.

    1. You’re far from a minority, at least in the fanbase. Believe me, I’ve already seen a lot of people freaking out over how “creativity is dead” with Sonic because of this news. Personally, I think that’s kind of jumping to conclusions because all we really know about this game is that it will exist, it will be big, and a Classic Sonic will be involved somehow. I say “a Classic Sonic” because the wording is so vague that it could just as easily refer to mainline Sonic in general– y’know, mainline now being Classic while Boom is Modern. There’s not even a confirmation that Classic will be in this game, let alone important. For all we know, Classic could only be only a cameo, or only in merch, etc. So you can rest your worries for now at least.

      Honestly, would not be surprised if this game tried to build off of Lost World somehow. Or did Boost again. Honestly, I’d be happy if I got Gens. gameplay again– just maybe change everything else up to prevent monotony.

      1. Exactly. When they say “Classic”, they could easily just be assuring people that it is not Sonic Boom. There’s a very large misconception that Sonic Boom is replacing mainline Sonic anyway. But regardless, I hope it’s not just a nostalgia-fest. I want a new game that will make fans happy with something unique, because I feel like too many people out there believe that Sonic will never be good until it’s “just like the Genesis days.”

        I would like Boost gameplay to come back, though… or heck, I’d even settle for an upgraded Lost World build. Sonic Lost World had some pretty cool ideas that I feel could work. It’s so hard to tell what they could do, but I’m very eager to find out.

        1. Misconception? Hah, try wishful thinking. Much as they like to complain, Sonic fans REALLY don’t like it when reality disrupts its preconceived notions…

          I think there’s literally nothing Sega can produce that will make everybody like its next title. You make something unique? Ugh, another innovative title, bet it’ll be stupid and frustrating. You make something tried and true? Ugh, playing it safe. Do you even try anymore? So much as say that Classic will be involved somehow? Ugh, stop whoring Classic Sonic, this is pure regression, you’re just pandering to the vocal minority.

          I think Parkour could combine great with other formulas. If anything, the wall running aspect could allow for vertical exploration in a way that otherwise only the 2D games could accomplish.

          1. True. SEGA’s kind of in a situation where they can’t really please everyone. Even if they made Sonic Adventure 3, people would be split. “Ugh, way too much like Sonic Adventure 2. This’ll just be another Sonic 4.” “Damn it, SEGA, you’re changing Sonic Adventure’s great name into something new and stupid!” Two opposite sides of the coin.

            Parkour + Adventure gameplay would be my preferred choice, assuming that we’re just playing as Sonic again. I want multiple playable characters so much.

          2. C’mon, SA3 was totally already a thing! Do you not remember Sonic Advance 3? πŸ™‚

            Real talk, there’s also the fact that SA3 isn’t really what everybody wants. There’s plenty of people vocally against another Adventure game, or at least a direct sequel. And of course, Sega’s treatment of Classic Sonic in Sonic 4 does not bode well for Sega’s treatment of the Adventure games in SA3… Yet again, Generations treated Classic pretty well and that came after Sonic 4… so I guess it could go either way really.

            As for my personal subjective stuff? Admittably, I haven’t played the Adventures nor am I particularly interested in purchasing them. They look like they’d be really frustrating for somebody like me who isn’t accustomed to games from that time. Thus I’ve mostly experienced Adventure though Youtube videos and spiritual successors like Unleashed. But should an SA3 get announced, I’d give it a fair shot like any other Sonic game. Every game deserves to be looked at with a neutral mindset before deciding if its good or bad. I wish Sonic fans would stop acting like every new release is meant to destroy all that is good in the world or something…

          3. I always kind of saw SA3 as a vocal majority. Every time I go on the Sonic facebook or YouTube page, I always see plenty of, “WHERE IS SA3?” But I have indeed seen a few who don’t want it. I don’t really see why SEGA would do it other than fanservice, but the gameplay style of Sonic Adventure is one I’d like to see again.

