Sonic Boom Helicopters, Cakes, Calendars & Costumes announced


According to details posted on Global License, Sonic Boom is set to get more merchandise and it rangers from novel to delicious.

The newly announced products are as follows.

  • World Tech Toys for an array of remote-controlled helicopters;
  • Bulls I Toys for wearables such as branded dog tags and slap bands, as well as novelty items including erasers, stickers and trading cards;
  • Book and stationery publisher teNeues for 2016 wall calendars based on imagery from the “Sonic Boom” animated series;
  • Bakery Crafts for a line of cake decoration kits, cake/cupcake stands, decorative candles and edible decorations;
  • Advanced Graphics for wall decals and cardboard standees;
  • Accessory Innovations for a back-to-school range that will include backpacks, lunch totes, umbrellas and more; and
  • Rubie’s Costumes Company for Sonic Boom costumes that expand on its existing classic Sonic collection.

The Bulls I Toy merchandise is already out now, but the other stuff is new. I will be very interested if all this stuff actually comes out, typically stories like this always come out at this time of the year and very few of them see the light of day… Though the helicopters thing, that sounds cool.

Also, would you eat a Sonic Boom cake? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Global License

UPDATE: Images of the calendar have surfaced. Price is $15. Click the images to see them full size.

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  1. COSTUMES?! You mean… I CAN WRAP MYSELF IN SPORTS TAPE AND WEAR SCARVES!! Kidding aside, this definitely sounds interesting and I would like to see where this goes. The cake kits, calendars, and wall decals are on my want list. And since they have wearable power sneakers can we also get Sonic’s scarf as an solo accessory! I would love to wear it.

  2. I was hoping for a sexy calender but the Eggman page will have to do I suppose. What a lovely mustache.

  3. In case nobody mentioned it, Del Taco currently has Sonic Boom toys with their kid’s meals.

  4. You know I was hoping the calender and stuff would have unique poses not taken from the show or of the same render like all the other stuff but I guess I had my hopes all too high. The cakes and other stuff have me interested though and I wanna see them. Think the cake will be the Eggman cake we saw in “Translate this”?

  5. i was hoping the calander wouldnt be generic but i hoped too much.
    the cake sounds interesting though – it would save me making one. (lets just hope its not a generic picture stuck to icing).

  6. Well, I have to give it to them; they’re making money off an apparently failed project. I hope they make enough to warrant pumping some funds into a nice Sonic game in the future.

    1. It’s only the games that failed, not the show and comics, I say for the umpteenth time on this site.

  7. You know Sega, all the money you’re putting in to the Boom games and merchandise that won’t sell could have gone to the development of Sonic Adventure 3. You would actually make your money back on that investment lol

  8. Very late, the games & show have passed their hype, shoulda had this all out months before Boom happened

  9. Neat, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Sega announced months ago that Sonic Boom stuff was coming to retailers like WalMart and Kohls, and special cups were coming to Icee machines across the country, and I have yet to see a single Sonic Boom product anywhere.

  10. My biggest gripe right now is that the screenshots used on Sonic and tails’ pages on the calendar aren’t even nice shots, they’re just one frame of a motion they were performing, not even one nice frame… Like, Tails has his hair swept back and he’s at a weird angle and Sonic’s all blurred and in a mid-run pose.

    1. I’m also concerned that they’re making and putting out WAY more stuff than they’re actually selling. They’ll go bankrupt at this rate…

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