New ASRT Patch Goes Live Monday

The updates feature lots of tucks and tweaks, should address many of the issues you’ve reported to us and also pull in improvements we’ve been doing on PC. Don’t expect any extra tracks or characters though, just before you ask…!

Those are the words of Executive Producer Steve Lycett on the Sega forums yesterday. The PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the game are to get a second patch next Monday which will follow a little later on the Wii-U.

No patch notes have been released just yet. However from the language used, (“tucks and tweaks”) it sounds like as well as a bug fix, the patch might also alter some of the balancing or even difficulty of the game.

Source: Sega Forums.

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  1. wait, might tweak balancing/difficulty of the game… no! thats what I love about Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed… it is so much more difficult than Mario Kart Wii and that is why I ditched MKWii for S&ART :/ oh well, I hope they fix things like the 4th lap glitches and such -_-

  2. I gave up on the game on Expert Mode out of frustration. I will go back to it if they fix the difficulty, so I would love it if they did. I don’t want an easy game, just the edge taken off so that beating the expert missions is satisfying rather than exasperating. I love the game, but the later modes were too much.

  3. all i’m missing in this game is:

    traffic attack ocean view expert
    drifting challenge graveyard gig expert

    F**K those two challenges.

  4. There is difficult and then there is cheap.

    Currently, ASRT is cheap. I did all the missions on the 360, but it wasn’t easy or fun for some of the missions. You should be able to win any race with any character you choose on Expert with Standard Mod. I have had races I lost just because my car got outrunned by the PC (I am looking at you Metal Sonic and Vyse).

    1. I guess this game is just more fair than Mario Kart Wii so it seems better to me than it should… either that or people are just ready to gripe about anything and everything, for the sake of argument I’m going with the first 😛

    2. ASRT isn’t cheap at all.

      And you can win every race with just your standard mod on expert… because I’ve done just that on two versions of the game. Though why you don’t switch mods when some modes stages will become a lot easier when you do if you can’t beat it is beyond me.

    3. there are some places where you boost and go faster,and afterwards you go slower from not boosting,i think you’re overreacting, and even if you think the ai is over powered, they’re not, trust me, online it felt the same

  5. Still wished that Team Sonic cheevo was tweaked, though its nice lycett is still dedicated to this game. Whatever happened to that supposed new Character he mentioned a while back?also did the respot glitchers/cheater time trial records get fixed? Stopped playing the game for a long time.

  6. Me, I cant wait till we get news on additional DLC news, I am hoping, keeping my fingers crossed for Vectorman(and Nack)

    Say any word on the DLC?

  7. I got 200ish stars. I popped the game on the other day since… December? Still no DLC (and I still haven’t downloaded any patches)
    Got Alex Kidd thou

  8. I hope they fix up the cheap difficulty. Unlocking AGES is near impossible because of the fact that you have to be absolutely perfect with no margin for errors.

    1. Oh! A little update: I hope the patch will let you have Alex Kidd’s Classic Mod if you unlocked the Classic Mod before Alex Kidd because i unlocked the Classic Mod before Alex Kidd and that means i can’t get his Console Mod. Dose any one else have the issue?

      1. Which version do you have? I have the 360 and that isn’t an issue for me. I unlocked the Genesis mod before I got Alex Kidd and he had the mod once he was unlocked.

  9. They need to patch Team Sonic on the vita I say.
    The online is more or less dead so getting all 5 Sonic characters in a race is a daunting task.

    1. Actually. It’s not that hard for the Vita version. I raced as Sonic in the NiGHTS track once. And then when I voted for the NiGHTS track again and played through it, I got my trophy. So it’s not that hard to earn for the Vita version. But as for the console version (360, PS3, etc, etc.). It’s really hard.

      1. Ironically I got it on PS3 but am dreading doing it on Vita…
        hmm. Food for thought.

  10. Does anyone think since they’re making it more like pc, their faces will move? And yeah I know it looks creepy sometimes

    1. The glitch at the end of the level or the glich where you get caught in the snakes mouth?

  11. How about some updates to the 3DS version? That needed SO much more testing before being released….

    1. Agreed.

      When you use an All-Star move, stunts are de-activated on land and sea for the rest of the race.

      How did they not even notice THAT?

      1. Not to mention drifting as a plane is gone in later laps after an All-Star.
        Or doing a trick when transforming, being a million miles away from the ground, getting a “stunt failed” and then you magically are stuck to the ground for a couple seconds.

        1. I only played the demo, but at one point my car didn’t transform into a boat and I kept falling through the ground constantly and I couldn’t fix it. :/ I feel sorry for those who bought the 3DS version. At least the menus are cool and the 3D is really nice.

  12. The game now takes 100 Points of your online rank now when ever you quit a online race.

    1. How? Which versions?! The console, or the handheld versions?!?! DEAR GOD TELL ME!!!

  13. What about the All-Stars getting received in 2nd or 3rd place? That one has been patched.

  14. Its sad that once again.. the 3DS gets ignored and it rots because they wanna act like it doesnt exist or they are too lazy to bother with that version of the game. The game isnt even all that bad but it has a huge amount of problems that need to be addressed. Why cant they just patch it already and stop acting like its invisible. Or is the 3DS version gonna go teh same way as Sonic 06, if anything.. They might as well pull it off the shelf and the eshop and accept the fact they botched a game which could have been great for the handheld. Seriously… its sad….

  15. Is the patch still available for PS3?? I’m getting back home from Boston, and since I wasn’t able to like… Get the patch on my PS3, I wonder if its only live for only 1 day. Is it still live??? I need answers!!

  16. Hey Hogfather. Can you update this article right now?! It’s been 3 days since the patch went live! Which one of the bugs are fixed?! UPDATE IT. NOW!!

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