Meccano & NKOK Tease New Sonic Toys


Last year, Meccano released a series of Sonic construction toys. Sonic & Knuckles in their ASR cars, and several playset’s based on various zones from Sonic’s 20 year history.

According to Toy World Magazine, Meccano is expanding the range of toys with some new additions. Sky Sanctuary is going to be added as a playset and another stage which is justĀ labeledĀ as ‘Canyon.’ The magazine claims that these stages will be based off ‘Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing,‘ but, considering Sky Sanctuary isn’t in the original ASR, it might be reasonable to assume that ‘canyon‘ refers to the Dragon Canyon from ASRT.

Also included in the write up was a new vehicle. They describe it as being a 3-in-1 vehicle from ‘Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed‘ which features ‘a pull back motor and stickers.’ Would it be wrong to speculate that this will be based on Sonic’s car from ASRT and that the ‘3-in-1’ will mean you can build it into either the car, jet or boat form?

Furthermore. toy maker NKOK is also teasing new Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed toys

NKOKAs you can see, no details were given as to what the new toys will look like other than they will be based on ASRT. Previously NKOK have only released toys based on ASR. To compliment this, NKOK’s distributor, Zappies ltd also published an advert specifically mentioning ASRT (see below) and that their new toys will be on show.

The toys are said to be showcased at London Toy Fair at the end of this month. Unfortunately, London Toy Fair is a closed event. Only way to get in is to be a member of the ‘toy trade,’ so don’t try to go down there and get in unless you work in the toy industry. But stay tuned to TSS for any updates as they come in.

Source: Toy World Mag January 2013 issue.

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  1. I’m surprised Sonic Stadium hasn’t done a News article about the Sonic Fan film with Jaleel white? Yuji Naka has said he found it awesome

    1. I think that Jeff said he would do a write-up.

      It’s probably best I don’t do a write up on that one as I think the film is terrible in just about every way.

      1. I agree that the fan film was awful, I mean I know a lot of effort went in, but it is what it is, just another crappy fan flick.

  2. 3-in-1 vehicle? That’s awesome! Also to see Dragon canyon and Sky Sanctuary as possible sets can be interesting.

  3. All I saw was “screwdriver included.” Hope it’s a… SONIC screwdriver~ …I’m not funny.

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