G.E. Entertainment Reveals New Big & Espio Plushies

bigplushGE Entertainment have been on a roll lately with their plush lines, as well as being the first company to make a plush on Jet The Hawk, they’ve also produced Rouge, Chaos Zero and Classic Robotnik.

Well, it looks like Big & Espio are up next.

Both these characters haven’t had much love when it comes to plush lines, Jazwares didn’t put their Big plush into production, fans now have to rely on finding a Sonic Adventure era plush for big which is kinda pricey. Espio is even worse, he was only released in the Sonic the Fighters plush line.


But now, both these characters will get a new plush incarnation thanks to GE. No details on release yet, but no doubt it’ll be coming out very soon since GE usually lists their products very close to release.

How can you get one? Ebay and Amazon sellers are the most likely candidates.

Thanks to Ogilvie for the heads up


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  1. Big is an okay character. I think the biggest (lol) reason why he wasn’t liked was because of his gameplay in SA1.

    1. I think he’s fine as a tertiary character. Someone who is there for the sake of plot or even character development.

      But he should never be playable if his gameplay contradicts everyone else’s like in SA 1

    2. I dunno… I think the fact he appeared to be literally mentally (no offence to anyone with disabilities but for lack of a better word) retarded and had a completely pointless side story that didn’t even matter if it never existed play a big role in the hate.

      1. what the fuck do you mean “lack of a better word”? you could’ve just said diabled…

        1. Because disabled implies he has a diagnosed condition or is incapable of doing certain things, which he does not and is not, aside from thinking. “retarded”, however, can also mean he behaves in this way without it being the case. I apologise for any offence caused, it was not intended as I already stated.

  2. OH GOD ESPIO! He’s one of my favourite characters! I just wish he got more big roles, can’t really complain though, he makes more appearances than poor Mighty and Ray. ;_;

  3. Why doesn’t Big come with a miniature Froggy plushie? They missed a trick there.

  4. Sonic the Fighters had a plush line? That must be mad difficult to find. Other than that, this is pretty nice.

  5. Holy mother of Jesus christ! This company seems to excel beyond anything I’ve seen in a long while. I’ve seem some pretty damn impressive sonic plush however they are few in numbers compared to the ones from joypolis who are the top tier in craftsmanship. But After seeing what this company pumps out, I think they match it and honestly….are good at it.

  6. I’m so glad the plush line is still going! I will anxiously await a Chip plush, come on he’s the best candidate for a plush toy!

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