Sonic CD: Temporal Duality Now Available

temporal_duality_coverAfter much anticipation, OverClocked Remix has released their latest collaborative work in the form of their 45th album, if only in hopes of finally putting the argument over “which soundtrack is the better one” to rest. And how did they plan on doing that?

By going all out and paying tribute to both American and Japanese scores of Sonic CD in the only way they know how.

Lo and behold, Temporal Duality: A Sonic CD ReMix Album is at long last available for public downloading! The three disc album covers the hedgehog’s epic journey across the time crossed zones of the Little Planet in both musical flavours, so whether you’re a fan of the Ogata/Hataya flare or in the mood for some Nilsen, Young, and Sterling, there is a little something for everybody in this fully rearranged soundtrack.

You can nab the album yourself via the Temporal Duality webpage! Check out the history behind the project, read up on each artist’s thoughts behind their own track, and while you’re at it, nab the entirety of OCRemix’s Sonic themed albums (available on the site)!

That being said, this release kind of puts me in the mood for a music marathon of sorts. With Sound of Speed – Sonic the Hedgehog, Hedgehog Heaven – Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Project Chaos – Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, and now Temporal Duality – Sonic CD, OverClocked Remix has just about chronicled the complete 16bit saga of the Sonic the Hedgehog series… I can’t help but wonder what entry they will cover next in down the line.

On the side, I would also recommend nabbing tunes from the OCR forum’s Blue Bomber Blue Blur Collision Competition, if you’re in the mood for some Sonic and Mega Man music crossover goodness!

If you have already download Temporal Duality, share your thoughts on the album in the comments! Favourite songs? Favourite artist? Good points? Bad points? Sound off down below!

OverClocked Remix: Temporal Duality: A Sonic CD ReMix Album

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  1. Downloading it right now! So much thanks to OCRemix and all the members who contributed to this soundtrack! Just judging from the recent trailer, I just know this soundtrack is going to provide some fantastic remixed turns! And thanks VizardJeffhog for the update on this!

    Snap, crackle, and pop! Wish the download would hurry up and finish! *__*

  2. I want to say some thing about one of the songs, The song called The Future is bright, which is based off of metallic madness good future JP, on the site you can look at the songs description which is called comments, In that songs comments The artist says “So the idea for this track actually came off a YouTube comment I read after we released our first album preview in April. Someone said something along the lines of “I sure hope they do a Metallic Madness JP Good Future mix!” Well that youtube comment was made by me! Pretty sweet!

    1. Ha, that’s awesome! Yeah that track was a lot of fun to make. I hope you enjoyed it a lot then 😀

      1. I enjoyed it allot, it is my favorite video game song of all time and you guys captured the awesomeness of the original! Nice job!!!!!

  3. I just finished downloading the album, but I have a problem. I don’t know which song to start out with tomorrow on the bus ride to school so what song do you guys recommend be the first I listen to? Thanks! 🙂
    P.S. I am sure they’ll all be good anyway! 😀

      1. Well in that case, I can’t wait for tomorrow! 😀 Thank you! 😉

        P.S. To be honest, I spent about three minutes checking and double checking the list of songs for a song named “all hail the mighty shuffle button” but I soon came to my senses and *face-palm* realized that you meant the shuffle button function. 😛

  4. I think I’m going to get the flame shot at me but…. my hopes were crushed. I read from another source that the remix album would have all the songs from the original soundtrack. …. where is Collision Chaos (good future) US? D; also the majority of the music have really unoriginal styles that have been done before. Only a few tracks were tolerable to listen to. I ignore the vocal tracks. Sorry…. but some of the singers should not be forcing themselves to sing… the rap song was… well bad… well I never liked rap so that wouldn’t help now would it. I say, IMO, only like 25% of the album was good. 🙁
    Sorry if you disagree… but its my opinion and my taste in music is not as flexible as everyone else’s, and the majority of fanmade music never reach my ipod and most of the time never reach the hard drive of my computer.

    Anyone got other Sonic CD remixes they know of and want to recommend? X.X Been trying to find a really good one for years….

    1. If someone were to attack you for that, they’d be super immature and biased. I’m actually glad for once somebody explained why they didn’t like the album rather than just saying “man it’s crap, I hate it”.

      From the viewpoint of one who really loves old school hip hop, though, I’d say that the Stardust Speedway remix was absolutely beast.

      As for other Sonic CD remixes, this might be the closest anyone’s gotten in history. Hahahaha

      I did notice a few remixes were missing when working on the project, though. I was a bit disappointed in that, but honestly I personally think it ended up turning out really well.

