Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six’s Deadly Names


Following our earlier report on the game’s release date, Nintendo & Sega have released the names of the mysterious Deadly Six.

Snagged by Barry the Nomad viaΒ SEGAbits, the names of the Lost World’s Deadly Six are as follows…













Keep checking TSS as we’ll have a special report from the floor of E3 very soon.

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  1. I can already see what kind of pictures will uploaded onto Deviantart for Zeena T^T

    1. Bleugh, poor girl. XD I’ve already seen what they’ve done to Rouge and Blaze. It’s disgusting. O_O

        1. Gosh Darn it. What is it with these messed up minds? Of all franchises just PLEASE LEAVE SONIC ALONE! πŸ™

          1. Whaddya expect? The internet consists of 90% middle age redneck bronies. Of course they’ll oversexualize family friendly asexual things as long as it’s a female you silly goose!

      1. Haha, it’s funny how you left out Amy. I mean, is there not anything disgusting about some illustrations of her? 😐

        1. And you left out Wave, Maria, Elise, Vanilla, Cream, Marine, and the whole female archie cast. And the genderbent males. Let’s not get so picky. =I Seriously. Rouge and Blaze were random examples. People read into stuff too much.

  2. Aside from Zavok and Zazz, I really hate the designs of the other villains. They don’t even strike me as being Sonic :/

    1. Nice find! Is it just me, or did one of those levels look an awful lot like Splash Hill Zone?

    2. Wow! That trailer is kick-ass! It’s twelve times better than the current Wii U one, that’s for sure. (Especially the music choice)

  3. Zavok remain me of SkyLanders the big and tough or strong. Also the six Deadly creatures Zavok is the body made of Chaos Emerlald and red wisp power power fire from Sonic colors from Nintendo DS . And Zazz is made of pink chaos Emerlad and pink spike wisp color power. Then Zenna is made of green Chaos Emerlad and floating green wisps color power. Ok Zilk is made of blue Chaos Emerlad and blue laser color wisp power. Then fifth one is Zomon is made of orange chaos Emerlad and orange rocket color wisp power. And last one is Zor is made of purple Chaos Emerlad and purple monster color wisps power.

    1. Now we just need the seventh. WHAT ABOUT THE WHITE EMERALD?! SEVEN IS A HUGE NUMBER IN SONIC NOT SIX…..Meh.

  4. Oh no… Zeena has a name now… Now the Rule 34 Floodgates have truly been opened….

  5. I named Zeena “Solania” till her official name came out. I’m still going to call her that regardless.

    1. When Sonic fights him, he’ll be sitting in an emo corner, plucking petals from his little flower.

  6. I think Zavok the big, red, muscular guy is the leader of The Deadly Six. He probably the most powerful and merciless of The Deadly Six.

  7. I perfer to name them Bowser, Randall, Meloetta, Master Shifu, Aardman and One-I-Hate-The-Most

    1. RIGHT?! Seven is a huge number in Sonic! Seven Emeralds, Seven Sol Emeralds, Seven Secret Rings…

  8. All the names start with a “Z”. Are you ****ing kidding me SEGA?!?! Whoevers coming up with these names in your team should be fired! What’s wrong with a cool name, like “Raiden” (MGR)?! Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING!!!
    God who’s in charge of Sega?! They should be fired for doing this crap, and hire a CEO who can give us Sonic 5, Sonic CD 2, Sonic Chronicles 2, Sonic Battle 2, and a mother****ing CROSSOVER GAME with Mega Man!!! It’s not that hard to do these simple things for ****s sake!!!!!

    1. My, my, my… Take note ladies and gentlemen.
      Comments and reactions such as this are the reason everyone hates Sonic fans.

      1. What? Can’t handle an opinion? Sheesh.

        And besides. I’m still a giant fan. I’m just disappointed ok?

        1. As a casual Sonic players and member of other fanbases, I must say… yes, you’re the type of people that make the Sonic fanbase look like a joke.

  9. I mentally planned attack standards and personalities for all these guys. For those who want to know…
    Zavok – Pretty much the leader (because he’s the only one without striped horns and…well…he’s in front….) and hardest to beat due to spikes and horns and strength.
    Zazz – I’m guessing he’s going to be super annoying, fast, agile, and just kinda swipes at you.
    Zeena – Some quiet girl, which I think the name fits her…as for attacks…….flying? IDK…
    Zomom – His name should be Zomnom. OM NOM NOM! I’m guessing he’ll be the stupidest, kinda lumbering like Big, but strong and not very fast and uses his fists to smash things, like Hulk!
    Zik – Old man sensei. Ninja! Fast and beats you over the head with his cane!
    Zor – Sits in his emo corner and plucks petals from his flower, mumbling to himself. Sonic would just be standing there like…”Are you alright? I’m supposed to beat you up…”
    Overall epicness. :3

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