First Sonic Runners Gameplay Footage Arrives With New Info

NEW UPDATE: English translation of the trailer at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE: More new info can be found on the official English site here.

Sega Networks has released the first Sonic Runners trailer with actual footage from the game! The game looks like a fun mesh of the autorun of Cabalt mixed with the high speed and item collecting of Jetpack Joyride. We can already see some unlockable characters that will be released including Rouge, Shadow, Amy and the Chaotix. Also, shown are some of the items that can be purchased and used in game.

The game is still targeted for spring in Japan, but no release date news for the West or Europe just yet. However, at one point in the video, you can hear Roger Craig Smith yell “Sonic Record!” so it’s all but guaranteed to show up here sometime this year.

Thanks to Chad in the comments section, here’s a translation of the trailer.

THIS sonic is appearing on smartphone!

Sonic’s appearing on smartphone!

Sonic with his friends, is running through on smartphone!

Sonic (Type Speed), Tails(Type Fly), Knuckles (Type Power)

Adding thrilling new characters in the future!

Break through levels using your favorite character!

Level up from acquired rings!(Level up characters!)

Additionally, Score up faster with “Otomo” friend support! (Powerful “Otomo” friend support)

One by one get Otomo by the Premium Roulette!(Get Otomos)

Prevent Dr. Eggman’s numerous ambitius plots

(Aim for the top in Sonic Record!) Break your own record in Sonic Record

Exhilarating speed-of-sound action using one finger (Exhilarating speed-of-sound action with one finger!!)

Run, Jump, Aim for the top

Sonic Runners

Let the exhilaration become a habit!

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