US ASRT Owners, Your Patch is Ready!

S0L to the rescWiiUe! … … Don’t blame me for the terrible pun it was Shadzter’s idea!

Well guys, it’s taken nearly two weeks. But Nintendo might have finally decided to release the ASRT Wii-U patch in US territories. Ever since launch, US owners have been plagued with difficulties which have prevented content from being unlocked and the ability to actually beat the game as well as issues with the Wii-U exclusive modes. But for EU users, no such problems to report, the fix has been live in the EU since the game launched here last week.

However, according to Executive Producer Steve Lycett, it’s time to grab your 70’s trousers and party! For people living in the US, the new patch will be live in a matter of hours!

And since it’s a matter of discussion, the Wii U US update to v1.1.1 should happen in the next few hours. Got confirmation of it from SEGA about an hour a go. Again, apologies for the delay as this went through the system. Hopefully you’ll spot a few tweaks and improvements too!

So there you have it, in a matter of hours you too can finally beat the game and unlock that last character. Rejoice! Cheer! Hooray!

Stay tuned to TSS for our review on the Wii-U version.

Source: Sonic Stadium Message Board

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  1. YAYYYY! If I had this on Wii U I would be so happy! Heck, i don’t even have the game at all yet 🙁

  2. Still haven’t patched my 360 version.. they don’t tell us what exactly they’re trying to fix and it’s annoying.

  3. The 360 doesn’t need an emergency patch. The reason why the Wii U was patched was because it was broken.

  4. Well lucky for me I beat The Game before I even went online with my WiiU I just finished getting all 232 Stars in world tour.. My hardest missions were Traffic Attack wish sega coukdve given something specail for completing. It.

  5. Yah I can’t play my wii u since there’s an update for the system itself might take 30 more mintues I guess but can’t wait for the patch for the game

  6. If you guys have any doubts, the patch is up for real now. Enjoy, and hope you can give the game a second chance. I have the PS3 version and it’s been a blast.

  7. What did the patch do besides fixing the boost Race?? Hope they fixed the minigames cuz its not that easy to catch people in the monkeyball game.

  8. Well, I’m interested in purchasing it now that they’ve patched this major issue. This would be a good game to have alongside NSMBU when I have some friends over for a game day.

    What type of controllers are needed to play multiplayer?

    1. Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller [Pro], and Wii U Pro Controller can be used for multiplayer. So basically, “everything”.

      1. Cool, I’ve got a Pro Controller and Wiimote and Nunchuk. I’ll have to have some of the guys bring their own controllers though, but that’s sort of the way we all work anyhow.

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