      We can all agree that Project Chaos is still freaking beast, right? 😀

    2. 100% agreed. Luckily, I think there’s a new Sonic Stadium Music Album Event thing coming soon. Those have variety, and having Sonic CD music is an almost guarantee.
      As for currently available remixes, I think Freen in Green has some pretty good Sonic CD remixes. They at least have Stardust Speedway Bad Future JPN.

      1. As an artist on the Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 AS WELL as Temporal Duality, I would suggest that you don’t demean the album by promoting something the SS itself is doing. You’ve never seen anyone diminish the TSSMA11 / TSSMA12 in favor of OCRemix albums in the past, right? If you really want to keep a good reputation among Sonic fans, I suggest you stop right there.

        That said this album was great to work on! Hoping you all enjoyed not only my own Tidal Tempest track, but also the 30+ others on there 🙂

        1. I’m sorry that mentioning other possible sources of Sonic CD remixes is demeaning to you. I’ll try to phrase my comments more carefully in the future.

          1. Maybe I should explain my view on this album. I thought it was cool that people took the time to make this. I liked how a lot of tracks fused several versions of a certain levels’ music, like the one for Stardust Speedway. I also liked how there were songs that focused on a variety of instruments, like some of the Tidal Tempest tracks. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a large amount of songs on OCRemix over-rely on synth and guitars (especially solos), so having instrumental variety was nice.
            However, I didn’t like how a large amount of tracks were either overly-synth (almost as if noise were being added to add complexity) or they shoe-horned lyrics in. These were often in some of my favorite tracks from the original game, so maybe they aren’t as prevalent as they seem to me. I also wish every variant of every track from the original soundtracks was included, but I understand that would be hard to pull off. Lastly, there weren’t really any truly great remixes (the ones you keep on your shortlist of great remixes/music), at least in my opinion. Those are hard to pull off, but most other Sonic albums have at least 1 or 2 greats (Malicious Fingers, The Doomsday, and Knuckleduster in Project Chaos).
            So overall I’d say the album wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad either. I was expecting a great album, so I guess I’m a little bitter, which makes me want to complain. The reference to the Sonic Stadium Album coming up was only to suggest to GoldenHedgy another possible location for good Sonic CD remixes.
            No hard feelings,

  5. Super great album!

    I had fun with the one where the guys work for Robotnick, WhACKASS WORKShIFTS”.
    I particularly enjoyed the very Panty-And-Stocking feeling from The Boom (Undeleted).

  6. Downloading it right now! First I was a bit concerned about how some of the songs sounded but listening to them again made me realize they aren’t that bad at all. It’s worth a download and listen.

  7. I went into this album expecting to find at least a few gems (like the couple that I found on OCRemix’s “The Sound of Speed”). Well, I think it’s safe to say that my hopes and expectations have been far surpassed!! I can’t believe most of the negative-sounding reception I’ve read in the above comments – this album is the most amazing StH tribute album yet! Sonic CD being my second favorite Sonic game and appreciating the music from both US and JP/EU soundtracks, I also notice how the little melodies and tunes have been worked into these wonderful tracks. Great job especially to the artists of the following tracks (which sound fresh, great, and epic!):

    “Schizophrenic [Collision Chaos JP]”
    “Timekeeper [Quartz Quadrant JP]”
    “Palm Beach SEGA Tan [Palmtree Panic US]”
    “Ion Storms Above the Mechanical Forest [Collision Chaos US]”
    “Road Trip [Stardust Speedway US]”
    “Future Crystalline Luminosity [Quartz Quadrant US]”
    “The Future Is Bright [Metallic Madness “G”mix JP]”
    “A World in Motion (Instrumental) [Sonic Boom]” (I, like the post above, prefer the vocals to leave this one untouched)
    “Time Traveller’s Delight (Instrumental) [Stardust Speedway JP]” (no main vocals again here, please)

    All of these are awesome mixes, which stand out and sound almost as stellar and colorful as the game’s own. Again, great job to everyone, though (special mention to “TheSmai,” who did the awesome and faithful-looking artwork throughout)! Also, I like the familiar and creative emphasis on and allusions to “time,” “Metal Sonic,” and “Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (OVA).” Thanks to all who contributed!

  8. I-I.. I think I didn’t like this album.. So many synth ones, not really my type. Although I do think the rap vocals ones were really ok
    Time Traveller’s Delight was a badass one
    Take It All the Way was cool 🙂
    A World in Motion rocked out very well too
    Undertow to Leatow was nice and sweet for my eras 😛

    But as I said before, the synth ones weren’t my thing…

  9. I’m a fellow fan of the over clocked community and been a long time running fan for the music they produced for years and I have to say that a lot of time energy and effort goes out to the OC team for providing and producing these unique gems… Every track they produce is a quick quality of my childhood and I appreciate the work and effort that do just to provide for the community they need to remix streets of rage and start a shemmue album that would be crazy ^_^ long time fan Adcj peace everyone

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