Sonic Lost World Shipped 710,000 Copies Worldwide

It’s that time again – sales talk! SEGA just released their newest sales data as of March 31st 2014, and with it comes updated numbers for Wii U exclusive adventure Sonic Lost World. Let’s see how well it’s done!

The game had shipped a combined total of 640,000 as of Dec 31st, but with these new figures it has now reached 710,000 copies (as of March 31st). That means in that three-month span SEGA shipped an additional 70,000 copies.

Sonic Lost World Logo

Last time I reported their data release as of December 31st, 2013, which you can look at here!

I should take the opportunity to remind people that Sonic games do horrendously in Japan (why this is so is unclear to me, I find it surprising), with games commonly doing only a few thousand in the opening week and are likely never seen again in the charts, with some rare exceptions. And this is no matter the platform, be it Wii U, 3DS, Wii, DS, PS3, 360, you name it!

Proof as shown here at NeoGAF in the first week of sales for Sonic Lost World via Media Create and Famitsu, with only the 3DS version (the leading 8th gen platform in Japan) barely crossing the 5,000 mark, which is very poor for any game. The Wii U version just barely missed the Top 30 where the 30th and above at Famitsu’s chart would show numbers, Media Create only shows numbers for the Top 20.

So Japanese sales barely factor at all into the total. So keep that in mind.

Also, Sega shows a interestingly high amount of 3DS SKUs are on the way, the problem being is that these forecast charts are VERY difficult to decipher, it’s not certain if they do indeed count every regional release as their own SKU, or if they count releases by subsidiaries like Atlus (who have Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth on the way for 3DS and the long silent 3DS version of Devil Survivor 2 titled Devil Survivor 2: Break Record). Right now Sega’s known retail line-up is a bit sparse on 3DS, so far we only know of Sonic Boom for 3DS which is only scheduled for release in North America and Europe. It’s said that the charts do not include digital releases so that leaves out games like their Virtual Console offerings as well as 3D Classics like the recent Out Run 3D.

So who knows what’s in store. What are you hoping is on the way to 3DS from Sega?

Thanks go to Nintendolife for the write-up!

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  1. How any game could do poorly in Japan is beyond me. And I think we could do without the whole “It’s SEGA/Sonic, what did you expect?” thing, that’s too simple and generalized of a reason. I guess Japanese gamers just have a different preference towards gaming genres, like how a majority of Americans are into first person shooters.

    1. I’m interested too, seeing as how this game got its best reviews from Japanese critics.

      1. Maybe Japan just became hipsters to the Sonic series ever since it became mainstream this past decade… Haha

    2. It’s because japan’s into Mario, and not Sonic. They don’t like him, cause they’re into Nintendo more.

      1. your all wrong the main reason is because Japan gamers are all turning into casuals playing mostly phone game RPGs

        1. That’s not only wrong, it’s racist. They play 3DS and Vita like it’s going out of style. And Nintendo is their console of choice.

      2. Classic Sonic also was more hip, cuter and had better music, Modern Sonic is wayyy too Americanized, as Classic Sonic was charming to all countries, I wish I was in charge of Sonic Team. *sigh*

        1. Maybe Classic Sonic appeals to you, but to people like me who grew up in this day and age find him cute, but boring and too young.

          THAT’S why he’s the way he is now. If you were in charge of SEGA the only people into Sonic would be 30 year olds. 😛

          1. sorry buddy i dont think so
            Mario isnt an over 30 character and people find him cute while i find him extremely annoying .
            Sonic needs to be edgy and have a focused character inside him because sometimes he appears kind and sometimes cool and sometimes edgy ( extremely cool ) Sega must focus on one type character and never change his personality .

        2. It’s the other way around Aries. Classic Sonic’s look and supporting characters had a lot to do with the West. It wasn’t really until Sonic Adventure that Sonic Team started reigning the franchise back to Japan waters. Regardless, the entire time Sonic has been more popular in the West.

    3. Personally i hate shooters and i think their numbers are out of hand i cant believe that amount of wasted resources to create a shooter just to emulate COD’s numbers .
      and the more they increase the less likely we will be able to see games that are original and doesnt involve the military genericness .
      the characters are worthless you cant even remember their name because they dont matter very much, tons of swearing and screaming and people are thinking NOW THATS MATURE GAMING ( triple facepalm ) .

  2. Wait, concerning the sales, are you referring to the Wii U version, 3DS version, or both?

    1. That blew my mind, they are right! wtf Japan lol, Japan also has alot of superstitions like the number 4 there is evil, that’s why the Megaman characters always had these weird habit of putting their two middle fingers together. Its weird, but that also explains Sera from the Sonic OVA. So weird…

      1. Not just 4. 42. 4 is pronounced “shi,” and 2 is “ni.” Shi and ni, as in shinigami (death god), is a almost like 13 in English speaking countries.

  3. Wow…3DS version may have outsold the Wii U one? OK I’m one of those, but the Layton series got me to bite the bullet on a 3DS. And the Wii U? Nothing really.

    1. How in the heck can the 3DS version outsell the Wii U version when the Wii U version is far superior to the 3DS version?

  4. Sega needs to capitalize on the PS4 success and install base they need to release games for it .
    they missed the launch window period where nearly every game sells well .
    and the Playstation audience actually buy the platforming games unlike others who just happen to focus on the Boring and generic shooters .
    proof KNACK sold well i think Sonic could have done better if he had a game available at launch.

    1. Knack didn’t do so hot. The reason it cracked a million so soon was because of the Japanese launch, where Knack came with every PS4. …Knack wasn’t even a good game anyway. :/

      1. it sold well in the UK and the US too yes not super very well and well for the game .
        Sega could have benefited from the launch of PS4 or X1 ( even though X1 user base are more shooter focused install base ) .
        they need the money and stay alive and they need the money to create better and bigger games .
        honestly couldnt careless about nintendo even though i respect them but we are talking about sega and what would benefits Sega not nintendo .

        1. I’d wait till the end of 2014 before you knock-off the Wii U.

          Btw, I see your name is Sonic Boom….are you excited for that game?

          1. no i am not . ( i dont like the western influence they made him look lanky )
            but thats my name on PSN since like forever XD .
            still even if nintendo managed to get their numbers up with smash and kart 8 PS4 is a missed opportunity for Sega .
            the same can be said about the X1 and PSvita but to a lower degree .

      1. yeah score wise Sonic 06 sucked more than knack
        but sells wise i dont know but knack did very well in terms of sells it sold more than mario at one point .
        Sonic could have benefited from that period THE LAUNCH period when people buy anything due to the small number of the available games .

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