The Completionist 100th Episode – Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

One week ago, Jirard “Dragonrider” Khalil had… changed.

That one video gamer who many have come to know and love as The Completionist, for some inexplicable reason, took a turn for the demonic on the heels of his 99th review for the SNES title Mega Man X 3, and Greg Wilmot, series cohost and the last to have interacted with Jirard, had since gone missing.

Somehow, this was all tied to the black sheep of Sonic games, the forever scorned ugly duckling, Sonic Team’s pitch for the 15th anniversary of the franchise.

Some of you had the misfortune of coming across this title. Others among the fanbase, be they wary or the next gen of Sonic fans, haven’t had the opportunity. But, hey, there are still people who have managed to extract some enjoyment out of the game even SEGA have since chosen to ignore.

For the show’s 100th episode and Season 3 finale, The Completionist tackles Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and the stakes have never been higher. Will the game prove too broken to be completed? Will Gamestop ever develop anti-demonic possession countermeasures for one of the most critically panned titles of all time? Can the fans unite through their common hatred towards Sonic ’06 and manage to save Jirard and Greg!? And will they ever be able to savour the delectable taste of an ice cream sandwich once more!? Find out below!

That being said, should you have enjoyed the ride at their expense, be sure to check out the rest of the expansive The Completionist library! Congratulations on making it to the triple digit mark, Jirard!

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On a final note… Who wants to watch Tanner from The Sonic Show microwave a copy of the game? I do!

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  1. I’m going to be that one guy on the comments section who actually likes 2006 to a degree! 😛

      1. Same for me too^^ The game is bad, that’s for sure but i do like it to a degree.

    1. Me too, it had its moments. I would never play it again though I’m glad I beat it at least once.

      Also Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad likes it too and he’s such a nice person.

  2. And here I thought the evil Xbox that sounds like Dodger had something to do with Jirard’s change last week… I guess I was wrong…

    Man, I do not blame the man for that rant. Though I’m actually surprised that he didn’t complain about Amy’s controls in the game…

  3. Tbh that ending gave me the feels.( for the completionist, not Sonic 2006 that ending gave me the runs)

  4. I liked to play as Silver in the game! I had most hard time whit Sonic’s part of the game:/
    I was so tired at the end of the game that i had to get help to finis it! XP

  5. Your all gonna hate me, but im one of those guys who likes Sonic 06, know to destroy your mind, it’s one of my favorite sonic games, if only they added Metal Sonic like they planned to though…

    1. No one can hate u for ur own experiences and perspective on a game. It’s nice you enjoyed it and managed to find light within the darkness that is sonic 06.

  6. The only part that I legitimately hated was the Shadow Boss Attack DLC. Some serious problems with glitches and his homing attack combo chains led to several replays of that mini-game. I aced everything and had fun doing it. The game has its problems, but there are many worse Sonic games.

  7. Here is a addition title for sonic the hedgehog 2006 “Attack of the Glitch” (made up but it really ture) 😛

  8. This episode made me laugh so much. My head hurt from nodding in agreement by the end.

  9. Have to admit, despite how broken the game is in places, It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, more so for Shadow’s stages.

    It was actually quite satisfying when I finally completed it 100%…I think the only stage I had to glitch to win was Silver’s Dusty Desert…dem balls…

  10. I have to say, I enjoyed Sonic ’06 :L its not the worst game ever made, just the worst sonic game.

  11. Seems 06 is good enough to enjoy watching people break down while playing it, like some bizarre creepy pasta. Except it actually happened.

  12. The crew of this video seems confused as to why this game made Platinum Hits despite being terrible. First of all if the new Transformers movie’s box office return is any indication, crappy things can make money because there are idiots in the masses.
    But going back to Sonic 06. In the early 2000, finding decent games for kids not made by Nintendo was hard, especially as far at the 360 goes. If you had an Xbox and kids, your options were usually Lego games, crappy licensed games based on cartoons, whatever remained of Crash and Spyro and Sonic. So let’s see here. You have 360 owning dads who need something to shut up their kids for a few hours because parents don’t care about quality when it comes to their kids’ entertainment, they just want them to shut up (Look at how many awful Disney direct to DVD sequels sold on this mindset) and kids are stupid and easily entertained. So you had parents looking around the 360 rack at the store looking for something with an E rating to entertain little Billy until he goes to sleep so dad can get back to his CoD and Halo sessions. They see Sonic on the cover and say “hey I played Sonic as a kid. This should occupy Billy for a couple hours.” And since most kids don’t care if it’s crap as long as they can press buttons and make colorful things happen on screen (see Ipad games) you had a slew of kids exposed to this game who now became the tweeners that populate sites like this declaring Sonic 2006 isn’t the crappy game everyone else says it is because they don’t like people crapping on their childhood.

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