December Community Update: Mike Pollock UK Appearance, Charity Event and SS:R Christmas Shows

Ho ho ho! We at the Sonic Stadium hope you are all getting into the festive spirit!
If you’re still not feeling it quite yet (or you haven’t seen the Coca Cola advert on TV) here are some announcements that might help you get in the mood!

Mike Pollock to Attend London Gaming Con

The London Gaming Convention returns next year on May 4th and 5th with two days of activities including arcade gaming to cosplaying. This year’s event will also play host to the voice of Dr. Eggman himself, Mike Pollock. May the 5th will also include the “Super-Sonic Sunday” event, with loads of Sonic-orientated antics to entice you to attend.

For more information about the location and costs of the event, check out the London Gaming Convention Website.


48-hour Sonic the Hedgehog Gaming Marathon for Charity

In aid of the Child’s Play charity, Alex and Alex will be taking on 2 days of non-stop Sonic gaming to test their endurance to the maximum. You can tune in to watch their progress from 7PM GMT this coming Friday (14th). All donations made will go directly to the charity, and donors will also be able to influence the choice of games played.

SEGASonic:Radio Christmas Blast!

Tune in to SEGASonic:Radio this Sunday (16th of December) from 3:00PM GMT for a whole afternoon and evening of programming brought to you by a flock of SS:R DJs including Vger (3pm), T-Bird (4pm), Biafra Republic (6pm), Turbo (7pm) and Vizard Jeffhog (8pm).

Expect a huge selection of Sonical songs over six hours, as well as a preview of the new Sonic Stadium Music Album during Vizard Jeffhog’s show and a chance to win yourself a copy of the Crush 40 Live album amongst other prizes during T-TIME.

Don’t forget to join in and chat with DJs and other fans in the Sonic Stadium chatroom too!

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  1. So is it meant to be Friday 14th, or Sunday 16th? Dates are wrong on the SSR stuff.
    Also, Mike Pollock at London Gaming Con?! Am I dreaming?!? :O

  2. does anybody know how busy the london game con gets? never been before, i’ve registered and paid but i just want to know how long the queue gets. also it says on the website that there’s more sonic stuff to be confirmed. it would be awesome if this is true. i would appreciate if anyone could help me out. thanks.

    1. It’s only a 1000 person event sometimes more and sometimes it gets busy sometimes it don’t. there will probably be more than there was last year and it is always good fun. plus there is a bar there! don’t worry about how packed it will be, it will be fine !
      and yes there will be more Sonic stuff confirmed. i’ll make sure of that!
      i head the stage at LGC by the way haha 😀


  3. cool, thanks very much.:) i’ll be counting down the months. hope to see other sonic fans there aswell.

  4. DRATZ……arggggghhh!!!! I’ll be totally out of commission all day Friday for surgery on me gall bladder dratz dratz dratz…I didn’t wanna miss that 48 hour charity play lolz Man I wish I had live streaming DVR lmao but oh well…I’ll try to tune in ASAP 😉 If I’m home by Saturday…fingers crossed.

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