Update: Sonic 2 Remastered & ASRT (Android & IOS) Coming November 2013


Update: Sega have issued a press release which confirms both games are also coming to Android devices!

You might remember how Sonic 1 recently got remastered?’ It was dubbed the ‘stealth-tax’ version of the game, contained tons of improvements and was generally dubbed ‘awesome’ by all? Well along with this came the promise that Sonic 2 would also recieve a remastered release. That time is coming very soon.

According to touch arcade. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will get it’s ‘remastered update’ on iOs before the end of the year. As with Sonic 1, Sonic 2 will recieve improved framerates, visuals and audio enhancements. Dare we also suggest hidden extras and secrets?

With the original Sonic game, the update was given away for free, thats likely to be the case with this one, however a price point of $2.99 has been given for first time purchasers.



In addition to this. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has also been announced for IOS devices. It’s described as a pared down version of the console game, but it will include a new World Tour mode and support 4 player local and online multiplayer.

ASRT is due for release this December.

Source: Touch Arcade

Press Release:

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  1. Ya know, I’d be excited to play Sonic 2 Remastered, but if I can’t best it with actual controls there’s no way I can beat it with TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS.

    Why isn’t there a console/PC version? Anything that can be played with actual buttons please…

        1. I know it gets much hate but I love my Xperia Play just because of the advantage in playing 2D games on the go. I don’t really like walking around with a GBA or even 3DS as an adult anymore :/ (sounds stupid, now that I’ve written it down but I’m goint to post it anyway :P) I’m looking forward to play Sonic 2 on it! ^^

    1. I would usually be the first one to take a dump on touch screen controls (not counting the DS), but Sonic 1 on an Android tablet felt perfect. It was easy to control and overall felt nice. This shouldn’t be any different.

  2. oooh – Sonic 2! * o *
    my favourite ~

    aha ASRT on IOS still looks better than the 3DS port (what a terrible port).

  3. SEGA have gone mobile crazy!!!

    No doubt SASRT will make it to Android as well at some point. Sonic 2 will make a lovely early Christmas present.

  4. I know someone’s going to bring this up, so I might as well :
    When’s an android version coming out ?!

  5. Why they don’t put these on home consoles I have no idea. I want to play a widescreen Sonic on a regular screen with buttons! Sonic CD was great on PS3. And it can’t be that difficult to port. Come on, SEGA! These games have their heritage on home consoles. You’ve put a lot of love into these remakes, put them where they will shine!

    1. All 4 genesis sonic games are already available from the xbox marketplace and pretty sure on ps3 aswell mate? no real need for the tax version either way, the controls for the home consoles arent touch screens :L

      1. If my problem was simply wanting to play these games I’d go to my Mega Drive as I have since I was seven. The issue is the quality of these versions. The versions on home consoles just now are plain ports, with no widescreen, remastered music or (perhaps most importantly) playable Knuckles. These are the reasons I want the new version on home consoles.

    2. I agree (and I play on a 34-35cm 4:3 CRT TV xD Although I think that I can use my laptop’s screen with VirtualDub for better quality)! As much as I’d be willing to buy these remakes, it’s the lack of console-support that prevents me from doing so.

      I wonder how S&ASRT’s soundtrack will be on mobile-phones – Sonic Unleashed had some rather interesting MIDIs, which MasterEmerald extracted.

  6. Just so long as Sega doesn’t end up stroking Sonic 2 as much as Nintendo’s stroking Mario 3, I’m fine with this.
    That is to say, I’d love to see Sonic 3 Complete given an official release. Eventually.

  7. well think god Sonic and all stars racing Transformed for i os for Ipad or I phone and I pod Touch didn’t copy Sonic and all Stars Racing Transformed 3DS been stupid!

  8. They could at least put 1 and 2, along with CD on the Wii U at least; make that the last part of the 3 Game deal.

    Either that, OR…we hope 3&K gets this same treatment, and then just release all 4 games on a disc for the 25th anniversary.

  9. WOOOOOOOOOO… AWESOME!! I’ve been looking for another excuse to play this… “Hidden extras and secrets” ,huh?

    *crosses fingers for Hidden Palace to make it in*

    BTW… any clue about the release date?

  10. Awesome! I’m just curious on what surprises this new version will bring.
    I think it’s obvious that Knuckles will appear, Tails will gain the ability to fly/swim, the elemental shields might reappear again as in Sonic 1 Remastered, and the debug will be expanded with some beta features.

    Really! I think the only new thing to include here are some cut zones, like Hidden Palace Zone, Cyber City Zone, and Winter Zone and perhaps a extended playthrough with these zones, Kinda like the Sonic 2 Long version hack.

  11. When did All-Stars Racing Transformed came out last year? I know it was around sometime November, but I want to know what date.

  12. Not one to complain about a free update, but they seem to be late and have not commented on the matter…

    1. I know, right? I for one am somewhat upset that no one seems to care to address this. What gives?

    2. I’m so annoyed. I’ve been checking for updates about this almost every day because I love the game so much and can’t wait for it. Christian Whitehead claimed it was a “ball park” date. Yes, which means it could have arrived any time in November. Winter appears to have been a more accurate “ball park” date.

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