Pre-Order Now: First 4 Figures Sonic Generations “City Escape” Diorama


Chances are if you wanted one of these you’ve already pre-ordered by now, but here you go anyway. First 4 Figures have opened pre-orders for their Sonic statue, however unlike previous editions, this is part of their new ‘diorama’ range.

The scene depicts modern and classic Sonic skateboarding through the iconic City Escape stage as depicted in Sonic Generations. Whilst the statue may get a lot of you excited, some may end up being priced out of these as they’re VERY expensive!

The standard edition is limited to 1000 units and costs $299.99 (£185)

The ‘exclusive’ edition is limited to 450 units and costs $329.99 (£204)

However, don’t forget those prices do not include shipping, for people living in the UK you’re looking at an extra $30 on top of that.

Now for a limited time F4F have issued discount codes for each statue which takes $25 off the regular and $30 off the exclusive.

Also if you are interested in pre-ordering, please be aware of what the statue will actually look like when you get it, the image at the top is very eye catching but it also has a lot of photoshopped effects that will not be on the final statue, this is a more true to life image of what it will look like.


So, anyone here got a pre-order down?

Source: First 4 Figures

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  1. I have the money, but… not sure I wanna spend it on this D: Don’t get me wrong, the figure looks amazing but not sure if it’s worth it. Anyone here own any of these statues? If so, I’d like to know if they are worth the money.

    1. It depends.

      My experience with them goes like this.

      Classic Sonic Statue = Flawless. Would recommend to anyone.

      Super Sonic = Really good… but the lighting effects are a tad naff.

      Metal Sonic = Really good but… statue arrived broken, lighting effects are not that great, a few dodgy paint errors.

      Tails = good… but… Statue has tons of problems with the construction, random black marks on the white paint, however lighting effects are the best. (There is a TSS review on this one).

      As for this one… I really like it and have it on pre-order… but I’m thinking of cancelling since I think the price is way too high for what you get.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the exclusive statue costs more than a Wii U currently does! 😮

  3. Why do these companies taunt the sonic community like that? I doubt production costs are anywhere near this amount. Seriously, it kind of sickens me that these figures cost so damn much. Anyone have any idea if the costs are actually legitimate, or these companies are really just evil?

    All things said though, the figure is pretty damn badass =)

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