California’s Sonic Revolution Convention Announces 2014 Date and Venue

SoCalFollowing the first California-based Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention last year, Sonic Revolution returns in 2014 for a second time, promising to be an event even bigger and better than before.

If you’re a resident of California, or can travel to Orange County mid-June, you can look forward to a day of Sonic-themed events, including a showing of an exclusive clip of Sonic Prologue film along with a Q&A with the director, an appearance and performance from the Sonic the Hedgehog cover band Serenity Seven, as well as opportunities for gaming and fan art showcasing.

The event venue and date are as follows:

Date: Sunday, June 15, 2014
Time: 10 AM to 6 PM
Location: The Marquis Room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park
Address: 7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California 90620

Tickets will be up for grabs on the 1st of March, 2014, and will be available through EventBrite for free. There will also be discount codes available for those wanting to stay the night at the hotel venue.

The event is also holding a fundraiser in order to generate the capital for hosting the event – head on down to the fundraising page and make a donation; donations of $30 or more will receive a Sonic Revolution shirt and pin.

Further details will become available over the coming weeks through the Sonic Revolution website.

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Adam Tuff

With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. Finally they have the release date of Sonic Revolution 2014 and also did you know Matt from Tails Channel? he’s going Sonic Revolution 2014 to Then one more thing is Sonic Boom going to have a demo at Sonic Revolution 2014 hope Sonic Boom video game for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is perfect!

    1. Evening Aroon!

      I’m not certain if Matt from TailsChannel will be joining us or not, though I’m hopeful.

      As for Sonic Boom – we are in no way affiliated with SEGA at present and will not be having demos of the Sonic Boom game at the event.

    1. Hello Sonicrush!

      There is no age limit for the event itself; it is open to all ages. 🙂

      You’d only need someone who was an adult with you if you planned on getting a hotel room.

  2. It’s nice to see that the Summer of Sonic has inspired others to come up with their own Sonic fan convention. Hope th day goes well.
    Speaking of the Summer of Sonic, I wonder if we will get any announcements soon.

    1. Well, Sonic Revolution has a fairly interesting background on that subject. We initially began with Sonic Boom West as a reaction to Sonic Boom moving to Missouri last year; the team figured there was no reason Sonic fans couldn’t have a gathering without SEGA. Sonic Revolution (the convention) is likely to remain a West Coast affair for the time being.

      However, we’re far from a “California-only” movement as some have alleged, as Sonic Revolution (the organization) has put its full support behind meetup and convention ideas all across the country and world. On that front we drew a lot of inspiration from Sonic London – we want there to be regular meetups in every major city, and helped form groups in most US States to help with that. We also have contacts in Brazil who are working on getting a meetup/con system going there too.

      We’ve overall gone through a lot of changes in our short history. First we focused on California and wanted to get regional conventions going across America, then we wanted regional cons across the entire world, then we also wanted to get meetup groups going. As for the event itself, it was initially a reaction to Sonic Boom, but we decided that we wanted to more or less improve on Sonic Boom; Sonic Boom is only four hours long despite how much fun it is, for example, so we wanted an event that was closer to all-day, similar to Summer of Sonic.

      It’s been an interesting ride, to say the least! 🙂

      I rambled, forgive me! I too am hopeful we’ll see Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom announcements in the near future.

  3. I’d love to go to this, but me being a Canadian and the con being one day? That’s kind of a bummer…

    I still made my donation though! Hopefully next year it will be a full weekend so that I can make it down! Hope the con will be a great success guys!

  4. I’m SO looking forward to this event. Serenity Seven is the main reason why I’m coming.

  5. I just heard about this event yesterday, and when I looked it up today, I saw that eventbrite was out of tickets. D: is that the only place to get admission, because I really want to go and I wouldn’t mind paying to attend if it came to that. Or should I just look on the website for any ideas?

  6. Aw shoot! tickets are all sold out!! is it possible to attend without a ticket? I mean… it IS free… but if we need a ticket, where else could i possibly attain one? =O

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