Update: Marine The Raccoon is in Sonic Boom!?

Update: Despite the resemblance, a lot of people have noticed a number of differences between this character and Marine suggesting it’s not her, but a different character. Even Mike Pollock has hinted that it’s not Marine.


Sonicboom marine

I fully admit, this could be a hoax and if it is… you got me. But if it is, goodness, It’s one hell of a good one.

This image appeared on twitter a short while ago, but there was no confirmed source as to how it was obtained. However the significant inclusion appears to confirm what many suspected was the case when this image was posted in a behind the scenes article a few months ago.

Looks like Marine is back and might have a dominant role in the next game.

Keep checking TSS for more updates when we get them.

Source: Tom Skeys

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  1. Marine being IN Sonic Boom isn’t unheard of, as we’ve seen a redesign of her (or a similar character) in an officially released picture with concept art. The fact that she’s on a poster like this though sort of hints at her possibly being playable, a la Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World.

    I’d be down, but let’s wait until E3 before we start using the “C” word.

    … and by that I mean confirmed, not… yeah. NO. DON’T USE THAT WORD.

    1. It does hint at her being playable, unless of course this is art for the show! It’s entirely possible she’s in the game in a reduced capacity, but is a major player in the show. Can’t wait to find out.

    2. Funny people seem to be jumping to the conclusion that this is a promo for the game. Just saying, there IS a TV show as well.. 😛

    3. If that’s the case, then why is Marine in here, who is just a side character, before a core Sol Dimension character like Blaze? It makes no sense. It’s like introducing Maria before even mentioning Shadow.
      And just because she has an out-back type of look doesn’t mean it’s her, in fact, it’s missing the fact that she’s a water type, which is what Sonic Rush Adventure was based on, so why no pirate or captain look to her at all? They couldn’t just change a huge key part of her character like that.

      1. Water-type? What is this, Pokemon? Plus, an outback pirate character can’t NOT exist. We know nothing of might not be Marine’s personality.

        1. Well Blaze is controls fire and Silver has telekinesis, so that could make them Fire and Psychic type. It’s easier than saying “she controls fire” all the time.

          If that is true, then where are the elements that make her a pirate in this design?

      2. This is a new universe with a new story. Outside of the big main 5 characters, they have no obligation to bring back the prominent side characters from vanilla Sonic just because they were prominent in that universe. If this is Marine, they’ll without a doubt have reasons to for bringing her back that are relevant to the new story.

  2. While she looks kinda similar to Marine, I have my doubts about this character being her seeing how different the design is.

    1. This is also a good point. Assuming it’s Marine is kinda jumping the gun a bit.

    2. My knee-jerk reaction was to point out that Knuckles (a core character) is pretty different, but man… she doesn’t even seem to have a tail. It’s like Marine has been converted into a koala (to really push the Australian thing) or something. She has the same bushy ears as the Coconut Crew.

      1. Whoever the character is, it isn’t a koala. You can tell by the ear shape. They are pointed where a koala’s are round. I’m Australian so I can tell a koala when I see one.

        1. I agree that cartoon koalas usually have rounded ears (as the Coconut Crew sort of do) as in real life, but they also often have those tufts on them. It’s possible they tried to find a medium between koala ears and Marine’s normal ears and so they remain sort of triangular. But it’s not like I’m married to the idea. She could just as easily be something else. Fenn suggested a badger in a more recent article – the markings certainly match.

          I live in Australia too, and have loved animals since I was a kid, so I’m familiar with koalas myself. I just figured it might’ve been artistic liberty being taken (after all, echidnas don’t have lightning bolt tails).

  3. MUST……. NOT……… FLAME…………

      1. I’m sure if Marine is getting in, Blaze will too. I really hope Silver comes with it since SEGA refuses to use him in a game where he is actually playable. And by playable I mean, has the ability to use Psychokinesis…

        1. Because Silver is so interesting. Technically he doesn’t even know Sonic and co due to time space continuum stuff, so its Canon he’s not there 🙂

          1. Generations? Then again, I guess we’re just assuming that the Time Eater took Crisis City from the “Sonic Dies” timeline. Actually, makes you wonder if the Sonic series has its own multiple timelines because of ’06, similar to the Hyrule Historia?

