New Sonic Lost World Gamescom Trailer


Germany’s Gamescom convention opened today and before you could say ‘Golly!’ Sega released a new trailer for Sonic Lost World. The trailer mainly focuses on the co-op and multiplayer features of the game. 2 player vs is confirmed and players will see themselves racing a green and red hedgehog. Anyone who played Sonic Colours will recognise this idea. During the time Sonic Colours was coming out, a few of us decided to nickname the red hedgehog Barry, Barry the Redhog, who gets his super speed from boozing it up.

Anyone want to offer nickanme suggestions for the green Sonic go right ahead. I vote Shrek Sonic, or Shreknic the Ogrehog.

In addition to the multiplayer we also see several new zones and sections of gameplay as well as one of the pieces of dialogue that has caused some slight controversy in recent weeks.

And no, it’s not a big deal at all when you see it in game.

Due to how big Gamescom is, odds are there will be more news regarding Sonic Lost World this week, so keep checking TSS as we’ll be updating with more news as and when we get it.

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    Also, I totally knew they were going to use the Sonic robots from Colors. I wonder if they are going to be mentioned or used in the story, that could be funny 😛

    And… well, the support mode looks a bit better here than it did during the Nintendo Direct :V

        1. no problem ~
          one of my favourites is a robot tea party, metal and bot-sonic are the main guests ^^

          and also a pic of real-sonic with a remote, sending bot-hogs into sleep mode.

  2. Damn. o_o Frozen Factory looks awesome in the Wii U version. Absolutely nothing like the casino portion either… I am very curious to see the links… but wow, I must say, this trailer impresses me. Not only do I think they did a great job of showcasing Silent Forest and Frozen Factory, but also, the co-op actually looks pretty fun, they gave insight on bosses, showed that we’re getting a real multiplayer race (with the last time that happened in a console main series game being Sonic ’06) with the Sonic androids, (which I assume Eggman recycled?) showed off that now we can share items on Miiverse, (which looks useful, as opposed to Super Mario 3D Land’s item sharing) and gave us a number of voice clips for Sonic, Tails, Zazz, and Zor(?) I love this trailer. And simply by looking at Frozen Factory, I’m hoping its number of pathways is reaching out similar to Windy Hill, because it looks to be so.

  3. And, we see another new wisp in this trailer. Some kind of Black Wisp. I’m curious to see if the song is from the game or not.

      1. True.

        Also, that Black Wisp seems to be a rolling bomb… for now, I call it Black Bomb Wisp.

        1. It is, yeah. You can hear the announcer saying “Bomb”. Although I think Blast would have had a better ring to it..

          1. Agreed. For console exclusive wisps, we now have Crimson, Magenta, and Black for Wii U… and for 3DS we have Ivory, and Gray. Iizuka is indeed proving the Wisp concept to us.

  4. Does anyone know what Sonic is saying near the trailer…something about beating them up

  5. Did sonic just say he wants to “beat him off”?? Right as it shows the goth one…sonic said something that sounded like that…

    1. I think that was the emo zeti, actually. But if that’s the case then he does sound a lot like Sonic, maybe Roger’s voicing him?

  6. Very good GameSpot and Sega to upload the video only on Wii U but what about Nintendo 3DS of 2 player vs or co op Mode also I never saw the item of Miiverse one litem is it wisp bomb Sonic.
    Plus Shark Sonic is a lot like of Manic from Sonic UnderGround.

    1. Someone give this guy a prrrrromotion! … A promotion to whatever he does, anyway.

      Thanks for showing that here, sir. Or ma’am. (Alex can be a girl’s name.. eh.) I must say, the new footage of Frozen Factory and Silent Forest looked quite nice… It seems that there is a bit of transition between the casino area of Frozen Factory, and the snowy area… and the billiards snowball gimmick looks cool. Certainly no ’06 ball puzzle. However, I’m still pretty “meh” on the casino area itself. I also enjoy how challenging and visually interesting Silent Forest seems, and I find it nice for Act 4 to be shown of Windy Hill… hopefully this may mean the game will be longer than Sonic Generations. I’m sad Crimson Eagle wasn’t shown though. 🙁

  7. Oh man, this game was awesome at the Gamestop EXPO. I actually found the controls to be very smooth, and holding multiple buttons at once wasn’t a problem (probably all the Rayman Legends playtime. You use the control stick to walk, right trigger to run, and tap X/Y rhythmically to spin and speed up). Graphics look amazing as well. Couldn’t hear the music though, it was too loud in the area. The 3DS version was fun too, just not AS fun as the Wii U version.

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