Blaze Now Available in Sonic Runners

blazeEveryone’s second favourite Sonic cat (Big being the first) joins Sonic Runners. Earlier today Blaze was added to the roulette wheel in Sonic Runners for a limited time.

Sharing the character slot with Rouge, this gives players a 3% chance to get her. Oddly, Blaze is described by Runners as being a power type character, so she joins the likes of Knuckles, Omega and Big. Even stranger, she’s now a member of Team Rose.

Blaze is available only for a limited time so if you want to get your hands on her you’d better act fast and be lucky, she’s only there until August 28th.


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  1. I already got Blaze today in Sonic Runners & also I’m going to be honest I never ever unlock Sonic Characters in a Roulette but right now I got a perfect Roulette to unlock Blaze The Cat first time is awesome!

  2. Bad timing strikes for a third time in a row wit this game man.

    I bought $40 worth of Red Rings just hours before the sale, spent them and only got Reala once, and now Blaze is available…

    Damn it…

  3. Why the heck is Blaze part of Team Rose? I can KINDA understand her being a power character (still makes more sense as a speed character) but she has never been associated with Team Rose.

    1. I only agree with the power thing because she has done fire tornadoes in games before and its a perfect fit for the playstyle of power characters in this game.

      Otherwise, no. It makes no sense. Still cool though

    2. If you played the games you would know she is almost as fast as Sonic, perhaps even as fast as Shadow, furthermore there is no doubt she is faster than Amy or Silver.

      1. Silver flies fast, in his defense.

        Also he is literally slower because thats his ability in Runners. Which is hilarious to me.

    3. Well, in Sonic Rush, she became close friends with Cream. That gives her enough connection. She’d be a better member than Big.

      Hm, maybe that’s why she’s a power type. To replace Big’s spot. Still should have been Speed though.

      1. I think it would have been better if they switched Amy to power type instead of Blaze since Blaze is faster and Amy is more recognized for his powerful hammer rather than her running speed.

        Also it would have been cooler if the team was named Sol Team instead of Rose 😛

        1. Yeah, Blaze is the fastest of the Female cast so it makes more logical sense for her to be the Speed Type.

          Ah well, SEGA don’t know their own characters sometimes.

  4. Blaze is a Power type character and a member of Team Rose?

    Ummm…..Archie Sonic’s Treasure Team Tango reference?

  5. Shouldn’t she be a speed character, and Amy a power character?

    Last time I checked, massive hammer = power.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, more than anything because even when Amy appears as a speed character in other media she is always the slowest of the bunch (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic06).

  6. I’m glad they finally released Blaze but I’m dissapointed at the same time that she is a power type character and only available in the Premium Roulette, also why is she “part of team Rose”? Seriously Team Sol sounds much better.

    1. Seriously I’m considering wasting a little money, I was saving 250 Red Rings because I thought she would be available for purchase but if I can’t get her with those rings I my buy 120. I’m waiting until Agusut 15th though so I get morce chances.

      1. Same. If I don’t get her with the Red star rings I got saved up I’ll put out some money for her. Stil kind annoyed how she’s a power type and not a speed type but the hung that confuses me the most is why her profile in the game says “once the guardian of the sol emeralds”, “once”, you mean she isn’t anymore Sonic Team? Least she still a princess though

        1. Yeah, that’s a very weird description, though I’m glad it now says “Blaze travels freely between her dimension and Sonic’s”, hope this means Sonic Team will put her more often in games without having to come out with a very elaborate explanation of her presence in Sonic’s world.

  7. What’s this? Taking actual notes from the Archie comics eh with it’s version of Team Rose? I’m shocked, but I welcome this.

    1. This is so pointless, you need to put together an actual proposal and not just a petition.

  8. I was lucky to get bat tits on the roulette as well as Reala (A super rare buddy only available for a special Nights Into Dreams event on the roulette) the other day so I may be lucky to get Blaze if I play the roulette enough.

  9. oh gawd, the final 3 are coming soon than expected…
    THEY are coming ….

    *furiously stockpiling red rings*

    1. I just heard that Tikal is going to be playable. Is she part of the “final three”?

  10. What puzzles me is her profile, as seen here;

    “Blaze was once the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. These duties made her rather shy – but then she met Sonic! Blaze travels freely between her dimension and Sonic’s”

    “Once” the guardian? “Travels freely between dimensions”? What the heck happened after Sonic Rush Adventure?! 0_o

    1. Wait huh? If she travels freely between the dimensions, where the heck has she BEEN since Rush Adventure?! Who’s the guardian now?! SEGA! You have some things to answer to!

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