Sonic Lost World: First Cut Scene Now Online

Earlier today, the Western Nintendo Direct broadcast showed a small segment of what appeared to be a cut scene from Sonic Lost World. Well not to be outdone, the Japanese Nintendo YouTube Channel has posted the cutscene in full.


The segment shows the Deadly Six turning against Eggman and using his own badniks against both Eggman, Sonic & Tails. The sequence shows Tails being rescued by Sonic and some comedic moments with Orbot and Cubot.

Oh… according to Tomoki on SSMB. A rough translation of the Deadly Six’s dialogue is as follows.

Zavok: Fire!

Zavok: Kill the fat man! Show him what we’re really capable of!

Cubot: These guys mean business!

Sonic: These guys are tougher than I thought… Gonna need to think of a strategy to take them out before they do some serious damage.

Tails: I know you can do it, Sonic…

Eggman: Retreat! We have to retreat! Let’s get out of here before they get us!

Source: NintendoJPOfficial. & thanks to SSMB member Tomoki for the rough translation.

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  1. Just one head scratcher from watching. How did Eggman get his two server bots back? I thought he abandon them in Generations when he saw the Time Eater.

    1. I personally believe that Eggman got his two server bots back after the whole “Generations” plot. Time-space restoration? :/

      1. By the way… That translation of Zavok spewing is a little off. I asked my mom to translate it for me, and she’s Japanese. A more accurate translation is, “The time of despair has come! Show them hell!” And Tails doesn’t say what this translation does. He actually says, “You saved me, Sonic.”

    2. He probably built new ones. I don’t know why, but if he took them here, they must serve some purpose.

  2. Cubot…? YES! I loved those two guys! Although I wonder how Eggman got them back? XD

    1. And I’m saying this from reading that short transcript, I’ve sworn that I’m not watching any cutscenes until I (HOPEFULLY) get the game. 😛

  3. Ugh. Did they have to bring back Orbot and Cubot? And why is Tails hiding and acting like a damsel in distress? He should be a playable character, not a damsel in distress! Congratz fanbase, you got your wish and every character who isn’t Sonic got demoted to NPC status. Now we might never get to play as Tails and Knuckles in a main game again, I hope you’re proud of yourself.

        1. Fornication with a video game cartridge… the best you can come up with?

          Mmm-mmmmm…taste that salty goodness.

          Keep it classy Sonic Fan Base

          1. I don’t think the goal here is to make the best insult, but to make one that relates to the situation…

  4. Congratulations to you being a complaining brat about playing as people other than the guy who’s name is in the title.


          1. I agree that Sonic should be the focus of the series, but at the same time I would occasionally like to play as other characters like Tails or Knuckles, so I can see where SonicSpinner is coming from.

          2. Gee…You are pretty full of your self.
            going to tell what soups i can and can’t eat to?

    1. Multiple characters was one of the many things that made S3&K an amazing game, and SEGA still refuses to add them because they have the bizarre notion that the fans hated more than one playable character. Fans didn’t hate previous Sonic games because they had multiple characters, SEGA, they hated them because the characters fucking sucked. If people don’t like the characters, don’t cut them out, make them better. Cutting them out entirely is just the lazy way out.

      1. That makes sense. Useful characters would be useful. Why has no one thought if this before?

      2. Well, I’d be happy not having Knux in the gameplay if he stayed out of the story,(he’s got the master emerald to guard, by now though I’m sure he’s got a guard dog to keep an eye on it when he’s out but if he’s gonna be there he might as well do something.

        Tails would be an interesting character to see return in gameplay, but something tells me he won’t return for this one, even if we asked for it. The levels don’t seem suited for him (imagine havin to code Tail’s flight into the Mario Galaxy style gravity mechanic)

        Shadow would be awkward since he has so much similarity to Sonic, the only difference is that Shadow can use vehicles or weapons, so seeing him return would be purely for story.

        Amy is another character I would like to see stick to being there purely for story, just because she’s an amusing character but not one to play as.

        All other characters aren’t worth mentioning except a few that can be retconned in a few seconds. Silver was killed off since his timeline was cut off, Blaze should stay in her dimension and Big/Cream should stick to being easter eggs.

      3. I constantly tell my friends because we have our little group of friends who love games, especially Sonic. That the problem with multiple playable characters aren’t the characters themselves. It’s the gameplay styles they’re forced to play with & we’re forced to deal with. Whenever there’s a Sonic game with multiple characters to play as, they should set it up like S3 & Knuckles, where everyone played almost exactly the same, but brought something different to the table.
        That’s what SEGA needs to do, if they ever decide to have something like that, like if they ever decide to make Sonic Adventure 3 or something close to that.
        Everyone should have the same goal, beat the level as fast as possible. No mech-shooting, no treasure hunting (although I did enjoy those stages from the Adventure series), AND NO FISHING!!!
        Everyone is the same, with something different.
        Like this:
        Sonic would obviously be the fastest character, he has the spin dash, homing attack, light speed dash, the wisp power-ups, the elemental shields, the super peel out, & now he can do parkour.
        Tails can fly, he has his tailswipe attack from SA1, he has the dummy rings bombs from Heroes & ’06, & he’s the smartest one out of the group of heroes.
        Knuckles can glide, climb up walls, he is the strongest one out of the group, he can do hand to hand combat with his powerful punches, & his dive attact from SA2 (I can’t remember what that’s called/)
        Amy should play like she did in Sonic Heroes, I LOVED HER IN HEROES!
        Where she was basically a pink Sonic, except not as fast, but still pretty fast. Give her a homing attack, & have her giant Hammer to make mince-meat out of bigger enemies.
        Shadow would be exactly like Sonic, except with some ups & downs, more combat-oriented, & he has more effective Chaos powers (Chaos Snap, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast, Chaos Control) AND DO NOT GIVE HIM VEHICLES OR GUNS!!
        But he can’t parkour, he can’t super peel out, & he doesn’t use the wisps.
        Why? In his words “I’m the ultimate life-form, I don’t need help from inferior aliens.”
        Lastly, Silver. #1 MAKE HIM FASTER!! Make he at least as fast as Sonic & Shadow. But instead of running or hover-skating, he would be using his psycho-kinesis to propel himself forward to incredible speeds. (Like he did in his opening cutscene from his story in Sonic ’06. Why would SEGA troll us like that?)
        And give him a homing attack as well, so that his telekinesis isn’t his only method of attacking.
        And that’s about it, for me.
        Blaze is perfectly fine the way she is!
        But that’s just me, what do you guys think?

