Sonic Dash Update Brings New Characters, Features & Improvements


Popular mobile game Sonic Dash has recieved quite a hefty update today which has brought in a ton of new features as well as assets which suggest additional characters are on the way.

The update details are as follows.

Daily Spin
Test your luck with the new Daily Spin. Visit every day for a free spin and win all-new boosters and jackpot prizes including ring bundles and playable characters. Feeling lucky? Then spin again with Red Star Rings.


Equip new boosters before each run to give your score a massive boost. There are 5 different boosters available and up to three can be equipped per run. Visit every day to get more Boosters in the Daily Spin and Daily Challenge or spend those well-earned Rings.5 different boosters are available

Spring Bonus
Hitting a spring gives a score bonus that increases with every successive spring reached – reach the next spring and watch your score soar!

Enemy Combo
Get smashing enemies for more points. Enemy Combo gives a bonus for every Enemy Combo achieved.

Ring Streak
Collect all the Rings in a sequence to get an additional score bonus.

Final Score Bonus
The final score gets a large bonus at the end of a run.

Golden Badnik
Defeat special golden Badniks for a massive score bonus.

Facebook Invites
You can now invite your Facebook friends to play Sonic Dash, can they beat your top score?

Performance improvements across all devices and bug fixes.

According to comments on our forums, the game plays remarkably better with improved framerates and textues.

In addition to all the new features and improvements, fansite ‘The Sonic Scene’ was able to find assets which suggest that Cream, Rouge and Silver are going to be added to the game at a later date.

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  1. They added facebook inviting? When they could have spent more time working on the android version? WTF?!?!

  2. I took part in the World Event and never got Shadow! Does anyone else have the same problem? :/

    1. I barely took part in it and I unlocked Shadow….I also downloaded the app on someone’s iPad AFTER everyone reached 100 laps, and I got Shadow anyways…

      Have you visited the Global Challenge screen? I\m pretty sure that’s what I did…then again, I’m not all too sure.

  3. Rouge isn’t really known for speed, so if she’s added in … well, I’m not complaining but it seems odd. XD She’s one of my favorites actually.

  4. now if only they would make an android version. they make new features and other junk, but still have yet to fulfill teir statement saying they would make an android, ah well, still a better game than sonic 06

  5. Sega It today to announce the win is to beat Shadow The Hedgehog 5 laps or 100 laps on August 20.

  6. glad they are adding more females ~ cream is cute and its a shame her sonic jump update may never come out…
    waiting for the day metal becomes unlockable (assuming HardLight doesnt make a new game and abandon this one too).

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