Sonic Unleashed Now on Playstation Network

Sonic Unleashed PS3 Box art

Well… better late than never?

Sonic Unleashed has been… uh… Unleashed onto the PSN nearly 6 years after it’s original release. So if you’ve been after a copy of this for a while and your efforts to get a physical version have failed, this might be an option for you.

Oddly, Sega never announced this, it randomly appeared in this weeks PSN update, prices are £15.99/€19.99/$19.99. Although it’s not that odd since Sega have still to announce that Sonic Heroes is on the PSN and that’s been on there for several years.

Not sure what else to say on this really, it’s a fun game, the Werehog isn’t that bad once you level him up, though it’s a tragic experience early game. Otherwise it’s quite challenging and has some decent music. Though Generations is a lot better.

Anyone want to place bets on this being a PSN+ Freebie in time.

Source: Playstation Blog.

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  1. To be fair to Sonic Heroes, it’s only out in EU territories, not globally, so it might not have warranted a big announcement. Same with Shadow the Hedgehog for JPN territories.

    Still weird that Unleashed is so late.

  2. So no Sonic Heroes? I would understand if they don’t want to rerelase Shadow and Sonic 2006, but Sonic Heroes wasn’t bad either.

    Also it would be cool if they released the Adventure games for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console too!

  3. I’ll pass. I’ve never been to big of a fan of this game. Plus, 6 years after its initial release? Really?

  4. Unleashed’s day stages are thrilling and the night stages have a very magical feeling with their smooth soundtracks. And the graphics are great.

    1. I agree the day stages were fun, and the night stages become bearable after practice and takes at most seven minutes to complete. The only thing that sucks about the night is that you barely hear the great tracks at night because of that ignoring battle music.

  5. Strange, I thought this was already on the PSN several years ago. Must of got it mixed up with the 360.

  6. Isn’t the 360 version better than the PS3? Graphics seem a bit more bland on the PS3 over the 360. Controls seem slightly better on the 360 too but maybe that’s because of the 360 controller over the DualShock 3.

    Oh and BTW, I lean towards Sony more often for those who hate Xbox.

  7. I still have my 360 copy, and I’ll keep to that. I don’t need to spend money on games I already have XD That includes even the remasters of SA2, since my Gamecube disk still works.

    Still, nice to see this great game finally getting onto the PSN. Now others that couldn’t get the physical copy can get it too :3

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