Fly Solo in Tails Adventure: Now on Nintendo 3DS eShop!


Today truly does mark the day of the second fiddle for Nintendo gamers – not only has Mario’s lankier brother jumped into the spotlight with the release of New Super Luigi U on Wii U, but now Sonic’s twin-tailed sidekick has seen a re-release of one of his solo Game Gear outings on Nintendo 3DS. That’s right, folks… Tails Adventure is back!

Tails Adventure was the second Tails game to hit the SEGA Game Gear handheld back in the day and sees Miles Prower traversing an island (referred to as “Cocoa Island” in Japan and “Tails Island” in the West) in order to stop an army of robotic birds known as the Battle Kukku Army. It’s a slower, more RPG-like experience with lots of item collecting and backtracking, so don’t go into this one expecting a high speed Sonic platformer! Using his flying ability and weapons like hammers, remote-controlled robots, and bombs (and we mean lots of bombs!), Tails has to make his way through several puzzles to save the day.

The game is now available to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Europe for £4.49.

Will you be downloading Tails Adventure? Do you have any fond memories of playing it on the Game Gear? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “Tails Adventure was the third Tails game to hit the SEGA Game Gear handheld back in the day”

    Third? What? Tails Sky Patrol I get, but Tails and The Music Maker was SEGA Pico, and I don’t recall there being a fourth Tails-centric game at all.

    1. That was my bad, I meant to say third Tails solo outing. It’s the second on Game Gear. The article’s been updated now with the correct facts.

  2. Oh shit, New Super Luigi U is out? O_O Hm.. Well, that is news to me.

    Also, this news makes me happy, seeing as I am the minority that liked Tails Adventure. People usually hate this game because it’s a lot slower and all, but with this game’s emphasis on exploration, I don’t exactly care about the slow speed. It has issues, but it isn’t a bad game to me.

  3. This is an awesome game! I’ve never played through the whole thing (…because why play the Game Gear games on Gems Collection when you have Sonic CD and Sonic R?) but just like Triple Trouble, I might consider picking this one up.

  4. Once again already got it thought GameCube – sonic adventure DX (unlock by completing a stage evening level C, B & A to obtain an Emblems)

  5. Wow, this is nice news. I really want to get a 3DS soon – I’m just tossing up between the normal and the XL, but I’m leaning towards the XL.

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