Sonic Lost World OST Title and Art Revealed

lostworldostwithoutboundariesAs we reported last month, the official soundtrack to Sonic Lost World is set to be released in Japan on 27th November. Well today, thanks to some information from we can reveal both the title – “Without Boundaries” – and the cover art of the OST… which as you can see above, is absolutely covered in artwork of the Deadly Six. I guess the designers took the ‘without boundaries’ concept quite literally with regards to their copy and paste tools!

Without Boundaries will contain 93 songs from Sonic Lost World across 3 CD discs, performed by over 70 musicians and produced by Otani Tomoya who previously worked on the soundtracks to Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colours. Tracks you can expect to find on the album include the main theme “Wonder World”, the full version of “Windy Hill Zone 1”, and “The Deadly Six Theme”. The OST will feature a range of musical genres, from tango to synth pop to big band jazz.

Are you planning to get Without Boundaries? And even if not, what do you make of the Sonic Lost World soundtrack so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I have an ever growing collection of Sonic OST’s on my game shelf. Another to add to the collection!!! AWESOME!

    1. That’s cool. The Wii U version got the equivalent of a 9 and the 3DS version got the equivalent of an 8.5. Sounds about right.
      I always liked Famitsu’s scoring method better; instead of leaving it to one person, who probably has a bias, they have 4 people review it, and each of their scores count in the final score.

        1. Technically it doesn’t have to be fair. Because you get the single review from a single person from one company and then one from another, and another, and it all adds up. With Famitsu it’s just adding more reviews and combining them under one name.

          I do think we should have more like Famitsu. The variety seems to help I think. c:

  2. This Is Awesome, now im wondering if Without Boundaries will be the main vocal theme of the game, or will this game not have one either way, its awesome news

  3. I really hope there’s still a main theme performed by a band. I don’t care if it’s Crush 40 or not, as long as I have lyrics to sing along to!

  4. It’s BEAUTIFUL! X333 I don’t care that it looks like it took 10 minutes to make — I think it’s wonderful! The Deadly Six Theme. . . Can’t wait for that! 😀

  5. What Do I think of the soundtrack??!! Sky Road 1-3 sound epic, Desert Ruins 1 and frozen factory 1 had my hype at an all time high and Lava Mountain 2 nearly had me in tears, yes I actually nearly cried when I heard lava mountain 2 (I was watching a livestream of the wii u version that’s now over, it was about 6 and a half hours and he didn’t collect all the red rings)

  6. Knowing that someone actually got paid for that cover art honestly breaks my heart and soul. This is criminal.

  7. Aaaaaaaw maaaan! that’s like 2 days before my birthday. I can’t wait for it like I can’t wait for the game to come out in North America.

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