Sonic Lost World Top Wii U Game in UK Charts

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 28

This weeks UK game sales charts are in, courtesy of GFK Chart track, and Sonic Lost World is the top selling Wii U game. Lost World debuted at #1 in the Wii U only chart, ahead of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Skylanders Swap Force, which was also released Friday. In the 3DS chart, Sonic Lost World entered at #4, being beaten by Nintendo’s own PokΓ©mon X/Y and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, Sonic’s latest narrowly missed the top 10 all-formats chart, placing 11th behind Disney Infinity at #10.

We’ll see how Sonic Lost World fares next week with a full week of sales behind it.

Source: GFK Chart Track

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  1. ‘Atta boy, ‘hog. πŸ™‚

    Lets see how it fairs elsewhere though christmas will always be the Sonic Boom in sales as per.

  2. Problem is, given the state of the Wii U in the UK. We really need numbers to go with that one. I don’t doubt it’s sold well, but it’s the numbers that matter.

    1. Hogfather, I know why people have been recently insulting you on your opinion on Lost World. People are taking what you say wrongly. Instead of saying “Sonic Lost World is terrible”, say “In my opinion, I think Sonic Lost World is terrible.” Most people will respect your opinion and back off. By hearing you say “Sonic Lost World is terrible” in such a direct way, you will offend people because they think that their opinion does not matter. Also, we do get it… you state your opinion on almost every single Lost World article. We know, you think the controls are clunky and you thing it’s too Mario-like and you don’t like the way it’s done. I know you want your opinion to be heard but you are making some people impatient.

      Just saying. also i tried having good grammar

      1. I think those people need to lay off Hogfather. Sure, he doesn’t like the game very much, that’s perfectly fine. But I find it rather stupid that he should always say “in my opinion” before saying “Sonic Lost Worlds is terrible”. When he says it’s terrible, then obviously it’s his opinion. From what I’ve seen, he had never said anything bad to anyone who likes the game or bash them, he just says he doesn’t like it & what he doesn’t like about it. There is no need to pressure him just for him to force out some extra texts/words to reinforce his views.

        1. I was just suggesting that and giving a tip to help him, he doesn’t need to do it. Some people don’t get that when he says its terrible its his opinion. Some people think that he is directly saying that it is bad and that you should not buy it. Then people will naturally defend what they are saying. And as you can see from earlier messages to him, they are defending. its just a tip so they can stop. Besides, he doesn’t need to say “in my opinion ” every time before he states his opinion. He can just hint that it is his opinion.

  3. I doubt it’ll be selling well on Finland, considering I can barely find any copies πŸ˜› The only copies I found (just two of each wii u and 3ds versions) where deadly six editions, too.
    But I’m glad to see it doing somewhat well πŸ™‚ Shame I can’t afford to buy a Wii U, this game would be on my buy-list

      1. I HIGHLY doubt it lol Been like this with new Sonic games for years. I had to buy Sonic Generations through Steam, too πŸ˜›
        But maybe I’m just too skeptic. We’ll see πŸ™‚

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