SEGA and Nintendo Announce Worldwide Partnership for the Sonic Franchise, Includes Unannounced Title


Today, SEGA and Nintendo have announced a partnership that will make the Sonic franchise games exclusive to Nintendo platforms for the next three titles.

“Sonic the Hedgehog has proven incredibly successful on Nintendo platforms and we are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Nintendo,” said John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America. “As we initiate this new exclusive partnership with the next three titles we believe that Wii U(TM) and Nintendo 3DS(TM) are ideal platforms to showcase the evolution of the Sonic brand.”

According to GameIndustryBiz, the partnership includes an as yet unknown game, and involves Nintendo publishing Sonic games in Europe. Lost World will still be published by SEGA in America.

We’ll bring you more info as it comes. Expect hands-on previews of these games at E3!

Source: Wall Street Journal


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  1. I’d love to play the next sonic game but honestly I can’t justify buying a Wii-U for one game when it will probably just sit on a shelf like my Wii did this cycle. I might want to purchase one for Smash Bros but everyone I know who has brawl got tired of that and only plays n64/melee when friends are over. Tough call but I hope this is good for Sonic in general.

  2. Well… looks like I won’t be getting a new Sonic game for the next 3 years then.

      1. Nintendo console owners didn’t get to experience HD Sonic Generations. Is that fair?

        1. that was only a one game but sega will be releasing 3 games only on a nintendo console is that fair?

          1. It probably isn’t, but it only makes sense as Sonic has been particularily strong on Nintendo platforms basically since Sega stepped out of the console market. Nintendo consoles aren’t getting many other games because publishers think that they do not appeal to the Nintendo crowd (which may or may not be true) and now it is the other way around. That’s just how the world goes ’round, not everything is fair. It’s just business. And, well, if you would want the games badly, you would just buy the console. I bought my PS3 pretty much on Unleashed alone (and decided for it over the xBox360 because of it’s Blu-Ray capabilities), and if you don’t buy a console for specific games you like (which is the only reason to buy a console for anyway), then you probably don’t have a hard time missing out on said game(s).

          2. Given that one of those games is a Mario & Sonic title and Nintendo fans also missed out on Unleashed and Sonic 4 Episode 2, yes. XD

            Exclusivity is never fair. Nintendo’s missed out on plenty of titles but have also gotten their share of exclusives. It’s just how the game market works.

          3. Sonic has gotten plenty of Nintendo exclusives in the past, some ranging from great, to just mediocre. While Sonic had more exclusives for the Wii compared to other systems, I strongly believe that the better quality games were on the more powerful consoles (or PC, I guess). In my opinion, I’d rather play Sonic Unleashed on the 360 rather than either of the story book games on the Wii. While it does suck that non – Nintendo consoles are gonna be missing a few Sonic experiences, that doesn’t mean they’ll be missing Sonic forever. And in due time, I’m sure that when the PS4 and the Xbox durango, or whatever, is having their time to shine, Sonic exclusives will eventually come to them. I guess in the end, all I want to say is, let Nintendo console owners have this. This is a great opportunity to have truly great Sonic games on a Nintendo console. I’m not trying to offend anyone, this is just how I view the situation. Plus, we’re all still breathing while this is happening, so that’s good.

          4. Sonic’s quality on all the platforms was mixed. Yeah, the Wii had the storybook titles, but it also had Sonic Colors, arguably one of the best if not the best Sonic games released this gen. I would say it’s game design was MUCH better then Unleashed, too. And while the HD consoles had Generations and Unleashed….they also had Sonic 06, arguably the worst Sonic game of the last generation. I thought Secret Rings was a MUCH better game then that, too.

    1. The deal is for three games, not three years, two of which were just announced and will probably be out by the end of the year. The third title will most likely be announced sometime in Fall.

      1. Good thinking there. For all we know, the third one can be a short digital title. You my friend are the only one who read these posts and thought about it first instead of immediately coming to the comment section and giving your immediate opinion. If I had a gold star, I’d give it to you.

      2. In all honesty, I have always believed that, and still do, ever since SEGA’s console days ended that they should have worked something out and merged with Nintendo.