            That’s exactly how I feel. If we’d just go into things with neutrality, maybe we’ll be less angry or disappointed in the end. Fire & Ice isn’t “the next series killer”, but people will believe it is because of the negativity surrounding the Boom name. I try to give each game a fair chance, and if it’s frustrating, I’ll deem it as such. It’s for this reason why I was totally fine with Sonic Lost World while I saw others be quite opposite.

          4. Not with the groups I hang out with. Ah well, I suppose everything Sonic is polarizing.

            Yeah. I can get why people might be skeptical of Sega output, perhaps even cynical. But people take things way too far when it comes to Sonic. There’s no need to be so touchy and presumptuous with reactions to news, and “He likes/makes something I don’t like!” is not a valid excuse for personally attacking somebody.

            (Although I’d like to note that most people outside of the fanbase are actually pretty darn happy with Sonic Team’s current output. They loved Colors and Gens., and they are generally pretty satisfied with Lost World even if they don’t consider it the best Sonic game ever. People outside the fanbase tend to hate Boom though. The exceptions to this are the toys which parents seem to love, and the TV show which is generally considered decent enough to be enjoyable but far from the best TV has to offer.)

          5. That seems like a fair general summary of how people outside the fanbase are reacting. This news, I hope, isn’t to be taken too seriously. The only thing I gather from this is that SEGA is going to make the Anniversary focus on… well… why we like the main Sonic series. That much excites me. πŸ™‚

          6. Its too late, people are already assuming that this will be Gens. 2. :/ Actually, I wonder why people are so shocked Classic is involved. He’s been involved in every other birthday celebration for Sonic, don’t see why this one has to be different.

            I dunno. A Gens. 2 is pretty much what the gaming media and its followers have been asking for though. So it wouldn’t surprise me if that were made, though again that doesn’t mean that Sega is going to do it.

  11. As long as it’s not the ugly American, 90s “radical” Classic Sonic, I’ll be happy. Classic Sonic has been slowly coming back since Generations anyway. Just look at Runners.

  12. It’d be cool if they remade the classic games or something.

    I’m not expecting a Generations 2, and even so the way Generations handled old Sonic really bothered me. D|

  13. I think there could be a Generations 2 with Modern, Classic, and Boom Sonics.

  14. I don’t know about you guys but it sounds like their trying to cash in to the whole retro nostalgia. ( kinda like Pixels :V) I expect tons of merchandise of “classic” sonic next year. As for a game, that’s possible too.

    1. Well, whether we like it or not, Direct Classic Sonic Involvement = Guaranteed Profit. It’s hard for any business to turn down that. Though its difficult to be MORE disrespectful towards gamers and the games of old than Pixels…

      I agree, we’re going to see quite a bit of merch. This confirms absolutely nothing for the game though. I wouldn’t be surprised if Classic showed up though, nor would I be surprised if he didn’t. Its one of those “wait and see” types of situations, really…

      1. I feel like I’ve said this already, but I believe the phrase you’re looking for is, “Only time will tell.” πŸ˜‰

  15. I just think it means “Not Boom Sonic, but the one everyone is more familiar with” or something along those lines.

  16. I honestly wouldn’t mind a Sonic Generations 2 like experience, but it is probably not going to be something like that. Whatever new main series game experience we do get however, I do hope it is a more quality title than the last few games after Generations.

  17. I think SEGA will do something ddifferent for the 25th anniversary game but i want it to be in all consoles like 3DS Wii U XB1 and PS4 if we ever get a chance anyway im not saying that i want a sonic generations 2 but the good title for the next sonic game will be sonic origins yes thats a good title for the next game and also i dont mind for classic
    sonic to come back and i want to see if
    SEGA could manage to bring back sonic boost from other sonic games so that way the game will be more enjoyable then ever i wonder if we can see other classic sonic friends

      1. See thats a prefect name for the next sonic title man besides if SEGA brings back modern sonic we should be good i hope SEGA dont disappoint us again.