        2. Oh Blaze yess please!!

          But I think we would have to wait for Sonic Boom 2 to see her and others, and I don’t care how much she get redesigned as long as she keeps her personality!! (And by personality I mean the one from Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure to be precice).

          1. If Silver & Blaze shows up & Marine would have been confirmed, it could be an interesting trio; Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis & (considering that moment in Magma Core of SRA) Aquakinesis!

          1. So far it doesn’t, I like Marine and all but I feel like her personality was designed specifically to explore Blaze’s personality in more depth in Sonic Rush Adventure and then again when she appears along Blaze in the Archie comics.

            Still I think they could craft a story for Marine without Blaze involed but still I don’t think this is Marine.

  4. If this is real, and I don’t see why not, its defiantly a TV show picture because sonic has the rist watch which is not seen in the game trailer, but in the TV show character. That also might not even be marine. It could be some new character that just so happens to look like marine

    1. Didn’t we see in the gameplay trailer one of the characters using an energy lasso of some sort? What if the wrist watch comes into play through that?

  5. I hope it is Marine! She needs more recognition!

    If not, then I at least look forward to the first new face in the series since Marine.

  6. Ooohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh. I can’t believe how AWESOME this artwork is! Moreso than that, I cannot tell you how much I want this to be Marine, but if it’s a new character, you won’t hear me complain.

  7. That tweetr stole this footage from a instagram user named @jayanator06 so hes not the source , the real source is @jayanator06 instagram and the second one who uploaded it to all sonic fans is @mr_soniku_official :3

  8. Right on Sega, they must really be listening to fans to make this series amazing, the number 1 most popular character on the fan polls is finally getting some mainstream recognition outside of the masterfully written cut scenes of Sonic Rush Adventure, which is a good game on its own, but lets be real, Marine stole the show with her clever dialogue, its all over the forums. Good going Sega. This show is gonna be great!

    And that Knuckles design gets better and better with every picture I see, who needs awesomely designed boxing gloves with spikes, when you can just have giant hands with spikes and lots of tape!

  9. i’ve seen marine the raccoon in sonic rush adventure 2 in normal and mow she is back in sonic boom and i like her she is awesome at building machines and planes i wonder if she can make sonic wonder ring

    1. What are you talking about? Marine is terrible at that. It fell apart in the third cutscene. And to my knowledge, Tails helped her build the SS Super Marine. Also what is a “wonder ring”?

  10. I honestly can’t see how this couldn’t be marine, I mean creating a brand new character that looks really similar to her just seems stupid

    1. To be fair? Having Sonic turn into a Were-Hog seems like a stupid idea. Having the wisps be plot significant but completely redundant next game seems like a stupid idea. Having Sonic kiss a princess seems like a stupid idea…

      1. This isn’t sonic team though, big red button actually has decent ideas judging by what we’ve seen so far, that’s like if they made another purple cat, oh wait sonic team did that (at least blaze was actually cool) or a white female bat that isn’t rouge or a green hawk that isn’t jet, the character basically already exists so what’s the point

        1. >big red button actually has decent ideas judging by what we’ve seen so far

          Someone’s not been listening to the people hating on Knux’ design then. Personally I’ve grown to like it, but there’s still a lot of people that aren’t happy.

          1. I think they are too advanced in development of the game, TV show and toy line to make drastic changes to the designs.

            I didn’t like his design but if they make his personality as it were on the Sonic Adventure games (and Archie comics) I would like it a lot.

          2. That’s just people not being able to accept change, I mean there are still people complaining that sonic has green eyes, are you being fucking serious, there’s nothing wrong with knuckles design

    1. There’s a hole in that theory though. NIBROCrock hasn’t made that model of “Marine”. Just the game version.

      1. Mmmm. But we have seen small previews of the designs for “Marine”. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these models *could* have been made by a particularly dedicated fan. Or not.

        Who knows? I originally doubted the BOOM images when they were first leaked. Only time will tell if this is real or a hoax.

  11. Just because it’s orange doesn’t mean it’s marine. In fact, that girl kind of looks more like a badger than a raccoon. If it was a raccoon, the marking would have been more of a robber’s mask that raccoons have. A badger looks like it has stripes going down to its face, as seen in this picture, with “marine”.

