Sega to Focus On Digital/PC, Relocating to South California, 300 jobs to go

Sega of America has announced that it will close and move from it’s San Francisco headquarters Southern California, in addition to this, Sega of America will also be downsized, this move is to begin effective immediately and will continue for most of early 2015.

Japan is also affected by the restructuring, however this is mainly in it’s arcade/amusement division. Europe is largely unaffected by the announcement.

However, at least 300 jobs are to be made redundant, staff in affected positions will be offered early retirement/voluntary redundancy packages. As part of the restructuring, Sega will focus on digital titles for Smartphone devices and PC.

Story is still breaking so we might get some more details later. But the long and short of it is. Sega of America is closing and relocating, 300 jobs are to go, Sega will focus more on digital/Smartphone/PC games.

Very very sad day, especially for all our friends at Sega who are likely affected by this announcement.

Sources: BusinessWireMVCGameSpot

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