First 4 Figures Asking for ideas for 25th Anniversary Statue



Every main anniversary Sonic has had in recent years has been commemorated with some form of limited collectible figurine, and now First 4 Figures is asking us for ideas for what the all-important 25th anniversary piece should be.

The company reached out on Facebook asking fans for ideas and suggestions for what the should be implemented into the 25th anniversary statue:

So… About that 25th anniversary of Sonic.

The F4F ‘veterans’ amongst you will remember that SEGA commissioned us to produce a run of limited figurines for the 20th anniversary nearly 5 years ago, and now our creative cogs are turning once again for next year.

What would your ideal 25th anniversary statue look like? Throw your ideas/wish lists our way! There’s only a few things you need to keep in mind:

-Classic Sonic is to be the main focus, but don’t let that stop you from including other things from his history such as classic items.

-The statue needs to be as all-encompassing as possible

Unlike last time, SEGA will allow us to sell these to Sonic fans the world over, so let’s hear you!

My favourite part of this: We’ll actually be able to buy this one without having to pay small fortunes on eBay! Hurray!

Interestingly, First 4 Figures has requested to keep this piece as a Classic Sonic focussed piece… Interesting.

Head on over to F4F’s Facebook page to submit your ideas, and allow me to start pouring all my earnings into the newly created ‘F4F Anniversary Statue Fund’.

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  1. Classic Sonic vs. Robotnik’s Wrecking Ball. 25 years since that first boss fight. Where does the time go?

    A recreation of the Sonic 1 wings logo from the title screen, with Sonic wagging his finger from its centre. Bonus, you can hang it up on the wall.

    1. That will be cool. And at night, the colors lights up your room in a frenzy.

  2. Sonic taking a dump. Then looks in the toilet afterwards and sees the sonic boom logo.
    For reals though? Sonic upside down, mid pose ruining through a loop-de-loop.

  3. Modern Eggman dancing on Sonic’s grave with flashing lights and sound. But in all seriousness, I want a modern Eggman statue.

  4. Its gotta be Classic and Modern Sonic Running from a plethora of enemies. Like The Gun Truck, Death Egg Robot, Deadly Six, and a whale.

    Keep it as fanservicy as possible.

  5. I’d say it should be like Modern Sonic holding Classic Sonic aloft, like in The Lion King…and have both standing on an injured Boom Sonic with a bloodied pipe nearby. Sums up the average fan reaction to the three Sonic’s.

  6. I want a statue of the famous Sonic Unleashed screen shot where sonic is dying from a mixture of something he can’t un-see and constipation.

  7. I vouch for a classic sonic statue sitting, surrounded with item boxes, rings, and game cartridges, smiliing contently with a removable red cape. Like the one they give the statue in Joyopolis.

  8. Well, I think it for sure needs Sonic and Robotnik. It’d be cool to see Sonic chasing Robotnik in his Egg Mobile in Green Hill Zone! 😛

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