  12. Geesh, I notice there has been a ton of negativity lately. Are these designs really something so terrible that fans should wish a boycott on the game and TV show? Sure, I have the immediate knee-jerk reaction to not be a fan of Marine, but one, it may not be her. Two, it’s a different universe entirely where she may be a pretty cool character. So what if Sonic’s arms are blue? We got over green eyes and the Werehog, didn’t we? Did people freak out when Vector went from skinny to muscular? I understand panning a design choice (especially with ’06 Eggman), but to wish failure to SEGA for it honestly makes the fanbase look like children. I’m sorry, but I think Sonic Boom holds lots of promise, and will not ensure failure for the franchise.

  13. If it is Marine (and I hope it is) and she’s playable, that’s a day one buy for me! .. Really need a Wii U soon

  14. I just thought – what if this new character (AKA BOOM-MARINE) is a koala? It would certainly fit the fuzzy ears, no visible tail, Australian stereotype niche. Hmmm.

    NOTMARINE the Koala for Sonic Boom?!?


      1. Actually, he may be sort of onto something, as Chris Senn, the designer of Tiara, is indeed working on this project. I doubt its likeliness, but I’d definitely flip if it were true. Then again, what do I know? I haven’t really commented here for months.

    1. Who cares if shes nothing on the tail, here is my opinion, the artists forgot the stripes on the tail, I know it is pirate like, but who cares. >:(

  16. Maybe we think Mike Pollick, told us is not Marine The Raccoon, but different color kinda remine me of familiar character not in Sonic series or franchise is Garfield. But who knows Sega, & Naughty Dog, are putting wrong name for Marine The Raccoon as always.

  17. Hmm, Marine and no Blaze in the game/show, I like that idea a lot.

    But I smell a joke in action with this image.

    1. Yeah, cause it would work so well, just like having Charmy without Vector and Espio.

      Heck, let’s make everyone a comedic sidekick, we don’t need any characters with substabce here. It’ll totally work just as well as Planet Sheen did.

    2. I know it is a joke you “smell” in the poster, but I think marine could look like a great character for the game and show, the game and show can jump up and have “the biggest fan base” in the u.s.a and, oh yeah, the show and game is in the u.s.a only.

  18. I have to say that if this official then I got to admit that the Sonic and Knuckles character design looks a lot better then they did when they were first shown off. This gives me hope.

  19. Oh gosh. 16 years. 16 years we ( Maybe not ALL ) expected this. A new main character. My life is accomplished.

  20. Marine of all characters will be given a prominent role in Sonic Boom? You must be freaking kidding me.

    If they’re doing this just for the sake of having another main female character (which wouldn’t surprise me, this being an American production), then that’s beyond lame. Political correctness can politically blow me.

    1. How could you ever guess what are they are trying to do when you can’t even notice that’s not Marine? LOL

  21. While I don’t mind Marine/Not Marine, I’d rather have Cream & Cheese back. Regardless, still hyped! & that art is amazing! Definetly looks more Sonic-y!

  22. Is anyone else worried about those Star Wars images? Lol oh god
    Sonic, I am your father

  23. Really? Of all the other characters to bring into this, they go with Marine? A forgettable sidekick from one DS game that was quickly forgotten? Oh well, maybe, like Amy they’ll make her interesting this time instead of annoying and maybe not be an offensive Australian stereotype this time.

  24. I know its ok but I just can get over Sonic and Knuckles looks, its like If I saw Mario without his mustache or bald Link.

  25. New character or a heavily redesigned Marine. I don’t know the character, having never played Rush Adventure (if I recall that being the game she came from), but I wouldn’t be opposed to learning more. New character or not, it’s always interesting to see another face and story.

  26. And because Sonic is now in the age of Amercianized comedic writing, who knows what they’re going to do to her. Probably a blizzard of really bad Aussie lingo. Archie Comics writers have nothing on the levels CN writers will stoop to. Ugh…………

  27. Instead of four, how about five, five makes a great team, so I think there are more fans to love sonic boom than you sonicowards <— (made up word for being a hater for sonic boom) except for some of you that <3 sonic boom, so stupid for the sonicowards.

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