Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice NA box art and more screenshots released


As a follow-up to the announcement a few days ago, Sega have released the high-res NA box for the game (click the box for the full-size), and also 7 more screenshots of the game, have a look at them below:

Also don’t forget to check out more information by Aaron Webber about the game as grouped together here.

As a reminder, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is developed by Sanzaru Games, and will be released on 3DS this winter in NA and EU.

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  1. I said it before, but the enviroments are a helluva lot brighter and clearer than in SC. This is looking to be the definitive (so far) Boom game. I don’t think it’s a horrible move to release something that was mostly done when the last games came out anyway.

    basically I feel like these guys do because they’re smart and can put it into words

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      And yeah, I definitely must say, the graphics are looking more… lively. I thought Shattered Crystal looked alright, but Fire & Ice seems to look more like a fully developed setting, much akin to what I’d expect from the TV show. The environments and bosses look fun.

      1. Take a look at the trees in the third screenshot. That really looks cool, and it reminds me of how bad Sonic Chronicles, a game that was desperately trying to look like that, looks. It’s very over-the-top and I think not nearly enough entries in the series use it. Good to see this is maybe taking more of the show’s stuff. I only wish it was written by the same guys, it’s almost assuredly Pontac and Graff again, and I’m not to keen on their writing since Shattered Crystal.

        I’m kidding of course, Chronicles tried at very little things.

        1. That’s the way I have wanted a snowy environment to look in a Sonic game for quite a while. I wouldn’t think Sonic Boom would do it, but the graphics in this game look very fleshed out, especially in comparison to other 3DS Sonic games. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood could have looked quite like this, at least as far as the DS can go towards it, but I’m sorry, that game does not look good at all.

      2. I kinda disagree as it does look good it’s predecessor came out last year so maybe they’re not even ready to show it off yet

  2. I thought we were done with Boom games. Come on Sega time to move on. I see this be coming stale right quick.

    1. Are we really doing this again?

      The reason they’re still making Boom games is because there’s still a Boom show. As long as the show keeps going, odds are that these games are going to keep coming.

      Besides, it seems like the dev team are putting more effort into this, so it should be at least somewhat decent.

      1. Well, only Boom TV, comics, and merch have generated anything resembling profit, and the comics are now exclusive to the digests. So I don’t think finances are a good justification for making a sequel to Shattered Crystal.

        1. Because this game was mostly complete at the time of the previous games releases and they didn’t want it to go to waste for starters, and also this comes out AFTER the show has become popular meaning more kids will buy this because they liked the show.

          1. Your first reasoning makes a lot of sense. Obviously, if you’ve put money into a game, you don’t want to waste it.

            As for the second reasoning, well, not really. While the show is undeniably popular, due to its rather poor advertising outside of Sonic social media, its actually most popular with older Sonic fans like myself.

          2. According to who, exactly? there’s no tracking system to see the age of viewers, so how can you make that assumption?

          3. True. I suppose the show could be getting 1 mil. adults and 1 mil. kids. Its just that most people, when mentioning Boom, tend not to reference having children or how much their kids liked it.

  3. That boxart looks like a fanmade mock-up using the previously revealed promo art to me… It doesn’t look professional at all.

      1. Look through the articles here, the promo art was revealed here a few days prior to this reveal meaning someone could easily have taken the promo art from here or somewhere else that revealed it at the same time and made a mock-up, they appear all over Google Images.

  4. I see now that they are putting love into the game, it seems more colorful and they removed the bounce pads,I love the classic Star Spring design.They are hearing our feedback.

    1. Considering the horrid sales of the previous Wii U Sonic Boom game, another Sonic Boom Wii U game would be highly unlikely.

  5. It sorta looks like Sonic Rush. This makes me more hopeful that the devs are taking cues from Rush, as I think it handled the balance of speed and exploration incredibly well.

    Although dear lord, unless its a specialized racing game like All Stars, no more vehicles for Sonic. They tend to be somewhat clunky to control… at best. At worst, the controls are counter-intuitive and create a frustrating experience, especially if you’re required to use said vehicle to progress. Plus I think Sonic and crew could actually get to where they want much quicker by running rather than driving. At least this one doesn’t look TOO similar to RoL’s boat section, so there’s a plus.

    1. I believe Aaron Webber or one of the game’s main overseers said that Tails’ boat sections are optional, and are used for mainly getting collectables that will unlock.. something. At least, if it is mandatory, it looks better than Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric’s boat section.

      1. Oh, whew! If it isn’t necessary, I won’t want to do much more with it than maybe give it one shot.

        1. I wonder what getting everything in this game will unlock. Last time, you needed to do it to progress, but you also got nifty abilities from Tails’ Workshop. It’ll probably be the same thing, but you never know.

          1. Probably. I heard about these neat trophies and stuff that you could unlock. Were those what you had to collect to get to the next level or a bonus feature?

          2. The trophies were bonus features that you could unlock by getting Q-N-C Toy Shop tokens. They were pretty neat, though, and it’s the only technical way to see Dr. Eggman in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

          3. Ah, I see. I recall seeing “Don’t Call Me Smashles” and finding that pretty humorous.

            Sad that Eggman got reduced to a cameo in that game though, though its good that he’s becoming important in Fire and Ice.

  6. I rather like this piece of art, so I feel this is pretty good box art. It has a lot more “oomph” to it than Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

  7. Nice, this game looks a lot better design wise then the Sonic color and Sonic generations for the 3DS did.

    Also, I’m hoping it is not just a boost to win style gameplay for this one.

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