        I would love for SEGA to be a second party publisher for Nintendo. Mostly because SEGA has always had better ideas while Nintendo always had the quality. Thus, in my opinion, making a force to be reckoned with for other developers.

  3. At least 2 years, I believe M&S Olympics title will probably be released the same year as Lost World.
    Still somewhat disappointing, I own a Wii U but… PS3 and Xbox cannot be beat, imo of course.

  4. Am I the one who is really curious to see this 3rd sonic game that they haven’t announced it yet?

    1. Nope.

      My mind wants it to be Sonic Chronicles 2, but sadky Im sure that is not the case.

  5. I don’t get two flying fucks about the Olympic games thing. The framerate looks horrible, the graphics are nothing special, and the gameplay/stages look like more of the same ol’ bland games.
    However, I’m a bit excited for this Sonic Lost Worlds thing… I just hope it’s not gonna be a New Super Mario U ripoff just because of how generic the worlds look. But hey maybe that’s a good thing.

    1. It might even be possible that Nintendo is overseeing it. It WOULD help explain how similar they appear. It would be interesting to see how that works with Sonic!

    2. To be fair. The framerate issue most likely isnt the game, but rather the video itself.

      And if it is the game, its likely because its an unfinished product.

      but in all honesty, mabye because it has better graphics then before, but I actually see potential in this game. And with the obvious advancments in the motion controls I honestly have a hard time seeing it not work this time.

  6. So I was exited for this years Sonic game, and then this happens!

    As a PSN user, Im not jealous, not jealous at all!

    *Goes and cries in the corner* ;_;

      1. ikr? I wanted a Sonic Vita Game..besides all-stars racing transformed .-.

        1. Sorry guys. As a hardcore Nintendo Fan, Im sorry about that.

          But hey, at least give it a shot. Im giving Sony a chance if it makes you feel better….

          Not Microsoft though. There just a bunch of greedy bastards.

  7. One thing I just realized thats kind of a bum out…
    Based on that picture alone, it looks like its gonna be JUST Sonic and Tails again like in colors.
    I miss knuckles…
    Maybe they can tie that planet in with angel island somehow…blah I doubt it though.
    Still looks rad though.

    1. Who knows? If we are lucky, maybe knuckles was captured by Eggman or perhaps he has his own way to the planet. Sadly though, I don’t see how Amy can be inputted into this story line. πŸ™

  8. Ah come on, the Wii U could do with the exclusives. I just hope this is also a hint of SEGA also getting round to readding their Mega Drive and possibly Master System VC libraries to the Wii U VC….

    1. Trust me. Don’t listen to all the haters and really try it out before judging. And not just play 1 title and mark it off as terrible.

      Dont get me wrong, Im getting a PS4 and the Nextbox, but not because of all this Way-too-overhyped graphics resoning. Im getting them for the same reason I got An Xbox/360 and PS1-3, for their exclusive games.

      And honestly, now is probably the best time to get a Wii U. All the essentials are coming out soon and all of the exclusives so are are great. And some of the shared titles are WAY better than their 360/PS3 counterparts like Black Ops and Arkham City. So you should be able to hold off a couple months on the Wii U alone until more games are released.

  9. A partnership you say? Well, maybe this means Sonic has a higher chance at returning in Smash Bros.

      1. That would make sense. One main stream title, two spin-offs. Alright. But perhaps they can add more Sonic characters to the next Super Smash Bros.

        1. I can picture Blaze being there due to the Nintendo exclusive Rush games being the only games she appears in (that are any good).

      2. The third game will not be Smash bros… We are talking about three Sonic Franchise games… not three games which feature Sonic. That being said, this does make it a better chance that Sonic will return in Smash on Wii U.

        “a partnership that will make the Sonic franchise games exclusive to Nintendo platforms for the next three titles.”

  10. and – fans begin to riot as for the next 3 years (probabley) there will be no Xbox, Ps3/4, Vita Sonic titles. we’ve all been screwed – im not buying a WiiU or 3DS(it might have 3D but thats all its got going for it).

