Christopher Evan Welch Was Not Tails Voice Actor in AoStH


A few days ago, entertainment news magazine Variety reported the news that Christopher Evan Welch had sadly passed away and under his acting credits, listed that he was the voice actor for Tails in the TV show, ‘The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.’

Following information discovered at SegaBits, we can now state that this information is not correct.

What is correct, is that Christopher Evan Welch (aged 48) who is a well respected actor who had roles in War of the Worlds and several TV shows, who entertained thousands of people, has sadly passed away.

However, he was not the voice actor for Tails.

SegaBits were able to reach out to Welch’s family and his acting agency (paradigm) who both confirmed that he was not the voice actor nor had anything to do with the Sonic cartoon show.

So whats happened? Most likely, someone by the name of Christopher Welch (who is in the credits for AoStH) did indeed voice Tails. Meanwhile, someone else by the name of Christopher Evan Welch also started his career around the same time. Upon his death Variety and several other entertainment news sites have made a serious error with the acting credits, hence the confusion and the position we’re now in.

Now this should not at all subtract from the fact that someone who was very well loved and respected has passed away and that there is a family somewhere who have to deal with this loss.

If anyone wishes to donate to Christopher Evan Welch’s daughters college fund, donations may be made to Emma Roberts Welch c/o the Law Offices of Michael W. Hubbard P.O. Box 180656 Dallas, TX. 75218, or via to

As mentioned yesterday, our thoughts and condolences are with Christopher’s family at this difficult time.



Variety’s original source claim.

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  1. with all due respect I can’t really say that I was am surprised by this. Think about how high Tail’s voice in that show was, Christoper dies at 48 and AofSTH came out in 1993. That was 20 years ago. He would have been 28 at the time. I don’t know about you guys but even Joe Pasquale who is famous for his high voice and comedy can’t even get that kind of kids voice. Again, my respects go to the family but I this doesn’t really shock me. No offence.

  2. It explains why I was struck with confusion over the article, this man would have been 28 at the time he voiced the role, I read that the VA was much younger than that, still a child actor in fact.

    But I don’t take back the condolences I had before, the guy was someone’s beloved Father and son, Prayers and Wishes of healing to his family during this difficult time.

  3. Wow! Interesting stuff! It makes me wonder where Christopher Welch actually is now. I’m sure that everyone still feels equally impacted by the loss of a great person though. Rest in peace Christopher Evan Welch.

  4. It is quite sad news still, and my meaning for my prayers and thoughts before is still as much as it is now.
    I have tried to find some more information…

    According to SonicDream and WikiFur (both sites are wikis), the middle name of the Christopher Welch that voice-acted Tails in AoStH (excluding the special episode) is “Stephen” (although there is no source).

    – Christopher Stephen Welch (ad esclusione dello speciale Sonic Christmas Blast dove la voce di Tails è di Chris Turner

    In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails is voiced by Christopher Stephen Welch.

    Now I’m not sure if this is the same “Christopher Stephen Welch”, but someone by the same name graduated from Daniel Hand High School in Madison in June 14, 2000… which would agree with him being young at the time that he did the voice-acting. I’ve sent an email thereupon… this reminds me of “Have you got the 411?” from Sonic Underground xD

  5. Well, in an extremely roundabout sort of way this man’s family now has the thoughts/prayers/support of a relatively obscure and completely unrelated fan base who otherwise would’ve never heard of Christopher Evan Welch or known of his passing. An interesting day to be a Sonic fan, and it shows again what a uniquely great fan base we are.

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