Sonic Boomcast Episode 9 “Boom to the Future” Includes Interview with Matt Kraemer from Sanzaru Games


Welcome to the ninth episode of the Sonic Boomcast! In this week’s episode, join me, Lidice, Christian and Johara Finley as we look towards the future with a sneak peek into the plotlines of the second half of the first season and talk about the Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice reveal trailer and much more.

Speaking of that game, the second half of the show has a full interview with lead level designer, Matt Kraemer from Sanzaru games! We talk all things about Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (and Knuckles) for the 3DS. Who’s writing it? What do the fire and ice elements do? What about multiplayer? Speed runs? Voice acting? All that is revealed and more in this special episode of the Sonic Boomcast. So listen in and enjoy.

P.S. Sorry for my horrible photoshop skills. Also, they are NOT changing it to “Fire and Ice and Knuckles” just to be clear.

NOTES: First Half was recorded on 6/15. Matt Kraemer Interview was recorded on 6/23. Takes me awhile to edit audio. XP

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  1. Lol, I died at “and Knuckles bit” XD
    In all honesty, it seems like they really did listen to fan feedback and want to make a better game. I say let them have another go at a Boom game, after all Sonic Team kept going even after ’06 and others, so why not Sanzaru? I would look forward to this game, but I don’t own a 3ds… Yet anyways. Still great to see they’re listening unlike Sonic Team…… Don’t care if it’s said or done to death, I wants me Sonic Adventure 3, where I can clearly see on the box art that is says Sonic Adventure 3.

    1. I want a Sonic Adventure 3 as well though I don’t mind if that isn’t the exact title of the game as long as it has everything that made the Adventure games so great and epic in the first place.

    2. I’m fine having them try to get their act together in Boom, that place is still new territory, they’ve got plenty of room to do whatever they want there. I’d just like to have somebody else write for the mainstream series from now on. At this point I’d rather just have Sonic Team write for Sonic again, at least that still felt like what Sonic has been identified as for the last two decades.

      1. Yeah, I’d like to go back to Shiro Maekawa. Thing is, through all their faults, P&G have made Sonic stories significantly more coherant and reverted Eggman back to a force to be reckoned with. I don’t want to lose those things when they leave.

        Though I’m all for P&G improving with other works. Perhaps they could take some classes to learn how to write and characterize better. After all, Jason Griffith became a significantly better voice actor after he took the initiative to get lessons. I don’t see why P&G can’t do something similar.

  2. I’m VERY iffy on Pontac and Graff writing for yet another Sonic game, but if they really paid a lot of attention to story like the interview said, then perhaps this story won’t be too terrible. The gameplay seems promising, and I’m glad that they took cues from Sonic Rush games.

    Also, Fire and Ice and Knuckles Turbo Platinum Limited Special Edition. 🙂

  3. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is sounding pretty interesting. I like how much they’re listening to fan feedback, and how they are making this game as a another shot to the Boom video games. I’m very curious to see what Kraemer means with higher production values. I also hope that the fire & ice mechanic isn’t just “freeze this block. Melt this one. Keep going.” I hope there’s a lot more to that. I want to be a super hero, or… hedgehog, you know?

    As far as story goes, I’m actually kind of interested in what they will do with this. Pontac & Graff have been writing for a long time now, and I felt like Shattered Crystal’s writing was pretty…. childish, but I think if they were to keep writing for the Sonic Boom video games while some other division writes for Modern Sonic, that’d be swell.

  4. Can’t believe Pontac and Graff are still writing Sonic games, at least I hope they were relegated to Sonic Boom games only.

    1. I would almost say “demoted” to Sonic Boom by this point, but who knows? Maybe Boom is actually the better fit for them, provided that they do a better job with this game’s writing than Shattered Crystal…which by this point I’m only taking everyone else’s word on it being “meh” since I haven’t gotten the game yet.

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