    1. It really isnt that bad. And btw, 2 of those games have been announced and we’ll probably only wait a year until the next is announced.

      Then, Sonic will be PS4/Xbox exclusive for a while and will probably stay that way aside from a few spinoffs.

      In the end, we Nintendo Fans are still getting screwed over.

  11. … Well, er, um… Yeah. Not sure how to take this. I mean last I checked Nintendo didn’t seem to know much about Sonic (if his move set in Brawl was any indication). But if the Sonic games play anything like Rayman legends with 2 Player Co-op…. Maybe, just maybe I could get very hyped for this.

    1. Who the heck is this Rayman guy?! That is all I hear from him! Is Rayman a copy of Sonic except done right?

      1. Rayman was an old Ubisoft videogame franchise that began on the Snes that had decent success.

        It was remade on the N64/PS1 in 3D and it was meh.

        He came back on the super early Xbox 360 as the main protagonist to the crappy Raving Rabbids series.

        And has randomly made a serious comeback and is even considered to be one of this year’s most anticipated games. It was originally gonna be Wii U exclusive but everyone complained because Rayman Origins wasnt on the Wii, so now its on Xbox and PS3.

        But the most content packed version is being released on Wii U. And Wii U owners even got a free challenge app about a month and a half ago for free until its released.

        1. rayman was originally for the saturn and jaguar, got a few ports and 2 3d sequels on sixth gen consoles, raving rabbids is a crappy minigame collection series for wii and rayman origins was on the wii

      2. Oh, and no. He plays very, VERY differently from Sonic aside from running and jumping.

    1. Likewise. Im going to go out of my way to get all three new consoles so this will literally have no affect on me.

      And honestly, if you have enough for an ovrpriced Xbox or PS4, it really shouldn’t be hard to get a friggin Wii U. its really cheap in comparison.

      That, and I personally believe Sonic Is a perfect fit with Nintendo.

  12. The mere mention of console exclusivity for my childhood favorite Sonic the Hedgehog series on Nintendo platforms, overpriced and inferior hardware together, has left me disgusted. What about taking into consideration the thousands of fans on PC and iOS who have raved and paid for it? From here on out, I will gladly boycott the purchase of all Sega games until further notice and I will likewise sign the petition ( ) as well. I strongly encourage all to follow the same route to protect and preserve the real meaning of the Sonic franchise.

      1. 3 games mean at least 3 years with no proper Sonic game on the other consoles. It’s a looong time in the world of video games.

    1. A petition?! Really?! Oh my god! The riot that this announcement has caused is absolutely sickening! Sonic has had exclusive titles on Nintendo consoles plenty of times before! What is this partnership going to change? Three games have been announced to be exclusive to Nintendo, THREE! One is a Mario and Sonic game, pretty sure that one was gonna be an exclusive regardless of the partnership. One is a normal Sonic game, and seeing how much of a power leap the PS4/Nextbox has against the Wii U, a Wii U exclusive Sonic game was pretty much guaranteed to happen sooner or later. And as for the unannounced Sonic game, we don’t even KNOW what it is yet! It could range from a simple 3DS game to one you could possibly live without. Oh man, I hope this outburst of unguided rage will subside soon.

    2. Dude! That is not the true meaning of the Sonic franchise! I think you are taking this way too far!!! Dear God! The first two are lost world and Olympics and the last one can quite possibly be a short digital title so calm down! Holy moly, you really are serious about this!

  13. They’ve been jumping around, haven’t they? Let’s see…
    Unleashed (the proper HD version – the main project) – avoided Nintendo
    Colors – Nintendo exclusive
    Generations – avoided Nintendo (3DS wasn’t the main project)
    And now this – Nintendo exclusive

    How do you think someone who wants to follow the series feels like? It’s not as bad as Kingdom Hearts but still! πŸ˜›

    1. Actually, they did Unleashed on Wii, and it proved to be better on Wii compared to the others.

      1. Eh, that’s a matter of opinion XD The final fight was undoubtedly done better, as was the medal collecting, I’ll give it that.