    2. You mean complaining about not getting to play other characters who aren’t in the main title. Which is a shame. It’s not like games with a large roster can just name all the characters in the title. I’m pretty sure most Naruto games don’t name all the other playable characters in the title. I mean, in Sonic the characters are THERE and people want to play them so why not make them playable? It’s not like Sonic can’t still be the MAIN PLAYABLE CHARACTER just because others are there in addition to the experience as a whole. It’s strange that it’s a concept people seem to have a hard time getting.

      Then again, this IS Sonic Stadium. What do I expect? XD

  5. So I’m guessing we’re just going to forget Tails’ character development from Sonic Adventure. Y’know, where he found his resolve to be a hero in his own right, and even DEFENDED HIMSELF FROM EGGMAN AND SAVED STATION SQUARE BY HIMSELF. (Not to mention the classic games where you could complete them as Tails alone. Though those scenarios may be noncanon.)

  6. I’m not saying I don’t support other playable characters. I just hate people complaining about wanting to play as tails or knuckles when they aren’t and it’s a sonic game.

    1. I guess that means Sonic 2, 3, & Knuckles, Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, Riders, Zero Gravity, Free Riders, Black Knight, Chronicles, and many others aren’t Sonic games by your definition.

      1. Or advance. I looked through every comment above this and no one mentioned advance in this argument. Why does nobody ever care about advance? It’s exactly what a lot of people wanted. Like a good Sonic 4. And my favorite part was the MULTIPLE CHARACTERS. In fact, I think that was the first (non-spinoff) sonic game with more than three character

        1. THANK YOU! FOR A WHILE NOW I WAS THINKING I WAS THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH WHO PLAYED AND REMEMBERS THE ADVANCE GAMES! Those games are the perfect example of what a Sonic game should be like; especially how a multiple playable characters situation should be displayed and handled. I grew up on mainly Sonic advance 2 and I am sure it was just as good as growing up on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Sonic Advance 1, 2, or 3 would have made a much better Sonic the Hedgehog 4 than Sonic the hedgehog four episode one. The Sonic Advance series deserves much more respect.

          1. They should’ve called sonic advance sonic 4, it actually feels more like the classic games than sonic 4 episodes 1 and 2 ever did. I support your comment all the way, the advance games were great for there time and still are.

      2. Wot
        I just meant look at Mario.
        Only he’s playable basically
        Except for side games. Like sonic.
        So all I meant was to me I didn’t need more playable characters other than sonic every sonic game. I think of all those games as sonic games even with more than sonic playable
        What I’m trying to say is I like other playable characters but I’m not gonna complain about not having others playable. Especially if they’re shoved down your throat like in adventure 2.
        @supersonicrush not rly Bak off pls I never called you or anything stupid

  7. Sonic backing away? Good.

    Sonic didn’t Mary-Sue is way through the combat? Good.

    Eggman’s toys being proved to be preeeeeeeeeeeetty fucking dangerous? Good.

    Eggman not shown to do anything cool? Not good. But that, hopefully, will be resolved later.

    Seriously, though, Eggman better get revenge for the damage to his glorious Eggmobile and insult to his more glorious mustache.

    1. 1. That isn’t really a notable thing. Unless you mean him retreating for Tails’ saftey, than its okay.

      2. The Mary-sue combat part would only apply here if he was actually fighting the D6 with much ease and not the robots of a guy he’s been defeating how many times now?

      3. They have increased fire power, yet still just as easily breakable as before.

      4. Its just one cutscene, that shows what we already knew about the D6 and Eggman. There’ll be more time for Eggman’s notabilities.

  8. If Sonic Colours is anything to go by (figuring out what Sonic needed to do with his gadgetery, basically taking a bullet for Sonic by pushing him away from the mind-control beam), I don’t think that Tails will be a “damsel-in-distress” throughout the whole game. This is one cutscene. I’m not going to jump to conclusions.

    1. Well, it’s good to not jump to conclusions, but the problem for some people, I think, and myself included, is that Tails should be better than what was show here, based on what Tails has already been through in the series. I mean, considering how many robots Tails has dealt with previously, his devotion to Sonic, and the courage he has been shown to muster, why then is he hiding behind a rock doing nothing instead of trying to fight? It really is as though his only purpose is to make Sonic look better, give Sonic the center stage.

