New Sonic Lost World Trailer Shows Deadly Six Boss Battles


It’s been no secret since the very beginning of Lost World’s reveal that Sonic will be squaring off against the Deadly Six – a team of villainous Zeti comprising of Zavok, Zazz, Zomom, Zik, Zeena, and Zor – but up until now we’ve been left wondering… what will the actual fights with them be like?

Well, wonder no more, as you can get a brief glimpse at all of the Deadly Six encounters from the Wii U version in this new Japanese trailer for the game, uploaded by SEGA earlier today. Obviously, it contains spoilers abound for anyone wishing to keep things under wraps until release day!

In an interesting turn of events though, the trailer has since been removed from SEGA’s own account. Credit goes to SSMB user WittyUsername for providing the video used above.

How do you think the boss battles are shaping up so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Glad to see no chase bosses.

    Just to clarify, I did upload the video, but the video itself was captured by a friend of mine. Dunno if he has an account here, but his Youtube account is PhantomTheDerp. He’s the guy who captured and uploaded the English cutscene from Sonic Boom.

    He let me upload it fearing getting any strikes if SEGA took it down. I’m not worried about the strikes, so I uploaded it myself. I was sure to put in an annotation that he was the one who recorded it.

    Not a big deal and not really the point. The point is sharing information about the future title. I just don’t want to get false credit. I didn’t record it, I simply put my account at risk to share with everyone since Derp, rightfully, didn’t want the strike.

  2. These look so cool, even Mario Galaxy like.

    But I rofl’d at the last part when I heard one of them say “GO TO HELL!”

  3. I’m a bit sceptical about these boss fights. I just hope they can reach the level of quality of bosses from Generations (yes, I don’t even mind the Time Eater. I think he’s okay).
    I also liked in Unleashed every boss was much bigger than Sonic. They were not only bigger targets but also satisying to defeat, especially Eggman’s creations.

    1. Thank God. I thought everyone here was going to bash the auto-run battles. I actually liked those. The Egg Lancer to this day remains one of my most favorite boss battles.

      1. The Auto-run battles aren’t bad but from Modern Sonic besides 4 bosses from Colors those were all we got. Its about time for something different, I mean I like running bosses too but not as the only type of boss.

  4. Wow.

    A combo of 2D and 3D boss fights, none of them relying on an overuse of auto-running…

    Dare I say we might be in store for some actual GOOD 3D Sonic bosses for a change?

  5. Well, they actually look pretty nice. From what I caught, every boss will fight you in their own world, but Zavok’s fight takes you through all 6 worlds? The fights all look pretty fun too, let’s just hope the 3DS version gets it right too.

  6. 0:33, 0:40, and 1:30 all have that strange voxel-head thing from the end of Desert Ruins Zone 3.
    Also, it looks like there might be sub-boss fights in the middle of different worlds along with the main boss fight at the end of each.
    One last thing: Is Zavok’s boss fight in some sort of Windy Hill area, or is that the mysterious 6th world?

  7. Now that I think about it, does it even matter if what they are saying is translated. I’m pretty positive that the English trailer would just change it anyway to make it more appropriate. In the last trailer when Zor said “So upbeat I want to beat him up.” In Japanese he was saying that he and sonic are a lot alike(no idea why.) When Zazz says “You’re going home in a box!”) In Japanese he said “I’ll show you hell!”. It would change either way.

  8. Translations are as follows:

    Zazz: Well done!
    Zazz: (angry muttering)
    Zomom: Don’t interrupt my eating time!
    Zomom: I’m hungry again…
    Zik: What a quick hedgehog.
    Zik: I will privately train you!
    Zeena: You’re good.
    Zeena: I don’t have much free time.
    Zor: I heard you were very cruel.
    Zor: Can you hear the melody of death?
    Zavok: (Undecipherable; just sounds like a bunch of mumbling)
    Zavok: Show me your power!

    Ending words before Deadly Six crash through screen: Save the future continent from the Deadly Goblins!

  9. Ah, man, this music. Especially when it hits that Spanish guitar bit around Zeena’s footage!
    As far as the bosses themselves, I hate to say it but I’m a tad disappointed. I mean, I shouldn’t really be surprised that Master Zik should be controlling fruit in a game with a level called Dessert Ruins, but they don’t seem as grand-scale or epic as past Sonic bosses have been (except Zavok. His encounters seem unbelievably cool). I’m sure they’ll play fine, and be probably a better and more enjoyable challenge than past games have offered, but I’m not convinced I’ll be entirely satisfied taking any of the Zeti out.
    The theory that Zavok’s battle has you travelling around all six established worlds is one I’m really hoping for, and I’m convinced that his fight shall not disappoint. But Zazz and Zomom I’m really not feeling much of anything for. Zik and Zeena are interesting enough in concept, and Zor offers some neat gameplay. Overall, fairly alright.

    1. Well, if it’s like any Sonic game, then the final boss fight should be amazing. Though while Zavok’s fight sounds awesome, I was hoping more for something where all of the Deadly Six team up in one big fight, almost as one entity? That’d be epic.

      1. I somehow doubt Zavok as-is will be the final boss. The magic number with Sonic since Heroes has been 7, so my guess is that Zavok will be the fake-out final boss a la Egg Dragoon. But you’re right in that it’s a given that the climax of Lost Worlds won’t easily be forgotten.

  10. He curious question. I went to my local gamestop to preorder the deadly six edition but they only had lost world. Do I only have to preorder Lost world or do I have to order it online?

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