Taxman Remakes and Sonic 4 Being Ported To Amazon Fire TV

Whitehead confirms that his games will be available on launch date.

Image copyrighted to Amazon

Yesterday, the electronics market was set alight from news that Amazon were entering the hardware fray with a media streaming device they call Fire TV.  Amongst its streaming abilities, Amazon also aims to compete with existing consoles by providing its own gaming content at cheaper price points.

Christian Whitehead, one of the developers responsible for the critically acclaimed remakes of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD, has already confirmed that these games will be included amongst the content when Gaming for Fire TV launches. Speaking on the performance capabilities of the system, he appears to think favourably of it, at least in comparison to the Ouya, which currently isn’t doing so well in the market.

As well as this, Engadget reports that Amazon has confirmed that both episodes of Sonic 4 will also be available amongst the launching software. This combined with the above brings the platform up to speed with other devices in terms of Sonic content available.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing the Amazon Fire TV for yourself after yesterday’s news, you can be assured that it can provide you with your Sonic fix outside of watching countless reruns of the DiC cartoons.

Sources: Twitter, Engadget


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  1. I somehow misread the title as “Taxman remakes Sonic 4”.
    Anyways. So, Sega is jumping on the Kindle Fire TV bandwagon? While I don’t really even like the idea of the Kindle Fire TV, It’s always a good idea to do that in case the said product flies off the shelves.. so no complains there.

    1. Ditto! But could you imagine if he did remake Sonic 4!! 1st off the graphics would need to get classicfied! 2nd Combine both episodes and simply call it Sonic 4!

  2. Yeah we all know Sonic 4, released last year on Quya and now Sonic 1, and Sonic 2 is just amazing released today on Quya to!

  3. How about you get of your lazy ass and port the Sonic 1 & 2 remakes to PC instead? Fire TV runs Android, I fail to see why you would need to port an Android game for use on a system that already runs Android. Maybe the games are being optimized for the Fire TV hardware so that’s why, but really who gives a shit about optimization when that time could be better spent on a PC port.

    1. Jesus, calm your tits. Taxman has no say on what his ports will be released on. It’s all SEGA.

  4. It really baffles me that SEGA would waste their time and resources on porting such promising games onto an unknown 3rd party console that’s doomed to drop out of the race within the first year, and NOT spend any of it on doing the obvious choice and porting the Sonic 1 and 2 remakes onto the PS3! Seriously guys, I’m tired of my old version, and the touch screen controls SUCK!! When are you just going to stop beating around the bush and give my my PS3 ports of the Taxman remakes of Sonic 1 and 2!?

    Sigh. Who knows? Maybe this news shows that SEGA may have at least SOME interest in porting these games together to other systems as one package deal.

  5. So the Sonic 1 and 2 remakes are getting ported to a media player, but still no console or PC version? What the fuck?

    Oh well. At least it will be possible to play them in a TV screen and with buttons now. Just please fix Hidden Palace so that it uses the proper BGM, Taxman. It was CRIMINAL how you skipped that amazing tune in your Sonic 2 remake despite bringing back HPZ.

    1. What plays now is the proper BGM. The unused track has been deducted to be for a cutscene as opposed to level music, and the BGM in the remake was supposed to be the level music before HPZ was scrapped and it was reallocated to 2P Mystic Cave Zone.

  6. I would appreciate ports of Taxman’s remakes to the Wii U eShop. Better yet, they could release a retail compilation of those remakes for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. That would be awesome.

      1. As long as it isn’t Apple. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much I HATE the touch screen directional controls! They don’t work!!

  7. I guess SEGA saw it as a no risk situation to have Sonic 1,2, CD and 4 ported to Ouya. So it won’t do any harm bringing those games to Fire TV. Although I can’t really see Fire TV being much of a success, at least in the short term. I still think those games will get ported to PS4 and Xbox1 at some point, but obviously it’s not a high priority right now.

  8. Sega’s been doing a lot of stupid things lately. I mean how many more devices are they going to port Sonic 1,2 and 4 to? After having critical and commercial success with Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations they go “nope we’re tired of using a gameplay formula that works. We’re going to rip off Mario Galaxy now and throw in some parkour system!” Instead of making a good 2D Sonic console game in the vein of New Super Mario Bros., we get an Iphone game with a number slapped on it to generate hype They make a version of Sonic 2 with a new level but won’t put it out for consoles. Not to mention, still waiting on them to port Knuckles Chaotix to ANYTHING meanwhile, we can play a bunch of mediocre Game Gear games on the 3DS. Hey Sega, waiting on you to port the Sonic Advance Trilogy to the WiiU. How about instead of making crappy mobile/tablet stuff and wasting time with Ouyas and Fire TVs, focus on bringing more old games to console owners. Better yet Sega, you know how people liked the whole mascot mash up of Sonic All Stars Racing? Why not make your own Sega Smash Bros. fighting game? I mean Sony did it. It’s like Sega’s afraid of making money.

    1. So many things you said were wrong. First, SLW did not rip off MG. It got inspiration from Sonic Extreme and Sonic Adventure 2. Second, many don’t even know what Knuckles Chaotix IS, so why port it? Game boy Advance games JUST came to the eshop, so be patient!Making a Smash Bros. Game? Thats definitely a waste of money. Sony was bashed for doing that, and SEGA can’t afford anymore failures. I usually don’t comment, but your rant gives me a headache and your opinions are irritating. People like you make me wish I wasn’t part of this ignorant fanbase.

    2. 1. Okay, SLW did borrow some elements from SM, but it’s not a complete knockoff! It had its own original elements as well! Plus, SLW was a good game with a good formula and is very underrated.
      2. Okay, I sort of agree with you on this, but what we really need is a spiritual successor to either Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic CD with 16-bit graphics, physics/mechanics similar to that of the classics, the classic designs, and all that good stuff.
      3. I agree with you on how Sonic 1 & 2 (Taxman versions) should be brought to actual consoles as well.
      4. Um, Knuckles Chaotix wasn’t that great from what I’ve heard. Taxman should remake Sonic 3 & Knuckles if anything.
      5. Mediocre?! Okay, I can see how Sonic Chaos & Sonic Triple Trouble were mediocre, but 8-bit Sonic 1 and 2 being mediocre?! You’re kidding, right?
      6. Well, Sonic’s going to be in SSB4. That’s something. Plus, want a SSB-inspired fighting game published by Sega that Sonic characters star in? Sonic Battle says hi.
      7. That is not true and you know it. Sega’s trying, okay?

      1. Also, like SonicOVAPowered said, GBA games just arrived to the Wii U eShop! Be patient, alright?

    3. “GBA games have just barely been released! SEGA IS LAZY FOR NOT IMMEDIATELY PORTING THE ADVANCE GAMES!”

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