The Sonic Show Do A Fanfiction.

We here at The Sonic Show are an odd bunch, it can not be denied. And when we hear a fan fiction on our friends podcast, VGM:Awesome we knew this would have to become part of our “amazing” work.

We were simply so blown away by the acting on this fanfic reading that we got our team of 5 year olds (aka Jay who is 25) to bring it to life through Disney like animation.



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  1. Wait are they reading a real fanfic? Or are they making fun of Sonic fanfics in general?

    1. It’s a real Fanfic. If you look up Parappa The Rapper 3: A Super Sonic Adventure, you’ll find it.

  2. I know this is completely off-topic, but Sega, please reveal the next Sonic game and get it over with! Make my suffering end please! I remember when this site was booming with official info about new Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic 4 info! Now we’re stuck with a bunch of random news with odd YouTube videos, mash-ups (which are actually pretty cool but I’d rather have info on a new Sonic game), occasional news on dispatched mobile games, fake rumors, and Sega once in a while saying, “oh yeah we’ve got something in the works but we aren’t going to tell you anything”. I’m sick of it! We need new info on a new main-stream 3D platforming Sonic game! I hope by E3, this website is finally back to having awesome official news each day. It’s not Sonic Stadium’s fault though, it’s pretty much whoever’s in charge of Sega saying, “Nah, don’t show any new info. I want to be mysterious.” GAAAH! I just hope by E3, I have a new Sonic game to look forward to this year.

    1. Dude, chill out. Like, really. I understand where you’re coming from, but patience IS a virtue. We’re still fairly fresh off the heels of Racing Transformed, and two mobile titles, when they’ve got something good to show, they’re going to show it. I’m waiting for the next major Sonic title too, and I want to know what is it just as much as anyone else on this site, but… chillax. It ain’t that serious.

      Besides, wouldn’t that kind of comment be more appropriate on Sega’s official forum? 😛

    2. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I too miss the days when info on a new game would be released nearly everyday, and I would be so excited checking this site and other Sonic Websites for anything new concerning the game but that was the past. Today, we just have to keep moving forward day after day hoping that one day will be the day when it is announced. The mobile stuff and the merchandise and other stuff was very entertaining at first, but now they are losing their taste and a new mainstream Sonic title is beginning to be the only thing that will satisfy us. I don’t know what SEGA is doing, (They are probably trying way too hard not to leak any information.) but whatever they are doing, I am confident that it is for the best. If you ask me, a good alternative to keep you distracted until the game’s announcement is to get interested and start reading the Sonic comics. The worlds collide event has just started and it goes straight through the summer, and I doubt SEGA will go the entire summer without saying anything. Anyways, the comics keep Sonic alive so you don’t pay attention to when the next title will be released and such. Don’t worry, summer vacation is creeping closer and closer, and so is the next mainstream Sonic title announcement. 😉

  3. darg, the background music constantly changing in volume was driving me up the wall.

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