ESRB Rates Sonic Heroes for PS3

Sonic Heroes EU PS2 Box Art

US ratings board the ESRB has rated Sonic Heroes for the PlayStation 3, suggesting the PlayStation 2 game will finally be making its way to the US PS Store following its release on the European PS Store last February. No official word from SEGA or Sony, but as soon as there is, we’ll be sure to pass on the details.

Source: ESRB (via PlayStation LifeStyle)

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    1. I dispisd the gamecube game sonic heroes but i never got to play the ps2 one at my dads so my soon to be uncles frind gave me the gamecube one. now know the truth:the gamecube one is the % of sonics speed beter thain the ps2 one

  1. Sweet! Now all they need to do is release a Sonic 3 compatible with Sonic & Knuckles and a new game and I’ll be all set!!!

    1. The “dark era” started at Sonic Adventure. Heroes was like a trying to comeback, but Sony screwed it. Still, it’s better than Sonic Adventure and DX.

  2. Awesome, even though I’ll stick with my PC version. I do hope they fix all the glitches though, since the PS2 was by far the worst version before.

  3. I liked Sonic Heroes, but the PS2 version was poor. They should release the GC/Xbox/PC version and just make it playable with PS3 you know.

      1. The X-Box version is like the GC Version, except graphically it looks a little better and has slightly longer loading times.

  4. Cmon, why no love for Xbox? This is the only main Sonic game I haven’t played, and finding an old copy is proving difficult :/

      1. What region are you in? I’m in Canada, and I can’t find it anywhere and a search doesn’t bring me up anything about Sonic Heroes :/

    1. Poor framerate, the worst graphical quality, more laggs than the other versions. Also, the amount of glitches is bigger I believe.

    2. The ps2 version runs at like 15 fps. The controls are really slide ish and the game suffers from super low resolution textures and low polygon graphics

    1. Wow. It released in EU first on the PS3 and no words for a year? dammit sega! why don’t you give americans fine digital gaming first and not us the EU? Also, It’ll come to steam eventually as they had a PC version aswell

        1. I’m not saying Europe should get most things in a while, It’s just that america has so much more than Europe. But I see your point there.

  5. I remember reviewers bitching and whining about the difficult controls and me thinking “You can’t be very good at computer games then”. I loved it, it was far more representative of the bat poop crazy Sonic world than any of the adventure games.

  6. Already got it on PC and Gamecube.
    Been here in the UK for PSN for a year now, and if I decided to buy it, I would have it for all three consoles [PC version is an XBOX port so…]
    Anyway, this is good for the Americans.

    1. Actually, there will be trophies. After all, the Jak and Daxter Collection had trophies for the 3 games, and look at the old Sonic games. They’ve added trophies. So I think it’s safe to say there will be trophies.

  7. Ummm, yay? Wait.. PS2 classic? So, not really a full-on re-release like the Sonic Adventure games? O_O Good Lord, that scares me considering how poor the PS2 version is.

  8. I live in the uk and have ready got this. It’s pretty good, but has moments of bullcrap. Watch out for the scripted error in final fortress with team sonic: after a tornado jump your meant to land on a rail but sonic always misses. You have to move slightly to the right just before he lands. I think the reason this got reviews between that of sa2 and 06 was that it had moments of bullshit (unlike SA2) but it was fun to play (unlike 06)

  9. They’re releasing just now in the US to prepare for the rumored Sonic game. It’s gonna be called Sonic Heroes 2: The REAL super power of Teamwork! I can feel it…

  10. I need this. I got Sonic Heroes for the PS2 but its so scratched up its unplayable, so this will come in handy :). Plus it has one of the best Sonic songs: What Im Made Of… :3

  11. If this has enticing new features and it doesn’t get released in the Australian (European) store, then I’m gonna order this off of my US psn alt account 😛

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