      But you’re right it’s all yet to be seen how Tails and the rest of the cast will be portrayed in the game, ultimately. I’m just worried, is all, and Iizuka’s recent comments only make it worse for me. And I know Tails deserved better than what was shown here.

      1. Even Sonic ran away from this one. Do you think Tails will dive head first into a battle that even the FTA(reference intended) skipped out on this fight?

        1. To be honest, the fact that Sonic ran away to me kinda bothers me. Only because the situation didn’t seem that bad for a Sonic game. I feel like he only ran away because Tails and Eggman fell and he couldn’t protect them. He could’ve easily taken out the badniks and bonked the six of them on their heads if he didn’t have to make sure that the weak Eggman and Tails didn’t get shot while he wasn’t looking.

          1. Sonic’s been surrounded and taken them on before…
            Also I know they were probably trying to make the buzzbommer’s “bullets” look like they did in the classic games but it kinda just looked cheap to me. So yeah, it didn’t seem so bad to me either and I was also bothered. I expected him to drop off tails and go back to grab Eggman, then take them all on.

      2. and this may not be the entire cutscene. maybe there are other reasons tails was behind the wall. but the deadly six showed a great power. Tails had nothing to do in that fight, neither did Sonic or Eggman

    2. I’d rather Colors not be something we go by when it comes to how Tails was incorporated. Everything Tails told him, by the point he did tell Sonic, was either something he already had knowledge of or something we were already doing. Like when Tails said they had to destroy five generators and yet at that point Sonic had already destroyed two of them and already said he saw the map with the five planets before hand, which means that he was already going to each place and coincidentally already destroying the generators there. And even then it didn’t matter because the Ferris Wheel robot got it’s part lodged in the mind control cannon and blew up, meaning Sonic could’ve just gone home after the first boss was beaten and Eggman would’ve done himself in the instant he tried to fire that cannon.

      1. Not to mention Tails, for some reason, thought everything was fine when Sonic was suspicious of Eggman only to find out he was right. It’s not like he had any doubt in his mind, of course. Sonic was WAY ahead of Tails. It’s like Tails thinks he’s moved on to a desk job like his hero work was for kids and he thinks he’s a man now, but needs to snap back into “reality” (lol) and realize he’s the action-packed sidekick to an action-packed hero.

  9. To everyone complaining about scaredy-cat Luigi-I MEAN TAILS:

    1. He was hiding behind a rock trying to protect himself. What was he going to do? Homing attack every enemy? No, there were too many, and not even Sonic could handle them all.

    2. Tails FELL down after getting blasted. I don’t see all the hate there. HE FELL. He couldn’t have saved himself.

    3. Also, it’s likely we didn’t see the whole cutscene. We have no idea how Tails eneded up there. Maybe Sonic told him to stay back just incase things get ugly or something.

    4. You cannot use Tails from SA as an example. That was EGGMAN we were talking about. Tails obviously is not scared of him anymore. This is the DEADLY SIX though.

    1. Finally someone understands! Also sonic consider tails his younger bro. So why wouldn’t he protect his bro? ^O^

      1. I actually smiled when Sonic saved him. 🙂

        But apparently, any character that gets rescued by Sonic would now be considered useless. :/ Gotta love them Sonic fans.

        1. Well, any character that shouldn’t need to be saved.

          I wonder if anyone would smile if Shadow were surrounded but a small group of motobugs and acted as if he were trapped and had nothing he could do til Sonic came in, grabbed Shadow, jumped out with him and then went back to destroy the… 5… motobugs.

          Everyone would be all like “There wasn’t anything he could do! He was surrounded! If he tried to do anything they woulda got him! But Sonic saving him put a smile on my face cuz Sonic’s my hero! *u* Poor Shadow. Seeing him scared is so cute!” AND ALL THAT CRAP! :U

          You might be saying “Well yeah but Shadow’s supposed to be tough like Sonic so he wouldn’t need to be saved” except that’s the whole damn point. SO IS TAILS! He only seems weak because you’ve been brainwashed to see him that way due to games of late. Even games before where he was more involved they water it down, make you not focus on it, make him seem generic or give him stupid ways of fighting like ring bombs or *laughs* whatever the hell that gadget was in Sonic Battle that makes you wanna cry for him.

          When you look back at Sonic 2 and 3&K and SA1 you kinda wonder what it’d be like if Tails were like that then.

        2. I didn’t mind the fact that Tails got rescued. …but the way he grabbed tails looked really awkward, like he was barely holding onto him. What can I say, I’m nitpicky.

    2. I think most people had forgotten the part that Sonic & co. was dealling with the DEADLY SIX ; brand new crazy enemies that empowered the badniks to turn against Eggman. If they were strong enough to get eggman running & empower his own creations, then who knows how strong they would be, regardless if Sonic had wiped out all of the badniks; he still has to deal with the deadly six & they probably know nothing about them. aybe Sonic had told Tails to stay back because of these reasons exactly, & the ones you listed. Who knows, but I hardly find him a wimp in a cutscene that was clearly shortened.

      1. I hope Sonic went back to take them on. Sure, they control Eggman’s robots, But Sonic took on Chaos (immune to bullets) without knowing a thing except the police were after him. It’s not like Sonic has issues with stranger danger. =P

  10. I think people are being too critical on how Tails was portrayed here.
    I agree he should be more Sonic Adventure esque but
    this cutscene was a minute long for christ sakes.
    Lets not assume Tails is worthless or developed poorly just yet.

