Yet Another Christmas With Sonic, by BalenaProductions!

We are but a stone’s throw from Christmas now, and boy, what a year it has been for us!

We ended up revisiting a remastered pair of classics of days past, special thanks to Sonic Retro community members Taxman and Stealth for a job well done. With new moves in our arsenal, we went and ventured across worlds unseen on the Lost Hex and took down the dastardly devious Deadly Six. Over the summer, Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom brought people together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of all things metal and hedgehog like no other. Courtesy of Capcom of America for the pitch, Ian Flynn and the wonderful staff at Archie Comics brought Sonic and Rock together for a 12 part comic crossover of Mega proportions through Worlds Collide. The cherry on top, provided by the good folks at Hardlight Studios, came in the form of an endless runner called Sonic Dash for iOS and FINALLY Android devices, where players rose to the pair of Global Challenges issued and won!

But for now, with the end of the year at our doorstep, it’s time to set all the adrenaline aside, sit back, relax, and roast some chestnuts over an open fire… or prepare some chilli dogs over an open grill… as we partake in a holiday tradition approved by jolly old Saint Nick himself — Christmas stories! And just like last year, we’ve got one of Sonic and the gang (including the likes of Tails, Knuckles, Manic, Sonia, Vector, Shadow… S…Stan…?) right here from our pals Steve and RianaLD via BalenaProductions!

Yet Another Christmas With Sonic



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  1. A quick comment for UK viewers: “This video contains content from The Orchard Music, PEDL, PRS CS and Warner Chappell, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” So that’s nice.

  2. Yay now there’s two new Sonic movies Sonic prologue coming in 2014 and Sonic The Hedgehog Jurassic Park, in January 11 , 2014!

  3. Hey guys guess what silver in this sonic dash global challenge!please post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I really wish everyone would get past the whole “make fun of Silver” thing. It’s seriously dampening my mood, and I actually like Balena stuff. Silver is an awesome character, can we just MOVE ON already!?

    1. Yo bro, if you love Silver, GET A LOADA THIS!!! He’s the star prize in Sonic Dash’s latest Global Challenge!!
      (Which ends on January 6, BTW…)

      Now let’s get dashing so we can all play as our favorite time paradox- enducing pothead!! ^___^

    2. It’s all in good fun. I don’t mind Silver myself, but even I find Steve’s Silver-abuse hilarious.

    3. But he’s so easy to make fun of and fun to make fun of too! He started off in a hilariously bad game, given some trashy dialogue with a voice actor that often made him sound like he was whining. After which he’s never done much of note since apart from be there. It’s in good fun anyway.

    4. He’s terrible in 06, even worse in Rivals and still has an incredibly laughable design. He’s like that guy that always tries too hard to look cool and be cool like the other guys but will never live up to their status and will forever be a loser.

      Silver is just plain bad. There’s a reason he doesn’t really have a fanbase compared to other characters. Marine is probably the only one below him.

      I will admit that he’s a much better character in the comics. Still needs a redesign, though. Dat palmtree, marijuana leaf or whatever you feel like calling it, has just got to go.

      1. I have to get past the Silver teasing to really enjoy it, I just have to pretend I’m your average fan that hates on every character that has a chance to be teased in any way, and THEN, I can enjoy this for the humor it really has. I actually laughed pretty hard at the end, but I also feel a twinge of anger toward the people that feel they need to make him a clueless, seemingly stupid kid that gets mauled every edition. 😐

      2. “He’s like that guy that always tries too hard to look cool and be cool like the other guys but will never live up to their status and will forever be a loser.”
        That description actually fits perfectly when you connect the pieces together. Good thinking. 😉

    1. Isn’t this a Sonic community site where you go for news on things going on in the Sonic community, games or otherwise? Otherwise this site would be pretty barren unless you like a constant stream of stock related news or game sale updates.

  5. Haha, nice Christmas for Sonic! 😀
    Funny seeing Silver acting so idiotic here instead of his serious look in Sonic “06 xD

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