        But, I didn’t play the Wii version, so I can’t give a completely accurate judgement, such as how it played. I don’t like to go off ratings by companies XD

        1. Dont bother. The Wii version’s Day levels were super easy and the boost wasnt constant. You had a set amount of guages that increased as you leveled up, that only allowed about 3 seconds of boost each time.

          While the Night stages were even more linear and repetative (Hard to believe, right?) and with literally only one move that got longer as you leveled up.
          At max level you literally push L,R,L,R.L,R,L… or R,L,R,L,R,L,R…. thats it.

          But like the other guy said, collecting the medals was way more fun. It was set up in temple like rooms that had puzzles and little quirks to them that also rewarded you with concept art and videos, aside from tediously finding them all in levels like the 360/PS3 versions.

  14. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. I’ve waited since april for news and BAM, Wii U exclusive for 3 GAMES.
    Sonic for the first time ever (yes, including sonic 06) is dying to me. I hope the game sells POORLY!!!

    1. You guys need to calm down the last 2 gens Sonic did better on nintendo then any other platform it makes since. and your “favorite” sonic game of all time Adventure 2 battle was exclusive to gamecube until last year. CALM THE HECK DOWN.

      1. You are a complete fool. I have never even played sonic adventure 2. Shows how smart you are!

        1. @wizzlekidd
          He’s the fool? Look at yourself, READ the text you actually submitted. You are hoping this game does poorly simply because it is on a console you don’t own. Do you know what happens when a game sells poorly? People lose their jobs, good people. And let’s just say this game DOES flop, SEGA ends up losing money and employees. Both in which are needed to develop future Sonic games, regardless of what system it is on. Are you seriously hoping that when a Sonic game eventually does come to your platform of choice, that it should lack support from the money and people that can make it great? Make reasonable complaints next time. Not just, “I’ve waited since april for news”. That’s not a good reason for hoping that people’s hard work will go to waste.

          tl;dr: Don’t be such a jerk. People work hard on these games.

          1. I’m a jerk? Why should I possibly care if SEGA lose money because of this game? They clearly dont care about their pc/xbox/ps3 fans. They could have easily made this game for those 3 AND wii U thus selling even more.
            You must own a wii U thus why you don’t see my reasoning. By them failing in sales, hopefully they would realise their mistake. Just when sonic had a bright future.

          2. “You must own a wii U thus why you don’t see my reasoning.” All it took was that one sentence for me to realize that trying to explain reasons to you for why this whole situation isn’t that bad was entirely pointless. You just don’t seem to be mature enough to try and look at this situation clearly and calmly. It was fun to try and share my thoughts on this at first, but I think I’m done now, this is really tiring. Go ahead and reply to this comment with an insult, I just hope you can change you’re negative views on things like these in the future. With that said, good day.

          3. You still don’t see my reasoning on why it should be multi-platform. Lol oh well.

    2. That isn’t a very nice thing to say. There are always let’s plays on Youtube! πŸ˜‰

      1. Ah shut up. Just be happy with your wii U. Us microsoft and sony users will get over this eventually. I hope this game gets poor sales.

        1. Okay then. We are all entitled to our own opinions anyway, right? But the real question is not if it will sell well, but rather if it will be a good game in general. A lot of time went into its development so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

        2. And I hope your Xbox Redrings for the next 6 months after release again, and your credit card information gets stolen on your PSN account for the forth time.

          Hey, Next Gen Fag, just buy a PC if all you want is power. It’ll be much stronger and a hell of alot cheaper.

          If not, just buy the consoles for their exclusives like we have all been doing since the Nintendo/Genesis days. It saves Drama and doesnt threaten to show others just how stupid you really are. πŸ˜‰

          1. *sigh* idiot
            You know nothing about me lol. I’ve never had a red ring, I don’t have a ps3, I ain’t a next gen fag as I’m not even buying it this year, I care about gameplay than graphics, I’m not buying a wii U with its lack of content.

            You failed.

          2. Not completely. I made you frustrated, and therefore got you to reply.

            And isnt that what the internet is all about?
            So cudos to you, my Nintendo hating friend.