    1. You’re being too soft, Dan.

      This isn’t just one cutscene. It’s like saying the stupid running animation of Eggman as he retreated wasn’t enough to tell Eggman isn’t going to be like in SA2, but all goofy as heck like in every game since Unleashed. In one scene they managed to capture the entirety of their personalities portrayed in Unleashed onward as it is. We KNOW already.

      I mean we already know Tails is kidnapped as well as Knuckles and Amy. People accept it cuz they’re always kidnapped. But we just sigh and let it go. But when we see stuff like this, we see WHY he was freakin in danger in the first place and are reminded that he’s Princess Peach. He’s supposed to be Yoshi! Amy being the Damsel? Okay. I can see that. She can fight but she’s not a “fighter”. But Tails and Knuckles? They can FIGHT and they get kidnapped more than Princess Elise. (Come to think of it, why did they give Peach the ability to fight and fend for herself only for her to still constantly be kidnapped and rescued by Mario? Now they’re BOTH stupid… lol)

      So we’re not being too critical. Like I wasn’t expecting it at first. I was just kinda like “okay… whatever” but I got more and more annoyed knowing about it. So then I thought I’d be the only one. I look all around here and see TONS of people saying it. I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! o: So obviously what I was feeling wasn’t just me. This is the actual case. And being a big fan of Tails, not to sound like an obsessed fanboy, but it really does kinda hurt. Because I grew up with these guys! I’ve never been obsessed with them like some people, I mean it’s a VIDEO GAME, but what this game is doing is actually getting to me as a fan.

      And the thing is, SEGA doesn’t see it. Tails being rescued here, it doesn’t stand out to them. It’s”same old same old” for them. Maybe it’s because Sonic 4 episode 2 came out AFTER Generations. He was actually cool there but seems to be only cuz it’s based on the classics with no outward perspective of Tails in general. And now we’re reminded that Tails is a freakin liability for Sonic and Sonic would be better off if Tails just stayed safe with Amy and Cream. That’s what Tails is now. Tails is Cream as a boy. Except Cream has an excuse, and even then she can still fight on her own!!

      1. Please take a moment to let it sink in how asinine most of this comment is. This is literally just one isolated cutscene that’s not put into any sort of proper context, and not even the full one yet. Consequently you cannot seriously tell me that you now know the entire basis of how the character is now in this game from this small, insufficient cutscene? And the whole kidnapping thing is something you literally pulled out your ass and made up based on NOTHING. There has been NO INSTANCE so far in this game that even suggests Tails or Knuckles have been kidnapped in anyway.

        1. It’s not asinine. I’m talking to someone I actually know for starters. It changes how you approach a person.

          Secondly, it’s been explained over and over. There is no “We haven’t seen how he’ll play out in the game YEEEEEET” crap. We’ve already seen it. This is in addition to what we’ve seen. This is why I’m saying he was being too soft. It sounds like you’re making excuses. If he were any different than I’m expecting in the rest of the game, this scene wouldn’t have played out the way it did with Tails. And if it did it’d be even more stupid.

          And what do you mean “the entire basis of how the character is IN THIS GAME”? It’s the basis of how he is right now PERIOD. That’s the whole point. Is that really why you people keep saying “we don’t know yet?” Do you somehow see each game as it being completely different or something? Cuz it’s been exactly the same for almost half a decade at LEAST. This is something I gently complained about 3 or 4 years ago. Back when it was just something I didn’t like. Now it’s just over. Someone said it plainly. They completely shat on Tails’ character. It’s already DONE. There is no assumption. It’s a frustrated reflection.

          And it only fuels the flames to see people respond this way. For example. You’re asking me if I’m basing this on one little cutscene, because it’d be ridiculous to do that. And you’re right! It IS ridiculous. That should tip you off that I’m not basing it on JUST this cutscene.

          I’m an optimist for crying out loud! I know how to look on the bright side. And I can se the bright side. Doesn’t mean I can’t be upset about the negative side or pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s called over-optimism. It means there’s too much, which itself is a bad thing.

          And no, the kidnapping thing was something I read a while back. I understood that Sonic was to rescue Tails, Knuckles and Amy and this is how I was informed they were in the game. My thoughts were that it’d remind me of Sonic Advance but in 3D at first. Though I forgot to mention I wasn’t actually sure this was accurate anymore. At least here (I mentioned it on another site). Either way, without knowing that you just made the assumption that I “made it up” rather than having heard it somewhere. Or at least making a mistake. And you call me asinine.

          Speaking of which, go look up the word “literally” because I don’t think you’re using it properly.

  11. To Ricardo
    I like how you see the good in all things Sonic, but it is terrible not to see the bad in somethings. I used to be just like you a couple years ago and always tried to defend in someway. Being a Sonic fan DOES NOT MEAN LIKING EVERYTHING OR DEFENDING A GAME AND IGNORING THE FAULTS.

    That said, it is stupid for tails to be hiding since he is Sonic’s sidekick who has helped him in battle against multiple obstacles. Some on his own( Egg walker, saving Station Square etc) saying because he tripped is a bad excuse. Does Batman tell robin to stay behind, NO!
    Tails is supposed to be a Sidekick, a protege, and a little brother, that does not only rely on Sonic
    By the way if SA does not count, how about Metal Madness, or ANY OTHER BOSS FROM HEROES, what about the side games, Advance, CHRONICLES?

