Sonic 2 Remastered Includes Hidden Palace Zone, Coming Tomorrow

The delayed Sonic 2 Remastered finally has a release date. It’s tomorrow, and it’s coming out on both Android and iOS devices. As with Sonic 1, if you own the original you can upgrade for free, although Android owners will have to pay since theres no pre-existing version of the game on the market place.

Theres something else I’m missing, what is it…? Oh yeah, Sonic 2 Remastered also includes a fully playable Hidden Palace Zone! It’s the stuff of legend, but finally, Hidden Palace Zone will see the light of day in an official release, fully playable, no need for an action replace or game genie code this time.

The last Sonic Remastered title had a bunch of hidden extras included, who knows what else awaits you in Sonic 2 Remastered. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Joystiq

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    1. Because certain agreements prevent an update like that from happening. The best console gamers should hope for is a compilation of the HD Remasterings, Sonic 4 Episodes I & II,, Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and a WayForward-powered remake of Knuckles Chaotix, with Sonic replacing Mighty, Tails coming along, and Jake Kaufman composing the soundtrack!

  1. Why the fuck are these ports smartphone exclusives!? This is like a betrayal, considering that the original games came out on consoles. At the very least release a PSN or Steam port, dammit!

    1. Yea, I would’ve liked to see an option to just replace a level’s graphics with Wood Zone’s. At least to give me the illusion that I’m playing the level.

  2. BY GOD. This… is… TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    This also fits perfectly in succession with the Sonic the Hedgehog 3D which was just released. Man O’ Man, I will be playing A LOT of classic Sonic for the time being. Thank you for notifying us about this astonishing truth. 🙂


  3. I am not kidding when I say my jaw dropped for about 10 seconds when I saw this. THIS IS AMAZING! HIDDEN PALACE IN AN OFFICIAL RELEASE!

      1. Ah, but does that make it a console? My jacket has buttons, but that doesn’t make it a console.

  4. This is the most excited I’ve been for Sonic news for a long, long time. Just goes to show how powerful the classics are.

  5. So…when do they announce Remastered Sonic 3 & Knuckles?

    But seriously, this is cool. I just hope that the Android version is compatible with a wide range of devices. Amazon had Sonic 1 for free recently, but it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. T_T

  6. Can I be kinda blunt and say, I saw this coming…? But no matter, I’m so excited to play Hidden Palace Zone. I have never been this excited to play Sonic 2 since 1993.

  7. I wonder what zones it will fall between? Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean maybe?
    Also can’t wait to see what the boss is.

  8. This is neat and all, really it is…But it needs to be on consoles and handhelds. You know, actual systems set up so games can be played the way they’re meant to be? Should be on Steam too for PC.

    From the sound of things, the 3DS would benefit greatly from this, as would any of the current consoles out too.

  9. Yay! I feel very excited now! Hidden Palace Zone is no longer a scrapped zone! I can’t wait for the release day!

  10. I am glad to see Hidden Palace, but still, like the otherwise awesome Sonic 1 remaster, this will be completely unplayable for me since it will be stupid smartphone exclusive. Those touchscreens are an abomination for platformers like this.

    Why SEGA refuses to port the remasters to XBLA/PSN/STEAM/etc like Sonic CD’s Taxman remaster did is beyond me… I’d even buy them again (I have the non-remasters for XBLA, but I’d happily to pay a second time for this on XBLA).

    Also, I hope to see S3&K get the taxman treatment and make it like the Sonic 3 Complete fan hack, but on real consoles (portable or home, as long as it has real buttons).

  11. Will I be picking it up? Nope.
    1. The CD remake was no where near as good as the original
    2. It’s Sonic 2.. how do you remaster one of the best games ever? Its like over sharpening a perfect fine knife.

    Thanks.. but no thanks 🙂

    1. “The CD remake was no where near as good as the original”

      You are either insane or just have absolutely no taste. The original CD was absolute garbage in control and level design. The re-release is infinitely better and makes the game be actually as good as some people over-hyped it to be before.

      Sonic 2 has plenty of issues that could use some touching up. not nearly as much as the first game, being the atrocity it is, but it still needed some refinement.

      It’s not like ay of those games are Sonic 3 (Meaning S3&K as a whole) which is pretty much already perfect and barely has anything that could be improved to make it better. I’m sure someone would find a way to make an already great game like Sonic 3 even more amazing, though. I welcome these remastered and fine-tuned re-releases.