    1. Its okay bro. Im sure Sonic will have PS4/Xbox Infinity exclusives that will force me to buy them eventually.

      I mean, dont get me wrong, Infamous is amzing and all, but it hales in comparison to Sonic.

    1. Dude, dont be a little fish. You liked Colors?

      If you did, then congrats! You litterally played a current gen level game on a console that was just a little bit better than a gamecube.

      And seriously. If all your gonna do is just nag about power with consoles, then save your money and just get a good PC. Because it’ll be 10x better then the PS4 And Xbox Infinity.

      And you wont need to shovel out around 80$ a month to play it. πŸ˜‰

  15. Man, after reading all these comments, can the decisions made by Nintendo and SEGA be more dangerous than convenient? I am not feeling so happy about this anymore… πŸ™

    1. Everything will be fine in the end. People are just blowing this WAAAAY out of proportion.

  16. This is good for me because i have both a Wii U and a 3DS.Also i wasnt able to buy Sonic Generations on the consoles so this makes up for it.

    1. Dont hark on it. The PC version was by far the best one. Not really because it was smoother, (personally, it doesnt bother me) but because of the mods.

      As much as I hate Shadow, it sure was a pleasure actually getting to play as him for a change, and the PC version helped me do just that.

    1. Or better yet, how about just Sonic 5?

      The whole episode thing is done and over now. And HOPEFULLY, Sega wont make that same mistake twice.

  17. Looks like I’m finally buying a Wii U. I’ve been waiting for some good sounding games as an excuse to buy it.

  18. Ah, 3 next Sonic games just for Nintendo? How about PS3 and Xbox 360? Sonic Dash ruined you by releasing the game only for cell phones, now is Nintendo exclusive?? Sorry SEGA, but your famous franchise is going down…

  19. How interesting. With two games announced already, the third will probably be out within the next year or two. I find it amusing how angry people are reacting to this. I only own a 3DS, and considering how different the games usually are on them compared to consoles, I probably won’t get the “true” version…yet I’m not ready to burn Nintendo and Sega on the bonfire.

    This could really help Sonic, and I’m for that. Ultimately I’ll still get the Lost Worlds game whenever I get a Wii U – it just depends on how long that will take.

    Be patient, people. It isn’t the end of the world, and the WiiU could use at least one title to make up for the fact the Wii didn’t get Generations. I’d like to see how they incorporate the game pad the WiiU has, as well.

    1. It’s so refreshing to see people like you who aren’t completely flipping their shit over this small partnership thing. I seriously thank you.

  20. YYEESS!!!!

    My Dreams Have come true!! (-ish) Sonic will be Nintendo only!!! (Even if its only for a while.)

    Oh god, after about half a year of nothing, so much beautiful news in a matter of seconds…. My heart sings!

  21. Segah… y u do dis?

    I was looking forward to another epic XBox/PS3 title for the past YEAR and you pull this one? I guess Nintendo begged and pleaded Sega for a Sonic deal in order to save the sinking ship that is Nintendo.

    1. Dude, seriously, shut up. With Nintendo’s help, Sonic will actually get to be advertised like he did in the old days and really get to show how much better he has become, rather than to be pushed aside into a 4th party category like Sony and Microsoft has been doing for the last couple years.

      And if it benefits Nintendo with more sales, then thats even better. So people will actually get to play this so called ‘Horrible Console’ that 70% of the populace hasn’t even tried.

      But please, by all means, inform me, why exactly is the Wii U bad?
      Is it because of the small lineup of launch titles?
      Is it because it won’t have Super pretty Next Gen graphics?

      Or is it because you are blind to see that, literally, every Wii U game, either exclusive or not, are Grade A titles that have all scored very high critcally?

      Shut up and start judging when you actually play whats out there, and not picking the closest, surefire games out there.

