F4F: Shadow Pre-Orders Now Open

shadow statueOdds are, if you wanted this statue, chances are you’ve already pre-ordered it, but for those who don’t follow F4F, here you go. F4F have opened up pre-orders for shadow, and he comes in two versions, regular and exclusive.

Pictured above is the exclusive version of the statue, and out of all the photos I could have shown, I’ve gotta say, that it the most honest representation of the statue I could find. What do I mean by that? Well, nearly every other photo I could find has some kind of photoshop effect on it which in some cases suggests the statue has certain effects that it doesn’t actually have. Even the regular version has lighting effects photoshopped on which it doesn’t have.

Whats the difference between the statues? Aside from an extra $15 on the price tag, the exclusive version has lighting effects, you see the sparks on Shadows feet, they light up. Thats it. The regular version has no special effects of any kind, be very careful if you are considering a purchase.

Now for those who want it, the bad news. This is the most expensive Sonic statue to date, the exclusive version costs $229.99,(£151.50) regular is $214.99 (£141.60). These prices do not include postage, so please take that into account. For UK residents, you are looking at an additional $37! Bringing the exclusive version upto a huge $266.99/£175.86! Hope you’ve been saving your money.

So, anyone planning to order one?

Exclusive Version.

Regular Version.

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  1. That remine me of Metal Sonic Sature to copy of his moves. Also one more thing I like Shadow sature of the shoes is on to light fire under his shoes like to fly all the way like Super Sonic fly.

  2. That is ridiculously cool..good thing I overcame my collecting addiction, otherwise I’d be in serious debt by now ahah.

  3. Why is Shadow the most expensive? I’m pretty sure his fan base died over the last couple years due to his lack of appearances in the plots of mainstream Sonic titles. Is that even true? Why Shadow? 😐

    1. No, it’s not true… Lots and lots of people still love him… They are just waiting for Shadow to take action again, in main games… I’m starting to like Shadow, and yeah he should be taken more seriously, especially in main sonic titles…

    2. Cannon-wise, he died at the end of SA2. The rest was just fanservice and indecisiveness. People still think Metal Sonic is cool, and he was only in 1 cannon game. (I’m not counting sonic heroes…ever)

      1. Supposed to die, yes. Then they did some magic fanservice and brought him back XD

        Kind of glad, although they probably could have done it a wee bit more gracefully, no? XD

  4. I already preordered the exclusive version. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  5. Wish they took a picture of this statue on a desk with miscellaneous things near it or something to show off its 15 1/2 inches

  6. I want it, but sadly, I am essentially broke and…I don’t think it’s worth it to spend this much on a statue, of all things. Granted, bigger and beautiful, but still.

    Buying that statue would be making a payment on my college >.>’

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