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog, someone Tails looks up to and is not as powerful or as skilled as, had to run from this fight. What the fuck will he be able to do? Plus, the fight scene didn’t last very long, so we have no idea what really was going on. Sonic probably told him to hide because he knew this fight would be tough, like six boss fights at the same time. Sonic couldn’t risk his friend like that, so he told him to hide if anything went pear shaped.

      1. I gotta say, I don’t think that’s how Tails should be handled. Tails was originally introduced as Sonic’s right hand. He ran through the same levels as Sonic and fought the same stuff as Sonic. Literally he did all through Heroes and even fought against the Metal Overlord right next to him. He took down the Egg Walker by himself and invaded Prison Island on his own accord.

        Seeing all that and then going here where Tails is actively hiding behind a rock before anything starts to actually happen isn’t going to sit well for his portrayal. Especially since Sonic should know how Tails can take care of himself by now.

      2. Tails not being able to do anything because of the same reason Sonic had to run away. Tails not being able to do anything IS the reason Sonic had to run away.

  12. Not gonna lie, with all the comments complaining, I would rather have Tails be a full on Princess Peach of a damsel in distress than see another cutscene where Tails is doing boring crap with a bunch of gadgets spouting technobabble in the sidelines. Other than that I like where the game’s story is headed.

  13. I like how everyone is just throwing a FIT, about Tails being rescued in this cutscene, I mean REALLY, why the hell is this such a problem? Can you guys not find anything else better to bitch about?
    And for Christ sake, Get over it about other characters not being playable, it doesn’t ruin the game for you, and if you really want to it, I’m sure you’ll be glad to go back and 06 to fulfill you’re satisfaction

    1. Or just play Sonic 2, or 3 and Knuckles, or any Advance game(Sonic games that acually were apauld for having mutiple characters)MAYBE its we want them playable without mechs or treasure hunting….
      Yeah right.(sarcasam)
      Maybe you should stop and think before replying like how you did not for your comment

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are moving tails away from being a fighter to more of a maturing intellectual, given how he was the one responsible for figuring out his and sonic’s situation in both colours and generations (and how sonic may best approach said situation). Cannot blame tails for going for cover when facing foes he has no clue about, at least when he went up against Eggman, he has had plenty of prior experience. Wouldn’t mind seeing Eggman and Tails work together on some machine of awesomeness as a solution for their predicament.

    1. Eggman and Tails working together to build something could be so adorable, since they’re the two brains of the franchise it would be great to see them bickering about how to fix something up.

      1. Agreed. I keep forgetting that Sonic and Eggman have to work together. ^^;

  15. I think we can all agree: the Tails fanbase is pretty damn pissed off.
    It’s clear why he’s the 3rd most popular character.

  16. Meh, one of the only things that bothered me was the way Sonic carried Tails. I mean, what is he, a LOG? Seriously…At least grab him by the hand or something. Or carry him BRIDAL STYLE. I DON’T CAAAARE.

    1. So either drag him on the ground or carry him like a baby/bride. This is technically the same way he held Amy in the Sonic Cd artwork.

  17. While Tails hasn’t been anything like his old self from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to Sonic Heroes lately, I see nothing wrong with this cutscene. In fact, I find it pretty amusing! If this game is filled with these kinds of cutscenes, I’m sure the game will have a story that interests me. It’s not like Tails could honestly do anything here anyway, so I see no reason to complain, especially when he tried to hide. Plus, even Sonic ran from this one! I don’t know why he chooses to run now, instead of in Sonic and the Black Knight when he was near death by the likes of Merlina, but hey… I like how the badniks are portrayed to be pretty threatening here! I mean, good lord, when used to their full potential, Buzz Bombers can really wreck shit up! Another thing I wonder, however, is how Orbot and Cubot got back… maybe we’ll get a humorous explanation as to them coming back… or maybe Eggman built new ones. Either way, I liked this scene. Also, it seems maybe Eggman joins your side once you get to the Desert Ruins… hm. One last thing, am I the only one who was actually surprised by the attacks against Eggman? It’s nothing new, but it seems more apparent here. I wonder if maybe someone gets injured… Oh, possibilities.

    1. I think Sonic and Eggman will have already teamed up before that cutscene. They both retreated and were on the same side, as in, Sonic and Eggman were on one side while the D6 were on the other.

      1. Now that I think about it, I guess that is true, seeing as in the beginning of the scene, the badniks were pointed at the Zeti. Also, it seems we definitely now have some kind of answer to why the badniks are still attacking us. Though honestly, I expected nothing else.

        1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking too when someone told me this is where they betrayed Eggman.

          I was thinking it looked more like they were counter-attacking. Eggman already had badniks facing them like he was against them and Sonic was behind the badniks like Eggman and even Tails was hiding on the opposite side of the rock.

          I feel like they were maybe half teamed up. Confronting their bullies, THEN punked out for the sake of making the Zeti look “threatening”. lol

  18. Just to let people know, my translation for the SLW cutscene is not 100% accurate. It’s very rough and kinda rushed because I was in the middle of getting ready for work when I did it.

    1. Good enough for me, thanks! Though through localization, some words/sentences will probably be changed (according to your rough translation).

    1. Short answer: Nope!

      Long answer: You have to keep in mind that this is the Sonic fanbase. There are going to be complaints about pretty much everything. No matter how insignificant. Especially for the more story-driven games.

      1. What about the one time it IS a significant complaint? Like this whole Tails fiasco.

        Be glad that no one’s really complaining about anything insignificant like Sonic’s eye-color or voice actors anymore.

