Zazz Joins The Brawl… er… Dash!


In a surprising new update to coincide with the release of Sonic Lost World, you can now fight Zazz from the Deadly Six in a brand new boss battle in the mobile-exclusive Sonic Dash.

As can be seen in the trailer above, you’ll be facing off with the crazed Zeti atop his Moon Mech, dodging his star attacks until you get the chance to show him who’s boss and homing attack him into oblivion. It appears you’ll encounter Zazz at random as opposed to a set place in any of the stages.

The new update also includes a Deadly Six Card Collection Challenge where players from all around the world have to collect a set number of cards that can be found throughout the stages – once a certain total is reached, participants will receive some Lost World themed prizes!

You can download the Sonic Dash update now for a limited time only on the iOS. There is still no news on the game arriving on Android devices, though you can be sure we’ll let you know as soon as anything is announced.

What do you think about Zazz making an appearance in Sonic Dash? Would you like to see some of the other Deadly Six show up at a later date too? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. He looks a but tougher than the original fight, but still rather easy. At least it’s nice to have something to fight than just the usual badniks.

  2. “Zazz joins the brawl” AHHHH WHAT?!?!? “er Dash!” Oh, jeez, you scared me for a second there. 😮

  3. Is there a online multiplayer of boss battle to fight Zazz as Sonic characters Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose, or Blaze The Cat, or Shadow The Hedgehog, then Knuckles The Echidna or Miles Tails Prower.

  4. Also Sonic Lost World have Miilverse Community right now on Wii U! also why you didn’t do the update news!

  5. damn it why is the fight so short and easy why couldnt sega make us give him 1 hit at every opportunity we get instead of just finishing him off at the only opportunity we get

  6. I love this update, its about time something major happened ~

    other things updated in the game are:
    – characters now have their own colour effects instead of the deafault “blue” from before e.g. Amy’s boost is now pink. (ect).
    – some clouds appear when you jump of a spring and it actually seems like your going somewhere.

    if Zazz ends when the promotion does then i hope he is reskinned as Eggman so we can have boss fights like Sonic Jump.

  7. Man, the community meter for the Zeti Card Challenge is low. Does nobody care about free Lost World wallpapers or something? I know it just started, but man… Remember the Blaze challenge? She was made as a character, but since not enough people participated in the challenge, she’s locked.

    1. i got blaze when the chwllange was finished. but i contributed to the score…
      it read on mine that everyone comleted it.

  8. Also I check it at GameStop website of Sonic Lost World for Wii U and 3DS, score ratings If It’s good or bad first Sonic Lost World on Wii U has ratings 9.0 and for Sonic Lost World 3DS of high score ratings is 10.0 I guess GameStop review Sonic Lost World is awesome!

  9. I’ll admit that as mobile games go, Sonic Dash is fun even if it’s mostly Temple Run with Sonic but I find it more fun than Sonic Jump and I don’t care to play Genesis games on a device with no actual buttons but I am getting annoyed with all the ads popping up now and honestly it’s high time Sega made another level besides Seaside Hill to run in. How about a Casino or Factory area to choose.

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