SEGA Tease Sonic Dash for Android

Sonic Dash Android Tease

The SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook pages have just posted this image, but what could it mean? Hit the jump to find out!

You may have already guessed by now, but this is a tease for the long-awaited Android port of Hardlight Studio’s Sonic Dash! Judging by the Android-shaped Sonic creepily staring at us from Seaside Hill, it seems like we’ll be getting some more information on this version of the game ‘soon’. As always, we’ll keep you all up to date as soon as we hear anything!

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  1. About time. I’ve had to sit and watch as my iOS using brother teased me with it. Hopefully we won’t have to wait very long now…

  2. Well let’s see of Sonic Dash have a release date for Android. And I heard Sega Manager guy name Aaron Webber from Sega America headquarters from San Francisco CA Is interview by R Pad Tv is on YouTube talking about Sonic Lost World from two mouths. Then also Aaron Webber lock at the planting photo of cow and he is going to put cow for Deadly Seven in 2013.

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