AFD 2014: Sonic the Hedgehog Film Script Leaked

A few weeks ago we were contacted by an individual who claimed to be involved with a “Project at Sony Pictures.” After a number of emails back and forth, a skype conversation and several identity verifications, we then asked him to send us what he had… today a script arrived.


The script appears to be a Final Draft for the much rumoured Sonic the Hedgehog movie. From reading the first few pages, it appears to be a live action movie with CG elements. Aside from Eggman’s Badniks, Sonic appears to be the only CG character in the film. From reading the script the plot appears to be very dark and gritty with some bits of humour thrown in.

The script itself is heavily annotated with notes from someone who appears to be involved with the production behind the scenes production. Other than Brad Bird & Phil Johnston, no one else is mentioned.


However, the annotations do repeatedly mention that a “Mr Bay should/to confirm.” Suggesting someone very high up in the films direction has the surname Mr Bay… draw your own conclusions.

Now for some plot details, some of you will not be happy. But please remain open minded.

Dr Eggman is an alien who invades the earth with his army of robots. Earth’s military forces are quickly defeated, Eggman now rules the entire world in a brutal and oppressive dictatorship. Those who disobey him are sent to be Roboticized. 

In order to turn the fight, the humans initiate ‘Project Sonic,’ Sonic is a genetically modified/enhanced creature who is a combination of various animal DNA, which means he is able to travel at super sonic speeds and curl up into a near indestructible ball capable of shattering Eggman’s robots. 

Due to Sonic’s lack of experience, the leader of the military instructs a young teenage boy named ‘Miles Prower,’ to take him on some less dangerous missions in order to prepare Sonic for his purpose, that being to take out the heart of the Eggman Empire. However, during a mission debrief, Sonic & Miles discover that Eggman is building a secret weapon of mass destruction called ‘The Death Egg’ and it’s powered by something called ‘Chaos Radiation.’ Fearing this weapon could make him invincible, Sonic & Miles head out to try and destroy it before it can come operational in less than 3 days time.


The rest of the film appears to be more or less Sonic & Miles trying to get from New York City to Cape Canaveral in order to prevent Eggman from launching the Death Egg. On the way they have to deal with/avoid Eggman’s patrols and having to face the choice of ‘saving the few, or saving the many?’

There are a few controversial moments such as Eggman roboticizing people and destroying a dam flooding a populated village below because ‘he wanted to make a splash.’ There’s another scene in which Miles tells Sonic not to save someone because if they’re caught Eggman will know where they are and they won’t reach the Death Egg in time.

However, those aren’t the only controversial moments, here are a few stand-out items I noticed during my read-through.

  • Eggman is an alien general who has invaded earth with his army of robots.
  • He has to wear sunglasses because the light from the Earth’s Sun is too bright for his eyes.
  • Sonic is a genetically modified/enhanced weapon.
  • Tails is actually a young teenage boy named Miles Prower. He is nicknamed ‘Tales’ by the older pilots who live on the base with him due to the number of elaborate stories he tells.
  • Amy Rose is a human researcher/doctor, she and Sonic have scenes in which there is flirting.
  • Lots of explosions, collapsing buildings, destruction is very high.
  • The final battle involves The Death Egg battling a huge air armada of fighter planes as Sonic & Miles attempt to destroy it’s power source from the inside.
  • There are constant mentions in the annotations of ‘the kids will love this’ and ‘what is cool with kids right now?’
  • A Mr Webber is referenced too in an advisory role to the film.


We’ll post a further update at a later time due to the number of pages the script contains. For now, please enjoy some scans taken from the script.

Update: April Fools.

That’s right my friends. And we totally got some of you… we have the comments to prove it. Also some of you have asked ‘why have you not news’d that other Sonic film news which did the rounds the other week?

Well… after barely 2 min of looking into that particular rumour. There was one instant red flag which suggests the site where it originated from made up a ton of information to support a very bare bones rumour.

That red flag? Well, Samuel Dickerman named to be a producer on the film…  no longer works as an executive at Columbia.

