SEGA Issues Sonic Dash Global Challenge for Shadow

A few days back, SEGA teased the appearance of Shadow the Hedgehog in the iOS endless runner Sonic Dash, but that players would need to get ready for the ultimate challenge.

That challenge has since been issued today.


Issuing the first Global Challenge for Sonic Dash, SEGA and Hardlight Studios are giving players the chance to unlock Shadow as a playable character, but there’s a catch!

The challenge dares all players to collectively run the equivalent of 100 laps around the Earth in-game. If the 2.5 million mile target is reached by August 5th, participants will be rewarded with the ultimate life form as a playable character. All you need to do is boot up the game on your iOS device and run as far as possible.

It’s a team effort, so show those guys the real superpower of teamwork!

With the Global Challenge gone live earlier today, the current lap count is at 05 of 100.

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  1. Could someone post the URL for the Global Challenge? When I try to view it through the Sonic Dash app on my iPod touch 4th gen it crashes the app.

  2. They should make a update to where you can collect the 7 choas Emeralds while running on the map to turn or unlock super sonic and super shadow or tails or kunckles who agree with me?

    1. I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but agreed. I’d love to help them make their challenge goal if they’d give me a version I can actually play.

    2. You can wait long for that
      The 3D engine of the ios devices is different than that of android,so they are having some problems with that
      But sega already confirmed it for andriod so ot needs to come no katter what
      But for myself,i have ios so i don’t have any problems with it
      But android help is a help we could use right now!

        1. It really shouldn’t matter if the 3d engine is different. We got tons of 3d games on android that ios also got. For example: Temple run, Subway surfers, and Minecraft. So what makes you say that we probably won’t get it on android?

  3. Challenge accepted, you know, if it ACTUALLY CAME OUT ON ANDROID and then I could ACTUALLY PLAY IT

      1. we have a really short time to do this …

        i hope the next update will either be a new level or different song variations…
        or have the daily challange peices in a special stage like zone 😛

  4. For some reason, every time I try the Global Challenge, it always just stops counting at a random number and Sonic is still running around the world.

  5. So, if I play normally, it contributes to the Global Challenge’s laps? I feel like they should explain it a bit better.
    And I’m guessing even if the challenge isn’t met, you could probably buy Shadow instead.

  6. 100 laps has been reached and shadow is now playable ~

    he uses a skating animation and has a off-black colour, the model is quite nice though.

  7. i just got a message 2 hours ago saying: shadow unlocked! from sonic dash. just checked the characters, he wasnt there. then i saw this, and then… well, let the rage face do it for me.

  8. I’ve been playing this game for a while and has been checking the Global Challenge. I see that it reached 100 laps. My friend who just started playing last week got Shadow this morning but I still have no Shadow!! I play this game a lot and contributed to the challenge. Am I missing something here? Anyone with same issue?

  9. How do you get Shadow!? If the challenge is completed where do I find him? Please help.

  10. It’s already 8/4 but still no Shadow. I have also posted a comment here a couple of days ago but it is not posted on this site. Apparently I am not even allowed to post anything here. Thanks a lot.

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