11th SonicLondon Meet This Saturday!

sonlonIt’s that time of year again for folks in the London area!

This Saturday, our friends at SonicLondon will be hosting the group’s 11th meet-up in order to have a grand old time ’round all things gotta, go, and fast. If you’re in town and want to join in on the fun (provided you’re of age), you can RSVP now on the event’s Facebook page if you haven’t done so already!

With partly cloudy skies expected, two plans of action have been prepared. If you’re going, read and revise ’em both, and start packing the essentials!

Plan A :

The group will meet outside the Cow and Coffee Bean coffee shop in the middle of Regent’s Park between 1:30 – 2. From there we will travel to a picnic spot nearby (which we will decide as a group on the day), where we will sit and chill out.

There will be a number of activities through-out the course of the day, such as the return of Sonic Black-jack and more to be confirmed.

Please bring along :

– picnic snacks and blankets
– your artwork (to sketch/show off)
– money (as we’ll probably go for food and drinks afterwards
– suncream/sunhats if your skin is senstive to the sun

Plan B (in case of rain) :

The group will meet in the Royal Festival Hall foyer area just past the Festival Terrace entrance between 1:30 – 2. Unlike previous meet-ups where we’ve left the Royal Festival Hall and headed straight to Namco, I thought it would be nice if we stuck around the RFH for a while this time… We’ll head to the upper floors and check out the breath-taking views. Expect any and all activities planned for Plan A to also take place here.

Here’s the Royal Festival Hall website :

What to bring :
~ 3DS/Vita/iPhones/tablets etc
~ Sketchbooks etc
~ Cameras (we all love looking at pics!)
~ Money (again ; for afterwards).

Hope to see you all there!


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  1. Sounds like a neat get together. I would probably come if a couple miles and an entire ocean didn’t stand in the way. Still, I hope YOU guys enjoy YOURselves there! 😉

    1. Why thank you! Our PR guy FTA sorted that out for us, his talented buddy made it (really need to start remembering his name…)
      And funny you should mention fridges, I actually had fridge magnets made with the logo on, and was giving them out at the last meet ^^

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