        1. Meh, I wouldn’t consider it a significant problem until the game comes out and the whole “Tails thing” isn’t properly explained or at least didn’t make sense. I believe it will make sense once the game comes out and we see what’s going on with this scene.

          Also complaints regarding Sonic eye-color are pointless because he’s had green eyes for fifteen years now & voice acting is going to be controversial no matter how good or bad it is so nothing can be done regarding that.

  19. I hate it when SEGA gets the wrong idea that more playable characters in sonic games make it worse… The reason why past sonic games were fun, no matter how criticized, were because of more playable characters… The reason why many people were complaining about the characters was not because they were there, it’s because they were not worked as hard as sonic, they were just put there and that’s it… They should put more effort in the other characters as how they put effort on sonic, not just forget about them and leave them… Make them better… Why not start with Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, Amy?… Make them better…

  20. Cool cutscene, I like the actual feeling of a story in a new Sonic game, can’t wait to see more of it.

    BTW, do anyone else wonders why half of the Deadly Six are wrapped in black?

    1. First off, nice pun there, but I still am required by pun law to say, “boooooooooo….!”

      Second, I too wonder that. Is it to try and keep them a secret or something? If so, the game really fails at doing that when they’re on the cover. ._. Is it to put more emphasis on the three attacking?

      1. They all attack. Well with the mind control. Unless you meant physically in which case it’s 2.

        I think it’s just that they hadn’t been completely introduced in the story yet.

        1. @TheBlackHoodedGamer

          Well, somewhere (don’t remember where) I read the betrayal thing is going to happen at the middle of the story, so perhaps Sonic already fought and beat those 3 Zetis and that’s why they are black, but is still weird; too black, too strong.

          1. lol I get it.

            But yeah I think that might be it. I mean, for half of them to be revealed I’d say they’re probably right about in there. I’m not sure I’m all that thrilled about the story. From the looks of them, I don’t really see how Eggman could possibly even think he could harness their powers. Unless he was trying to imprison them.

            Then again I also have a hard time wrapping my finger around Sonic taking them seriously. It was a cool cutscene, nonetheless. Regardless of the few nitpicks I had. They were just really big nitpicks and it got to me so easy this time.

            I think I’ve earned my chance to nerd rage for all my friends the first time in my life tho. XD

  21. Interesting cut scene. Crazy guy lives up to being crazy. Love the Japanese voices too~

    As for Tails, really, I’m going to assume that he hid behind the rocks once the attack started. We don’t actually see him (not that I looked very hard) up front, which could mean he was off screen, and was wise enough to duck behind something when all heck broke loose.

    I do agree, however. Sonic carrying him looked incredibly stiff and awkward. Plus, one arm, apparently Sonic has super strength now XD Or Tails is just very, very light. So the only thing I didn’t like was just how he carried him XD

        1. You said he was wise enough to duck behind something, which is what got him hurt yet Orbot didn’t hide and he remained fine. And he doesn’t even have legs…. He’s Orbot. lol Cubot is kinda stupid so it makes sense.

          To be fair, Eggman didn’t get hit either. Who were the badniks shooting at? Seems like besides that one buzz bomber, they were shooting in that general direction and Sonic was the only one dodging. I mean, Zazz and Zomzom seemed to have no fear jumping to the Eggmobile while firing so I assume the badniks weren’t that much of a threat. lol

          1. Well, yeah. Badniks aren’t really the toughest of the bunch. Which is why I think it’s weird that they’re acting like they’re somehow tough now. Granted, Motobugs are fast now and stuff like that. But they’re not exactly boss battles.

            I like the scene overall, like Sonic’s jumping and his attitude. Like it looks cooler than I expected and I’m glad. I’m not raging about Tails’ character, of course. Just disappointed with a lot to say. I’m not a fan of the graphics or art style of the world. But the design of the stage as a STAGE for gameplay is pretty sweet. So it’s not all bad. I still am not very excited for the game but I think it looks fun and AM liking it more each time at least. =p

  22. I love how everyone is arguing over Tails in this cutscene! It shows how popular Tails actually is! 😀
    Other than that, I have an overall positive response from watching this cutscene.

    1. I also love how Dr. Eggman face-plants into the ground when he falls out of the Egg Mobile.

  23. I just pictured this scene had Tails fought. Like a buzzbomber that Sonic doesn’t notice aims for him. Tails jumps in and gets its attention for a second and then Sonic attacks it while it’s off guard. He thanks thanks Tails and jumps into action as does Tails.

    Tails spins through a row of snails as Sonic homes across a row of buzzbombers from the sides. Then Tails turns back around and tornado-tails his way through the next row of snails as Sonic does his Lost World long-distance homing attack chain across the next row of buzz bombers.

    They see Zazz and Zomzom creep up on Eggman after their landing, the whole jumping thing being seen alternatively along with Sonic and Tails fighting previously. As they creep up on the now-vulnerable Eggman, they are unexpected bonked in the heads by Sonic and Tails in a ball, who knock the two heads together before bouncing back up in the air and then landing next to the knocked-out zetis. Eggman grumbles and runs as Sonic and Tails look back and see the other 4 zeti try to grab them cuz they’re becoming an issue. But like the teaser trailer, Sonic just runs and slides past them, only Tails does too.

    Sonic spins into one’s stomach as he attempts to pounce him while Tails jumps over one and flips, whipping the other with his Tails. Sonic jumps up as Tails flies by and lifts his legs as 2 others try to ram into him from opposite directions, thus accidentally ramming into each other below Sonic who then kicks them to the ground with his feet.