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    1. Same here, AFD is just a day where trolls get to roam like crazy across the internet.

      then again, they do it anyway -_-;;

  1. want to call bullshit due to it being april 1st…. but i also kinda wanna see this film…

  2. April fools right:D…right? For sega snd Michael bays sakes it better be or so help me

  3. The sad part of all that Hogfather is that I can totally see this actually being a possibility if Michael Bay ever got his hands on the rights to make a Sonic movie. Especially after the recent trailer of Ninja Turtles and the changes made to the backstory. Just make sure you get credited for your script when he uses it alright 😛

    1. Dude, I’m Micheal Awesome Bay. I came here to kill the less awesome tmnt, but you did the awesome job for me. Now I can use my awesome alien versions and make the awesome movie I’ve always awesomed.

      Hopefully some gets that referecence and I hope this is April Fool’s Joke. Please >.<

      1. We need Megan Fox to play Amy Rose and get “random token black” guy to play Knuckles, a tough guy with dreadlocks and carries brass Knuckles around with him wherever he goes.

        1. Don’t forget that half the movie is spent with human teenage Tails trying to hook up with vapid hot chick Micheal Bay casts as well as another quarter showing off how awesome the US military is meaning, much like the Transformers movie, we only see Sonic for about a 3rd of it.

    2. The 80’s cartoon made several changes from the comic, including the backstory, and yet it is still very well received.

      It’s not fair to criticize an upcoming movie for changing the backstory when a well-received cartoon, which is actually pretty poor by today’s standard, also did the same.

      1. While that is true, for a fair few franchises, the “general” themes seem to stick. Even the new Nick TMNT takes liberties like young April and Casey etc. But you gota admit Americanizing Shredder making the Turtles some kinda military experiment that he and Aprils dad worked on..them looking like 8ft tall (not trying to be racist) black men. Losing the Japanese theme and replacing it with a military one. I can only assume Splinter is still Asian or where does the Ninja come in. Its a big departure from the norm for the franchise even with its little changes in the past.

        That’s all I meant by it, I don’t mind change as long as its within bounds. Why bother using a license or property with general themes and backstory if your just gunna change everything, may as well just drop the name and make an original movie. That’s my issue with Bay, his ideas aren’t horrible, his movies aren’t half bad, it’s just when he applies all these things to an existing franchise it ends up losing the essence of what he was trying to make a movie of.

  4. Hate to say it, but I’d be legit excited if this was confirmed. Just another branch of the series, multiplied by the square root of explosions.

  5. This fools joke insults the sonic franchise in every way possible.

    April fools day is the worst.

  6. Well if this isn’t the setup for the greatest and highest grossing movie EVER, I don’t know what is! And Micheal Bay, the man bigger than Spielberg and Lucas COMBINED! This movie will be a hit, no doubt!

  7. I can confirm this script is pretty legit. I was having a discussion with Stephen Frost about it earlier.

  8. While this “Micheal Bay Presents Sonic the Hedgehog” was hilarious, I figured they would try some other stuff.

    How about “Nintendo buys Sega. Sonic Adventure 3 and Shenume 3 planned WiiU exclusives for 2015.”
    Or Sega plans sequel to “Shadow the Hedgehog” which will be rated M for mature with all the curse words, blood and even a mini game where he has sex with Rouge the Bat.

  9. I really hope this is the closest we’ll ever get to having a Micheal Bay directed Sonic movie, because at this point I’m just way too concerned about how the TMNT movie will turn out to even want to consider a Sonic movie right now.

  10. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
    (Seriously, in real life, all I started to do was laugh like that. On the other hand, I will reasonably withhold any criticism until I actually see a movie, unlike the general public of the Internet.)

    !yaD s’looF lirpA yppaH

  11. Hopeful this will be a awesome movie of Second movie Sonic The Hedgehog! And also Nintendo, Sega release the new game is Luigi and Shadow At The Sochi Olympic Winter Games 2014 but the release date is June 9, 2014 just kidding April Fools!

