Tanner Faces His Curse on The Sonic Show

Some of you may remember a year ago when The Sonic Stadium’s, ‘The Sonic Show’ ventured into the world of Let’s Playing. It was the lovely Tanner who took on Sonic 2 after never having finished it as a child. Many Game Over screens later, and Tanner rage quit right at the very end.

He was mocked by his peers and became known as the Sonic fan that couldn’t finish Sonic 2. A year has passed, is Tanner ready to face his fear?


Join Tanner and Blazecake, February 8th 2013 on The Sonic Show!

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  1. well, good luck buddy, it can be tough. say, I saw the vid you guys did on mighty, thought I would give you a heads up that someone has modded him into Gens, and a vid is up on facebook, go take a llok

  2. I still haven’t finis Sonic 1 XD But i am better at 3D Sonic games but that is maybe because my first Sonic game was SA2B to GC so my thinking is more in 3D than 2D. 🙂

  3. If he was mocked, that sure wasn’t nice. =/ I can’t finish any of the classic games. I and my sister’s efforts combined ALMOST got us through Sonic CD… but we couldn’t figure out that you were supposed to race metal sonic, not attack him. And sonic the game was for PC and had no savestate, we died, gamee over, and to this day neither of us has completed even one classic game. We didn’t really complete any of the games aside from SA2, SA1, or Heroes, really, but we still love em. (or I do. My sister won’t admit she likes Sonic. =P) I spend a lot of time looking into scrapped ideas and whatnot, the history of the franchise, and I love the characters and all. Just because you can’t beat games doesn’t mean you’re not a fan.
    I’m probably just a [really] suckish gamer. XD

    1. For me it’s almost the exact opposite. I’ve beaten all of the classic sonic games and SA1/DX and SA2/B, though the Ark Levels were a pain with all that Rail Grinding. I haven’t beaten Heroes, Shadow, 06, Secret Rings, Black Knight and Unleashed, I even have trouble beating the GBA/DS, sans Generations, games . I have beaten Colors (yet need to get Colors on DS) and Generations. So basically just about any game between SA2/B and Colors I will always have difficulty in beating. I agree just because you can’t beat a specific game doesn’t mean you’re not a fan, there are other reasons as to why you are a fan.

  4. I have beaten Sonic 06 with all emblems (a struggle but do-able (I was pretty bored last summer)…yet Sonic 2’s Final boss still eludes me to this day >( I may have to rectify this soon.

    1. I give you and anyone else Major Kudos to those who have successfully beaten 06. You sir have my gratitude.

  5. Well, the final boss is really hard, it requires a lot of precision and that’s something not too many Sonic bosses need, and on the top of that there’s Silver Sonic just before it and they don’t give you one single damn ring.

    For me this is the hardest boss of any Sonic Genesis game.

  6. Lol I am so bad when it comes the classic Sonic games, I’m still stuck on the Marble Zone =P
    Although I did manage to beat Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and as well as Sonic CD… But that’s it <:3

    1. Marble Zone!? You have yet to see Labyrinth Zone! But if you’re seriously stuck might I recommend you to checking out Zone:0 it has the most comprehensive online strategy for S1,S2, S3&K and CD. Hell its better than some of the guides on GameFAQs. Sorry for the shameless Plug people.

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