    Sonic and Tails both land in front of the zeti lying around getting up slowly and see the army of badniks. Tails asks if he thinks they can take them. Sonic says they can but it’s too many to handle at once and would be a major drag and Tails suggests spreading them out to which Sonic says is a good idea. Looking back at the Eggmobile empty Sonic rolls his eyes and reluctantly says they should check and see if Eggman’s okay.

    Sonic and Tails look at the zeti as they look back at Sonic and Tails. Sonic zips off and Tails winks and zips off as well, cuz he can do that! :U

    Sonic and Tails are speeding away and stop as they notice Eggman and his robots hiding. Eggman is displeased to see them and they ask if he’s okay. Eggman gripes sarcastically about how good ol’ Sonic and Tails come to his rescue. We can fade out here.

    Already I feel like this would’ve sat well with people a lot more and still woulda been all the stuff that made this scene cool. So the people who liked the scene would still like this. The only difference is? TAILS ISN’T A PUNK AND WE DON’T PRETEND THE SKITTLE RANGER SKYLANDER CLOWNS ARE SCARY. C:

  24. OK, I’m getting a tad angry at everyone complaining about Tails being a “Damsel in distress”, Like let be realistic, If you are a 12 year old (I’m not sure what tails Official age is)boy who is really smart, but probably not really strong, would you just jump in and fight? No! And besides, Tails was probably

    A. Was thinking up a plan

    B. Was building something that may Aid Sonic and Eggman in battle

    Or C. Told to stay put and hide behind something.

    And just like Ricardo said, He fell after being blasted away, so of course he can’t save himself.
    Would you let a Friend just fall down and become open to shoot at? I would do the same thing as Sonic and save them.

    You guys just need to relax, it just ONE cutscene that we only seen half of, and there maybe a ton more in the game we haven’t seen.

    1. He’s 8.

      He’s really smart and is not only probably strong, but IS strong. It’s been witnessed.

      Sonic just jumped in and fought. Because he’s strong. I guess the only reason we know he’s strong without looking at his track record is that he’s the title character. That’s the only difference.

      If you’re so mad about people complaining, try reading WHY they’re complaining so you don’t accidentally do what half of the complaints are about by saying what you just said. I’m not trying to be mean or rude. I’m trying to be nice and inform you before someone else gets pissy at you and starts a flame war. I’ve already kinda just went on a frustration spree earlier, as you can see. XD Someone else might do the same.

      1. Yea.. sorry about that, but it still a bit silly that people is complaining about one cutscene though, but anyway, 8? I thought Tails was only 8 year old in Sonic Heroes, heck, he doesn’t even look nor sound like 8, so that why I thought he was 12 year old… then again, Sonic Team is kinda ass when sticking to the canons of the games

        1. They’re not complaining about one cutscene. Like I said, read what it is they’re actually talking about. =p

          And yeah. He’s 8. lol I’ve known their ages for a while even before Sonic Heroes stated them in their little guide book thingy and such. Their ages in Heroes are their current accurate ages unless a specific game say it takes place otherwise like in Chronicles and I think 06?

          Well what does an 8 year old 2 tailed kid fox video game character look like? lol There’s not much to compare it to. However Cream and Charmy are 6, Amy is 12 years old while Silver is 14, Sonic is 15 and Knuckles is 16, Rouge is 17, Big is 18 and Vector is 20 if that helps you somewhat see a scale of difference in ages for Sonic characters. XD

  25. The animation of this cutscenes is actually quite impressive,
    I’m starting to like this brighter more colorful world more than before….. Just trying to start a new topic besides this Tails fiasco.

    1. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe when he returns the “present time” Eggman is simply there or something. idk. That game was pretty strange. I’m not sure I even understood how he made Time Eater. lol

    2. He beat Exdeath in a game of chess. That, or he just threatened him with an axe since he’s a tree. ¦D

    3. Maybe he is accidentally freed from the Void when the freedom fighters realize Naugus is back and try to open it to put him back in and…. um… wait what?

  26. It feels like this whole Tails thing is just a bandwagon everyone seemed to jump on. Like, one rotten fan decided to complain and suddenly every other fan seems to want to find something to complain about, so they all copy what that one rotten fan said. Next thing you know everyone is complaining about Tails’ actions. This is why the Sonic fanbase has such a bad name, they WANT something to complain about. And a lot of them seem to operate in the Simpsons angry mob style of thinking. I for one was just glad to see Tails in the freaking game in the first place.

    1. It might feel that way, but that’s probably because it’s a largely shared opinion that’s actually about something a lot of people think the same thing about. Which should give it more merit in of itself. If you pay attention to what we’re saying, we’re not just rampaging until we react to the ignorance. lol We’re listing reasons for disappointment. We complain when people try to defend it.

      I’ve never really complained this much before. I am now and I feel like it’s justified. I don’t want something to complain about. That’s why I don’t usually complain and think “Okay people are overreacting” on a lot of things. Even with Tails some ppl might overreact and I probably sound like I am too simply cuz of the length of my comments. But, again, if you pay attention to what we’re saying you see that we’re actually talking about something here. It’s cool and all to be the good guy who doesn’t complain about everything, unless you go too far and just sugar-coat everything to do it.

      Well I’m not going to do that. I’d rather keep my sanity and sensibility. I’m gonna go with my ONE ACTUAL complaint for a change. And for everything else, I’m going to see it for what it is rather than overreacting. Everyone’s so black and white on everything even to this day.

