SAGE Round Up Discussion

or download the mp3 from here.

The Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo has once again come to a close, so what better time to discuss our favourite games. And who better to join the discussion than Lewis aka SonicYoda, reviewer and affiliate of this years SAGE event. Check out his website here.

In today’s show we covered, Sonic World, Sonic Game Land, Project Endless, The Lost Adventure, Da Rock and whether SAGE and fan gaming is still relevant in today’s community.

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  1. My favourite particular fangames for SAGE 2014 are as listed: Sonic the Hegdehog 3D by ZykovEddy, Sonic World ( Not to be confused with the other engine, Sonic Worlds ), and last but least Sonic Master system remake.

  2. I like how SAGE is an anagram of SEGA. I know that’s not why it is called SAGE, but still pretty cool coincidence.

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