Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 Product Catalogue


About 2 months ago, there was a Sonic product event over at Mercedes Benz world, at this event, a single photograph showed what appeared to be a Sonic product guide. Naturally fans of sonic merchandise were curious as to what it contained. But the guide didn’t ever resurface. Last week, another photograph of the guide was spotted, this time at a second event, the interesting thing about this picture was that you could just make out some products which haddn’t yet been announced. By now, Sonic merchandise fans really wanted to get ahold of it.

Well… We’ve got one. Thanks to our friends over at we now have a copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 product catalogue. Would you like to read it?

Keep in mind, it only shows products that will be released in the UK this year. So you won’t find the huge range of Jazwares toys that the United Stages gets, nor will you see any Japanese products. Furthermore, due to items which you can buy/pre-order here in the UK, this guide is not the full range of products. The guide does however contain some new items and awesome looking items.

Here are a few highlights.

Note: Click the images to see them at full size.

product catalogue 1

I can hear you saying ‘Oh no! Not the clothes!’ But if you recieve that jumper/sweater on the bottom right, you might be jumping for joy. That looks fantastic, I love the random patches on the back as well as the Sonic logo on the sleve. I just hope it comes in adult sizes. Due to be stocked at Next, no price/release date was given.

product catalogue 3

Nothing really new here, everything is known, however I’d like to draw your attention to the 2014 annual that we reported on a few weeks ago. You can see a sample page from it showing “Doctor Eggmans Maze.” Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be full of random stock art which is a shame, for some reason the ‘Sonic Generations’ logo is also randomly placed on that sample page… why? But that said though, I’m really looking forward to that and will be picking it up/reviewing it on TSS later this year.

product catalogue 7

This is the one we want! Action figures! Well… it’s slightly disapointing. Whilst it’s good that the UK is finally getting the Chaotix and Blaze pack (Blaze is out now in UK Toys R Us stores by the way) a year after the US has had them, the inclusion of the 10 inch Sonic is disapointing since it’s been out for well over a year already. The plushies have been around for even longer. However the confirmation of the figures with accessories is a big welcome. Though personally I’d be much happier to see the Metal Sonic plush or some of the ASRT Jazwares toys make their way over to the UK shores.

But, the biggest suprise is from Sambro. The pinball game has been seen in a few photos for a while now, but the giant floor jigsaw is a new thing. The image is fantastic, Sonic & Tails look really good in that environment. For you older fans. Consider getting the jigsaw and putting it in a picture fram, you now have one awesome looking picture.

product catalogue 6

Everything you see on here has been out for well over a year. But the bigest suprise would be the inclusion of London Cakes. It seems that Sega has partnered with London Cakes who will make you a cake with an official Sonic image on it. Checking their website, there doesn’t appear to be any Sonic cakes up for order just yet, so this might be a service which will be added later in the year.

product catalogue 7If I’m honest… The Sonic the Hedgehog Official Merchandise store has been very disapointing. Just take a look at it right now and you’ll see a small example of what I mean. Nothing new has been added to the store for months, what ‘collectables’ that are there can be bought very easilly at other stores for much less. With the exception of one or two imported items, most of the products can be found elsewhere for much better prices. Remember that Sonic Monopoly? I was able to import that from Canada and it ended up being cheaper than had I bought it from the Sonic Merchandise UK store!

That said, this image would indicate that things might be changing. It seems that they’re going to be selling giant posters of archie comic covers. This is actually… quite a good idea, archie comics covers are usually a lot better than what you find in the pages of the comic and some of the covers are really nice looking. Giant sized on glossy paper? Thats a great idea!

In addition to this, we seem to have unique branded merchandise. It appears to be limited to coffee cups at this point and whilst they have been advertised on the Sonic Merchandise facebook page, there’s not been any sign of the items on the store. With any luck the site will be getting a relaunch or a huge boom in products. It’s a great idea but is crying out for a huge stock update.

product catalogue 2And finally, Mike Pollock if you’re out there. Eggman under pants are just under £4 from Primark.

To see the full catalogue in full, check out our gallery, these images are large scans so don’t open them at once if you have a slow connection.

Special thanks to for sending us the catalogue.

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  1. I was actually excited just to see everything in the catalogue, even if some of the products are old, since I live in the states! 😀

    I wonder if the Archie comics Sonic posters will be available in the US??? Not sure if you know this, but the US has a quarterly magazine-comic (Sonic Super Special) and the 5th issue was a poster special. However, the posters were obviously about as big two comic pages combined, and there was an image on both sides, making it hard to decide which side to show when putting it up (the posters were also not glossy paper, just magazine-print). I’m not complaining in the slightest, I love the posters and actually bought 2 magazines, so I could have one to collect and one to pull apart to put the poster up. My point was that I would buy those posters in a heart-beat! And I agree with you that the covers are usually better than the interior, especially with older issues where Ron Lim was the main artist. Although, Tracy Yardley (esp. during the Genesis story where Yardley and Spaziante worked together) does some very high quality art that matches the look of the characters from the game, and I am very impressed with Ben Bates and the fact that he is probably my favorite interior artist that contributed to Worlds Collide! For WC, Jamal Peppers style seemed to fit the Mega Man character more; tracy Yardley’ style seemed to cater the Sonic characters more; and Ben Bates was the only one who I felt successfully merged the characters together and made the two universes blend very well.

    Anyway, last thought is about the Blaze comic pack, it’s really the only Jazwares-made Sonic item I’m missing (excluding the SAASRT figures that were just released). The Blaze figure looks like one of their highest-quality figures that have been recently released. However, Jazwares seems to have run out of the collectors edition of Sonic Univers #1, and are packaging the newest comic packs with a random comic that had already been sold in a previous pack. It’s so frustrating, if I’m going to spend money on this, it would be nice to get a figure AND comic I don’t already own, instead of just getting Blaze (who will more than likely be released in another form) with another Sonic and a repeat comic. I mean, I bought 2 of the Metallic-Paint Shadow & Silver pack and 2 of the Classic Sonic & Amy pack just so I could get Sonic the Hedgehog 217 and Sonic the Hedgehog 229 (originally, Shadow/Silver had Sonic Universe 25 and C. Sonic/C. Amy came with Sonic the Hedgehog 226). So I have all of the collectors edition comics except SU 1; IDK it’s just frustrating that Jazwares can’t supply enough, and if I want that comic in the pack, I’m going to have to spend double through a site like eBay.

  2. I am here. More here than usual, in fact, being in London for London Anime Con 2013. We’ll be putting Primark on today’s shopping agenda for my lifetime supply of pants. Good times.

  3. Looks like lately Sega is caring more about the Archie comics than ever, wonder if that means we will get to see Sally in a game some day… (Sonic spinball doesn’ count).

  4. God dammit, I want that neon Sonic shirt so badly. Why do kids get all the good stuff?

  5. Ok, seeing all this Sonic stuff in one catalogue is pretty awesome. I’m really eyeing up those mugs and those socks… if they come in adult sizes. 😛

  6. That Sonic 3DS case and the other 3DS Sonic-themed accesories are my main target. Those mugs would be nice too.

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