  12. If you’re gonna make a gag about a Sonic film, at least get the script formatting right. No one formats a script like this lol

  13. “Dr Eggman is an alien”

    And there are actually people, like you and me, that ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS IS A THING.

          1. No its not, if this is a joke, just COME CLEAN, PEOPLE ARE GOING CRAZY OVER IT.

  14. I read the title and I started squealing… then I continued reading… let’s say, the squealing turned into tears… then into laughter

      1. Please tell me this is a april fools joke or im going to cry!!This sounds worser than sonic 06!

  15. Come onnnnnnnn guys stop complaining so much, be open-minded. I for one like anything as long as Sonic is in it. And from what i read Sonic is still the same in personality, expect for him to flirt with Amy but I kinda like it. Its better than him running away from her. Im kinda tired seeing Sonic running away from Amy in almost EVERY game. I welcome a little change. It will be interesting to see new things from Sonic. Be more open-minded PLEASE. This will not affect Modern Sonic from SEGA so what`s with all the complaining? If they get the rights to make this movie, all I want to say is: Go for it, good luck and I will watch it as soon as Its out.

  16. This sound interesting 😀
    I wont say it is bad before i have seen the film so until then i take this as a rumor for now but who now it might be great 🙂

      1. Nop i am not kidding 🙂 You never now it might be one of those movies that you never will forget! Be it for good ore bad haha XD I still think the concept is interesting and as a 25 years old Sonic fan that i am i dont mind a darker spin of it! 😀

        1. If this hadn’t been made on *coughAPRILFOOLSDAYcough* I would have the same opinion as you. xD

          1. He he yeah XD Well it sound like it could be a good fanfic at least XD Been some time now since i read a good Sonic fanfic 😀

  17. Is it me or does this seem like this concept fits more for Shadow then it does for Sonic? Hey maybe this could be Shadow backstory for Sonic Boom but replace Amy with Maria and Eggman with Black Doom.

  18. If this April Fools script was real, I bet for the sequel they would have Shadow, while the second sequel would have Silver. And just like Sonic, they would be CGI hedgehogs.

    1. Oh come on this has nothing to do with SEGA`s Sonic! It will be like another universe. Why do you act so immature?

  19. Lol “Ask Mr. Webber” …like he has say in stuff like that xD he’s a brand manager

    1. Yes, and as brand manager it would be his place to advise people on what would happen in the Sonic verse and how it should be portrayed.

      So asking him for info on what badniks could do certain things would make sense.

        1. April Fools isn’t always funny, it’s supposed to mislead people into thinking that something is true when it’s not.

          1. I knew that…. I was just worried about Sonic… WELL ITS ALL BETTER NOW, I know how Silver feels now 0-o

  20. UGH. I do hope this is either a hoax, an April Fool’s joke gone on too long, or something that gets shot down in the development process. I mean, this CAN’T be real, can it? There’s no way SEGA would just risk the artistic integrity of the franchise, given it’s shaky status at most? Not this close to Sonic Boom? Surely they’re not THAT idiotic?!?

    Anyway, Bay/Nolan style Sonic Film, DO NOT WANT.

  21. How long are they going to keep this April Fool’s joke up? It’s way past April 1st now! You’re making yourselves look like fools now!

    And before you say that this is real, I do not believe a single word of this. You know why? Because you posted it on April 1st! Anything posted on that day is a downright lie!

  22. I sorta knew it was a joke but then I randomly decided it was real and panicked… EVERY TIME. That was the best April Fools I’ve ever had!

  23. Well, the Columbia pictures Sonic movie may have been fake, this April fools joke may have been fake, but let’s not forget the sonicthehedgehogmovie domain that was registered by Sony Pictures last year – that’s not fake 🙂

  24. Bearing in mind I read this on the 6th April, I didn’t even realise this was an April Fools Joke until the comments.

    Some of these ideas may suck….but part of me is disappointed….I kinda wanna see it…..

    1. i’ll only watch this movie if sonic’s voice actor is michael clark duncan

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