        1. Rayman Origins (which ended up not returning to any origins aside from the fact it’s 2D) too.

  18. When they say “CLASSIC” Sonic, they don’t necessarily mean the small pudgy version of him from Generations, they’re more or less talking about the main series as a whole separated from Sonic Boom! This means that the next game or whatever they’re planning will most definitely feature Sonic in his Modern form and in my opinion (which is really the best opinion to have for anyone with decency in this fanbase) “Modern” Sonic is just as Classic as “Classic” Sonic!

  19. I notice that a lot of people are concerned about nostalgia pandering. Could we maybe get an installment of “The Spin” about that? I feel like this isn’t the last time this is going to get brought up… Best to start early, eh?

    1. That’d be an excellent idea, I feel. Although the matter can be very different depending on the crowd.

      1. True, but the point of The Spin is to give an opinion on pertinent, controversial issues, especially ones that have triggered a lot of vitriol and sensationalism.

        1. That’s very true. I think that’s a good topic for discussion. I can definitely see pluses and minuses around nostalgia.

          1. Exactly. On one hand, I like nifty little references to past events. On the other hand, it can be lazy. Balance is most certainly key.

  20. At risk of being told off, I’m assuming a certain regular here who I won’t name but everyone hates (you probably know who I mean by now) got banned? If so, huzzah!

    Anyway, no sense continuing to talk about that unpleasantness so I also want to say I REALLY hope it’s not another bloody Generations… I’m one of the few Sonic fans who actually believes it to be massively overrated. It really wasn’t that great. It was far too short, all the “modern” gameplay was hold boost to win, it was almost all about rushing to the end which is just rage-inducing, a lot of the game required the player to do silly little side-quests to unlock the meat of the game, so many forgotten characters were absent and only put in as in-level references instead, there was so much missed potential with the level choices, the story was massively lacking despite the excellent idea (yet more missed potential) and the overall game is WAY too short. The only thing it’s good for is the modding community on the PC version and a quick run through if you’re bored.

    1. As much as I enjoy generations and it’s one of my favourite, I have to agree on certain aspects. I’d like to add that sonic generations was very easy also especially the classic levels. In the original Chemical plant levels of sonic the hedgehog 2 I was challenged at points but the generations remake of that level I can actually go through it like it’s nothing.

      I’m not that good at sonic games, so I knew something was up when I was able to speed run generations with not much
      I mean sure it’s awesome to feel like I’ve become so good at Sonic generations that I can S rank everything first try and run through the game story in one sitting but having played sonic the hedgehog 2 again and many others, it’s kind of obvious it’s not me being amazingly good at generations and more that generations was too easy to begin with.

      It’s the same complaint I have with Boom and a few other more recent sonic games. I enjoy them but they’re very easy.

      I’m personally hoping for a old style side scrolling sonic game. However I don’t mind if we get a full 3D game again. I’m just a bit worried about the boost making the game feeling more like a race to the end than an actual platformer.=/
      What I liked about games like colours and lost worlds is that it felt like a platformer. Though if they make anything like lost worlds that should remove that run button and have him run based on how you press on the control stick. I don’t understand why some companies insist on a run button. It’s not necessary when you have a control stick.

  21. If they were to do Generations 2 and if they were to do a 3DS version, aside from the console versions, they need to do it right. I felt that Generations on the 3DS was a bit of a let down as only Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1 Game Gear) and Water Palace (Sonic Rush) were from the handheld Sonic games as the rest were from console Sonic games.

    1. Exactly, I feel the same. They claimed Generations 3DS was going to focus about Sonic’s history on handhelds, but the only true handheld stage was Water Palace (and maybe Tropical Resort). They could have taken stages from Rush Adventure and Sonic Advance at the very least

  22. The 25th anniversary Sonic game should include all three generations of Sonic. Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, and Sonic Boom Sonic. Please SEGA release a Sonic Generations 2 game featuring all three generations of Sonic, and release this Sonic 25th anniversary game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.

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