Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed?


Cartoon Network has announced that Sonic Boom will be returning to the airways for their 2015-2016 programming schedule. In a press release which details programming intentions for 2015-2016, under the section ‘Returning Series’ Sonic Boom is one of the shows listed.

Despite the poor reception of the game, Sonic Boom the TV show has been doing very well with audience numbers still high for it’s time slot and market appeal, if the information here is correct and the show has indeed been renewed, it’s potentially huge news for Boom as a brand.

Unfortunately the press release isn’t completely clear as to if it means that it’s new content, or if they intend to reshow the first season into 2016.

We’ll keep you upto date with more news as we get it.

Full Press Release can be found here.

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  1. I DO NOT understand the high ratings that this show receives. This show is basically “The Amazing World of Gumball”, but with Sonic characters shoehorned in. There is no catchy themes or any memorable music to speak of and the episode plots are just interesting and memorable characters doing ordinary and mundane tasks. I actually like the characters and their updated designs [DR. EGGMAN IS AWESOME], but I feel that they are wasted on Awardy awards and evil burger flipping dude subplots. That is why absolutely nothing else about this program stands out. Most cartoons on television these days are like this: bland and uninteresting sitcoms. Sonic Boom is just another boring face in the cartoon misery mire.

    Alright! Let the hate begin…..

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