  22. Well from what I understand from this announcement, due to pathetic sales and lack 3rd party support for the Wii U, Nintendo finally admits that Sonic is the man and desperately went to SEGA for help. Looks like it’s now up to Sonic to single-handedly save the Wii U from failing. Well Sonic, you’ll certainly save my Wii U from collecting anymore dust this year. XD Also, the next Smash Bros. better have more Sonic characters in it to compensate for the loss in sales opportunities that Sonic games are going to have now due to being Nintendo exclusive. It’s the least Nintendo can do for Sonic helping out the Wii U in its bad days. :/

  23. I had so much anticipation for Lost World, it sounded so good. This really sucks, I don’t want to fork out the money for a WiiU.

  24. Gosh everyone is treating the Wii U like its a pile of dirt. Sure it’s got it’s flaws but overall it’s quite a step for Nintendo. It may not be great, but it certainly isn’t horrible. I’m just gonna wait til it gets a little cheaper so I can buy it. Plus I had my own personal reasons not to get it. We don’t have a home phone so no Internet connection besides mobile phone Internet. No wires or whatever are in our area required for Internet connection (our neighbourhood wasn’t built long ago). So I’ve gotta wait till those wires get in too.
    Still can’t contain my excitement though DSJGUDVAJAGSJBSKDJIS

  25. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want to buy a WiiU.

    ..But Sonic sold better on the Wii than the other consoles, so it kinda makes sense..

  26. People need to get over it. Sega is only doing it for 3 games. For the people who say this choice is stupid: Sega is LOSING money, so if they didn’t do this, there would either be a bad low-funded Sonic game, or no Sonic game at all.

  27. Now Nintendo and Sega making 3 games Sonic lost world and Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Olympic Games last one is Mario and Sonic kart racing .

  28. I have a Wii U so horay for me! :D. Wow Sonic fans always need something to complain about huh?

  29. Everyone all this news has been revealed by nintendo in a nintendo direct, you only heard what nintendo are going to do with this partnership sega could have other things planned. So pay very close attention at E3 in case anything changes.

    I admit. i don’t have a wii u and am sorely disappointed by this news but things could go either way.

    1. Actually….No. The partner-ship states that these new 3 games are going to be developed and released exclusively for the Wii U and 3DS. Sorry man.

  30. That seals the deal then – I am definitely getting the Wii U soon! & for those who are complaining about the Ninty exclusiveness for the next 3 games; Isn’t that the very reason why we buy consoles? I have bought/own many consoles from the Mega Drive model II to the PS3 Slimeline – One of the reasons why I bought the original Wii was for Secret Rings & SMG, & then some. Ps3 for games like Metal Gear Solid 4, & the 3DS for Pokemon X/Y & Kid Icaruss Uprising.

    Don’t fret guys if you don’t have the means or money to simply get a Wii U (I wated for the price to reduce for the 3DS & Wii U), it’ll only be 3 games (2 that have only been announced for this year). Besides, PS3/360/PC has the superior versions of Generations!


    1. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  32. Oh come on guys! It’s Nintendo and Sega! Let me repeat, the big N’ and our favourite little Sega guys. The company that helped to save the gaming industry, working together with one of their most famous and greatest rivals. The dream team. This could ultimately be great for both companies. They can benefit from one another, and maybe even create more games together as a team. Im having high hopes, because imagine the possibilitys.

  33. alright!!! when the games come out, first: I go on the computer, 2nd: go onto youtube, 3rd: beat the game via youtube…

  34. Well I don’t know if anyone has said this but, the possibility of sonic returning in the next smash bros game along with other sonic or sega characters. They are in a new partnership for 3 games so I think we’ll be Seeing sonic and friends duke it out with mario and company soon!!

  35. I wish people would realize that this doesn’t mean a possibility of more Sonic characters in Smash. That’s just silly. But it does mean a greater probability that Sonic would return. And I’ll be shocked now if he doesn’t. πŸ™‚

    But still Sonic is a guest… he shouldn’t invite his friends to crash.

  36. My big wishlist for Sega partnership besides Sonic would be :

    A New Virtual-ON that will take advantage of the Gamepad
    Virtua Fighter
    Shining Force
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Skies of Arcadia
    Jet Set Radio
    Hatsume Miku featuring all Vocaloids making use of the Gamepad
    Some new IPs

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