ASR Transformed Steam Page Now Live!

Transformed-Sonic-WagGood news, PC gamers! Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has finally been given its own page on the Steam marketplace, revealing a 31st January release date and a special promotional discount for those who pre-purchase the game. If you’ve not jumped onto the track with Sonic and co. on any other console yet, this may be the time for you to start revving up your engines with excitement!

The PC version of Sumo Digital’s latest racer, which has generally received favourable reviews from fans and critics alike (you only need to check out the TSS reviews of the 360/PS3 and Wii U versions to see we love it too!), will be hitting Valve’s Steam marketplace at the end of the month for the UK price of £19.99 – however, if you pre-purhcase before release date, you get a 10% saving, which will bring that price down to just £17.99. Quite the bargain for such an impressive title, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Generally speaking, the PC version looks to be the same as on the other consoles so if you’ve not already bought the game on another system, this will be as good a version as any. And there’s always the possibility that those Team Fortress 2 characters will be exclusive to the Steam release… stay tuned for confirmation on that!

Will you be downloading Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on Steam, even if you’ve already bought it for another console? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Steam Marketplace

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  1. I heard this version will have online play, is this true? i don’t see it on the steam page.. but it sure needs to have it!

  2. I’d like to have the PC version (60 FPS all the time? HECK YEAH!), but my Wii U version is keeping me away 😛

  3. I wish they’d release a retail version here in the US. 🙁
    I don’t want to have to download a game this big, and I don’t have any of the consoles it’s on.

  4. Any confirmation of TF2 characters appearing in the game? I’d definitely consider buying it again, this time for PC, if I can race as the Pyro c:

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