      I’d welcome them even more if they were on actual console and handhelds, though. >_>

  12. The most beautiful Zone in Sonic history is finally seeing it’s proper day of glory! Words cannot express how happy I am. I am very impressed with SEGA right now, think of what this could mean for us fans. Now things like Sonic Xtreme and SA3 are not petty dreams but realistic possibilities. I am so glad that I picked up an Ipod Touch 2 years ago, looks like the next classic genesis port will be even better than the Sonic 1 port. A+++ SEGA, you’ve earned it.

  13. Upon playing the game, Hidden Palace uses Mystic Cave’s 2P music. sucks it doesn’t use its own theme, it’s still in the soundtest.

  14. Look I know it’s cool that this remaster is including lots of extras, but what makes Hidden Palace Zone such a good stage? People in the comments are treating this like it’s the second coming of Christ. This isn’t a revolutionary feature, this isn’t a huge selling point for anyone who wasn’t going to buy the game already, and it’s not like some great mystery of gaming is being finally revealed. It’s just a stage that wasn’t good enough to be included in the first release of this game, and wasn’t important enough to finish for another couple decades.

    I’m glad everyone is so excited but man, get some perspective.

  15. I love this version so much, Even though I mentioned earlier that I saw the inclusion of Hidden Palace Zone, I wasn’t expecting all the content added to it. No longer is Hidden Palace linear and it’s more beautiful than ever, the only thing I can nitpick is the music track. I prefer track #10 over Mystic Cave 2P. Sure the latter was in the prototype, but still the former feels more fitting to me. Lastly the way to enter Hidden Palace Zone was genius. I entered it on my first playthrough, via curiosity. What was once annoying, is now glorious.

  16. Bought it for iOS, fantastic port like Sonic 1 and CD for iOS. Sonic, Knux, Tails and Sonic-Tails together are all playable from the start, and there is a 2 player versus mode!

    Only weird thing – in the middle of a play through with Knuckles, and I discovered that there was no Hill Top zone boss for him. Strange.

        1. I know the boss was easy, but he couldn’t have just fixed it or at least left it in? I mean, its in the boss run so why isn’t it in the main game? It’s this and the music of Hidden Palace Zone that keep this from being PERFECT but it’s still an INCREDIBLE version of the original and maybe even the best!

    1. I had this happen with Sonic when I was playing. Strange…
      By the way the route to enter Hidden Palace is the most brilliant thing ever created by man, found it completely by mistake.
      I dislike the level (poor flow), but the new boss is amazing.
      (Hint: where could you go where you could never leave?)

  17. Can anyone else get the “Superstar” achievement? I’ve completed acts as super sonic on three different save files and still wasn’t able to have it work. Is this bug happening to anyone else?

    1. Yeah, I had this happen to me too. I got all the Chaos Emeralds at the beginning of the game and didn’t get the achievement either. Possible bug.

      1. So I’m not crazy? lol

        Yeah, just got it confirmed from Sega Support, it’s a known bug and will be fixed in the next update

        …whenever THAT is 😛

  18. well, I already found a glitch. if you restart in a special stage, you can restart the special stage(duh), and then when the special stage ends, you restart at the beginning of the stage, instead of the starpost you just used. all the starposts will be free to re-use, so you can exploit this and get all the emeralds in the first stage

    1. This isn’t exactly a glitch- you are given the option to restart a stage at any time,
      And doing so resets the goal posts while keeping any emeralds you had earned in that level. So the warping back to the beginning of the level is a glitch, but the star posts are not .

      1. well, yeah, but I’m just saying, it’s a trick to reset the goal posts, but I didn’t know you could restart at any time, and still keep the emeralds

  19. If they included Hidden Palace, what about the rest of Sonic 2’s cut Zones that have tilesets, Wood Zone, for instance?

    1. My guess is that Hidden Palace Zone is the only one restored because it’s the most famous cut level and the most complete out of the cut levels. Wood Zone would be a cool addition as well, but some of the graphics for it are terrible.

  20. Just downloaded this for my iPad to play hidden palace. Sadly I just can’t do touch controls and will probably never play it again. Really hoping for a pc or XBLA release! At least I supported and awesome dev.

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