    2. No one wants to complain about this. The majority addressing it do legitimitely have a problem with how Tails has been portrayed as of recent. If the problem gets addressed respectfully and without anger or immature dis-illusion than there shouldn’t be a problem. In general if the fanbase tries to let them know that there’s something about the way things are being done that they want to see changed, more likely then not it has a chance at actually changing.

      This isn’t something someone noticed just now. It’s been going on for a long while now. There’s no reason to make excuses and say it’s all of a sudden just a bandwagoning effect. That doesn’t make any sense.

  27. I don’t know what’s worse, people complaining about Tails hiding behind the rock, or people complaining ABOUT the people complaining. Both sides have valid points.

    To those who feel it is no big deal, the problem is that these people like to see Tails doing heroic things not necessarily connected to Sonic, or at least do a little more fighting. They see it as sort of a reversal of his characterization up until recently, and this cut-scene isn’t reassuring them.

    To those upset about the scene, it is a single cut-scene. Actually, if you ask me I’d say it doesn’t even look like a whole scene, there could be a little more beforehand that wasn’t shown. Even if this is the whole scene there probably was another one not too long before this one, maybe right before a boss battle and this was right after or something. My point is, we don’t know for sure if there are other factors in play at this scene, and even if there weren’t there may be other points for Tails to be the hero you know he is. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    As for the cut-scene itself, I must say it looks awesome! The badniks look so dangerous I doubt Sega will ever feel a need for robots like in 06 or Unleashed again. And the deadly six manage to knock Eggman out of his Eggmobile. Seriously, I could count on one hand the times I remember anyone else doing that, even Sonic.

    About some things others have brought up: Orbot and Cubot were pushing the Eggmobile back to Earth (or Mobius or whatever) when he discovered the Time Eater, it stands to reason they could get back even faster without having anything to push (pictures them throwing a party while Eggman was away).

    Eggman probably got out of the void when he finally found that door one of him saw, and as for the three Zetis in the dark, they are just covered in shadow.

    1. Well thanks for seeing both sides about it.

      I see it from both sides too. But I’m not looking at just this cutscene. He just came off really lame. Maybe he will do something heroic, but the animation, dialogue, situation and record for this version of Tails seems to imply he’s not going to be all that great. The remark made about him before Sonic Colors, like they were explaining his personality to go along with the release of a specific game (as if we didn’t already know what it was, probably because they were basically announcing that it was changed so ppl wouldn’t be surprised in Sonic Colors even tho it was already like that in Unleashed basically) and then the comment about Sonics friends made a few days ago.

      It’s all that combined. To be honest, I’m not actually angry. I’m disappointed. I just feel really disappointed is all. There’s just a lot to express. Long messages don’t mean someone’s raging (though I like to joke I am)

      Plus I always have a lot of thought in my head, so I type a lot at moments. You can ask anyone who knows me. It annoys the fluff outta them. C: lol

  28. The translation can’t be quite right since, even as someone who doesn’t know the first thing about Japanese, Dr.Eggman clearly calls Orbot and Cubot by name.

    1. indeed ~ he’s probabley telling them to retreat aswell.

      seeing eggman get attacted was awesome. poor eggmobile…

  29. By the way… That translation of Zavok spewing is a little off. I asked my mom to translate it for me, and she’s Japanese. A

    more accurate translation is, “The time of despair has come! Show them hell!” And Tails doesn’t say what this translation

    does. He actually says, “You saved me, Sonic.”

  30. im happy to see sonic homing attack in a cutscene.
    im happy to see eggman take a beating. (the bit where the purple one is hanging on is great).
    im happy to see sonic taking his BEST FRIEND to a safer place.

    and yay for cubot and orbot returning ~

    on youtube i see people going “whys it in fucking japanese, that sucks” – sonic is japanese you twits..

    1. No he’s not.

      Unless you mean the franchise then yeah, it’s Japanese and comes to America. But Sonic is catered more towards American audiences. He and his own main villain are inspired by American icons. lol Sonic’s red, white and blue for crying out loud.

      Though it is weird to complain that it’s in Japanese since it showed on a Japanese site. It’s not like every country has to do what the other is doing. Only problem with this scenario is I don’t hear anyone complaining about it being in Japanese. Maybe I’m just not paying attention to it…

      1. Of course they’re not complaining, because despite what you seem to think, yes. Sonic IS still Japanese just the same way that Mario is. It doesn’t matter what he’s catered towards or where he’s more popular at, to be more accurate, because he’s still Japanese first. The games are made and voiced over there first and have been since the beginning.

        Seriously, how dense can American fans be? Whether it’s something out of Japan or Europe, they always seem to think everything “belongs” to them and should be prioritized to them.

        No one has a problem with it right now because it’s normal considering who makes the games.

  31. Here’s a better translation:
    Zavok: Fire!

    Zavok: This is just the beginning of your demise. Show them our strength and make them suffer!

    Cubot: They’re trying to kill us!

    Sonic: We need to think of a strategy… these guys aren’t messing around.

    Tails: Thanks for the help, Sonic…

    Eggman: Orbot! Cubot! We have to fallback!

    * You can hear him saying “Orbot! Cubot!” In the clip.
    Hope this helps!

  32. Ooh, I like that translation too! 😀 Then again, Japanese kanji can be confusing, and therefore there can be many possibilities of what they’re saying. In the end, it all leads up to the same meaning. 🙂

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