Sonic Boom Fire & Ice’s Plot Sure Sounds Familiar


Sonic Boom Fire & Ice may not have been at E3, but it’s up on Amazon for pre-order, along with a brief plot synopsis which some may find they’ve heard before.

Dr. Eggman has discovered the supercharged element ragnium on the mythical Island of Ragna Rock. He mines it as a fuel source, piping off the messy by-products of the operation to adjacent islands, creating fire and ice gameplay. Using this fuel to power his ultra-fast bot racers is his latest plan to discredit his eternal rival Sonic, but backed by ragnium, fire and ice, a robot army, and D-Fekt, an unflinchingly powerful henchman, this time Dr. Eggman just may succeed. Sonic and friends must re-claim each island by destroying enemies, vanquishing the Island Defender, winning rival races, and reversing the flow of the elemental tubes. It all culminates with an epic battle on the Island of Ragna Rock where Sonic may just have to save Dr. Eggman from his own creation.

Eggman finds a source of incredible power, builds a powerful robot army, his creation turns against him, Sonic has to save Eggman.

That sounds, very familiar to a lot of previous Sonic games, in fact it sounds very similar to the plot of Rise of Lyric in many ways.

Amazon is currently asking for $39.99 for pre-orders and currently has a placeholder release date in place.

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  1. To be honest I’m not really sure what to think about this game. I love sonic, but I’m not sure if I want to give Boom another chance!

    1. It costs $40. Unless the game proves to be completely and utterly amazing, I would hold off on getting it until the price drops.

  2. Well, in this case, the army seems to be Eggman’s creation rather than Lyric’s. Same goes for D. Fekt. And Lyric’s goal wasn’t to mine natural resources to beat Sonic at a race, but rather to replace nature with robotics due to bitterness towards organic life. Plus if I recall, Lyric doesn’t successfully conquer any islands (although he does flood one near the end and invades several), while this description implies that Eggman conquers several islands with his new robot army.

    What I think would be cool for D. Fekt is that if he continued to be loyal to Eggman and tried to help Eggman’s causes until the end, but he’s malfunctioning so badly that his attempts to help Eggman actually make things worse for him. For example, if D. Fekt tries to blow up Sonic’s house to take Sonic down once and for all, he might actually end up firing a missile powerful enough to destroy the entire planet. This concerns Sonic and crew because D. Fekt is a threat to the existance of their world, while Eggman would be concerned because he would die in that explosion too and as much as he hates Sonic, he doesn’t really want Sonic to be dead, just humiliated. If you wanted to give him a tragic side, perhaps D. Fekt could be perfectly aware of how much of a failure he is and yet have him still be determined to please Eggman. Or you could make him non-sentient, thus making him blissfully unaware of the destruction he’s causing and unable to stop until Eggman switches him off.

    1. So basically the plot is a rehash of Sonic Heroes and Advance 3, but not nearly as good.

      1. ???

        I don’t see how my idea for D. Fekt is similar to those games. Metal Sonic and Gemerl consciously betrayed Dr. Eggman, the former attempting to stage a coup on the Eggman Empire and the latter going mad with power. In my proposal, D. Fekt would intend the best for Eggman and perhaps even revere the guy. He’s loyal to the end, but due to him malfunctioning, he cannot help Eggman at all and only makes things worse for Eggman.

        1. Eh, we’ll see. Your idea will probably be better than what we’re gonna get.

          1. I would hope not, but if its another case of Eggman getting betrayed, you’ll likely be right.

  3. When you condense a story down to something small like that of course its gonna sound similar to other sonic game stories.
    have you not seen the “Guardians of the galaxy movie is just star wars” videos where they condensed the story down and made it sound just like each other.

    cut sega some slack, they are trying!
    atleast sega america are producing 1 game a year and keeping the same mechanics but tweaking them to fans request.
    while Sega japan are working on the next big sonic legacy game.

    1. Well, we got Chaos (SA1), Iblis (06), Dark Gaia (Unleashed), and the Time Eater (Gens.). If you count unusually powerful entities, Shadow (SA2), the Deadly Six (Lost World), and Lyric (Rise of Lyric) were also exploited. So, in total, he has tried to screw with 6 creatures of extraordinary power over the course of 10 major titles.

      Wow Egghead, three fifths of your schemes involve monsters. You should try to be more creative with these things…

      1. Does Gemerl count too? I mean, he technically is Emerl, which was a super powerful gizoid.

          1. I think the rules are that the creature has to take on a villainous role or qualify as a monster. The Wisps aren’t malevolent nor monstrous, so they don’t really count. I also restricted it to just the major titles– otherwise I would have included Emerl/Gemerl as well.

          2. I think they mean Nega Mother Wisp in Sonic Colors (DS.)

            And does Metal Sonic count? As he became a horrible monster in a main title… although he was Eggman’s creation.

            Still, Eggman’s got problems getting things under control. XD

  4. Is this honestly Sonic Boom now? I mean really, what actually makes this oh so different from modern Sonic other than sticks & the redesigns? Any of this could happen in the modern Sonic world and there would be no questions asked.

  5. I’m… gonna be perfectly honest, Hogfather, this game’s plot sounds fine. I mean, when you break it down simply, it does indeed sound similar to past stories. In fact, D-Fekt is pretty similar to Gemerl in my opinion… But, in terms of what’s going on, I actually kind of dig this game’s plot. Boom!Eggman seems to finally be doing something pretty productive, and this fire & ice by-product of him mining sounds interesting. And D-Fekt may be really cool, pulling off ultimate ice and fire moves. It certainly is a step up from Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal: “Aargh. I’m evil. I have your girl now, Sonic. Haha. Oh, shit. I just got destroyed easily. The end.”

  6. I love the double pun with D-Fekt’s name, both a defected robot and a robot that defected from his master. Thumbs up to whoever came up with that name it’s wonderful.

  7. I’m definitely not seeing the “Rise of Lyric” comparison. In fact, it seems more like colors to me. Replcace Hyper Go-On power with Ragnium and Sonic rescuing each planet with Sonic and friends rescuing each island.

    It still sounds like a way better story than “Amy gets kidnapped by Lyric. Stupid snake jokes ensue.”

  8. This story actually sounds pretty awesome, especially coming from Boom! Sounds like it’s much better thought-out and has a lot more going on than either a Mario-esque GOTS TO RESCUE GIRL! then succeeds easily plot or… whatever was going on with RoL…
    Granted, yes, when condensed like that, it does sound like a mixture of several more recent main series titles (not RoL, not sure where you got that from) but that’s not an entirely bad thing I mean come on! You try thinking up an original plot for a 24-year-old franchise that’s pretty much covered everything in its assorted mediums already! This isn’t Mario or Pokemon, Sonic has always had different (even if slightly) plots, threats etc.

    1. Plus, as Tjthefoxx brought up, if you condense any story enough, it can sound like any other game’s plot. This one, if anything, is closer to Colors and the classic games than RoL.

      It actually kind of reminds me of the plot of the Boom TV episode Unlucky Knuckles. It starts with a simple plan– Knuckles wants to beat Sonic at gopher ball, Eggman wants to humiliate Sonic with a race. A realization is made– Knuckles realizes that he is a victim of a disruption in the luck balance of the universe, Eggman realizes how he can use ragnium to his advantage. Then stuff gets crazy — Knuckles goes on a bad luck bender to realign the luck balance in his favor, Eggman uses ragnium-powered robots to conquer islands and pollute the planet.

  9. Sonic needs a major reboot and quickly. That bloke who designed the ‘totome’ game seems to be in the right direction to me.

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