Summer Of Sonic Documentary now released!


Every year since 2008, the Sonic community have come together to bring it’s fellow Sonic fans a place where they can play new games, meet their idols and finally meet people face to face.

This is an event that means so much to the staff here and we are always looking at ways to share that with a wider and wider audience. This leads us to this years Summer Of Sonic Retrospective. Our annual documentary celebrating the years festivities.

Featuring interviews with Jun Senoue, Kerry Rizzo (of Sega Europe), The Megadrive Band, Sonic himself plus many others (including you guys who came!)

We hope it sheds some light to those around the world, why we love Summer Of Sonic so much, and acts as a memorable souvenir for this years attendees.

Edit: Some people have said the video isn’t showing. Please click hereย if thats the case.

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  1. Never mind it’s working then also the funny thing at 25:42 is Sonic The Hedgehog enter coslay contest! And at the end of Sonic The Hedgehog was running away like a scary cat.

  2. “It would feel weird not being at summer of sonic”
    STOP RUBBING IT IN MY FACE!!!!!!!!!! I would totally go if I didn’t live halfway across the world, plus money is a big problem for me. It kind of makes me sad to think that I’m a huge sonic fan but I can’t attend one of the biggest sonic conventions ever. The only thing that stands in my way is money, SO GIVE ME YOUR MONEY

  3. Watching this brought a tear to my eye, I really need to go to next year’s. I just hope there’s a fairer way of getting tickets implemented

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