Buy ASRT at Gamestop, Get a Hot Wheels Danicar Toy For Free


On October 10th 2012, Sega announced that anyone who purchased a copy of ASRT would receive a free Hot Wheels Danica/Danicar toy from selected retailers. However, as ASRT’s release date drew closer, many had assumed that the promotion had been cancelled as nothing more was mentioned about it.

It has been 25 days after ASRT released on the 3 main consoles, and a week after it’s release on the Vita here in the EU. Sega has now given details as to how you get the toy… You have to buy the game again!

Full press release after the break.

SAN FRANCISCO – December 10, 2012–SEGA® of America Inc., Mattel, Inc. and the iconic Hot Wheels® brand have developed a unique partnership to further enhance the racing experience of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Available exclusively at GameStop, fans who purchase the game for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™ U system from Nintendo, will receive a limited edition diecast “Danicar” free. The exclusive gift with purchase promotion will begin on December 9 and will continue while supplies last at the more than 4,400 GameStop locations nationwide and online at

This promotion builds upon the in-game presence of NASCAR racer Danica Patrick, who races a custom transforming electric green Hot Wheels® vehicle, designed to navigate the dynamic land, sea and air environments. The unique vehicle combines style elements from Danica Patrick and Sonic the Hedgehog with design inspiration from Hot Wheels®.

“We are so excited to be able to reward gamers who purchase Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with a free diecast ‘Danicar’,” commented Marcella Churchill, Senior Director of Marketing, SEGA of America. “Through this partnership with Hot Wheels, SEGA was able to extend our brand beyond the game universe and into consumer products with the creation of this custom toy.”

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a thrilling new racing experience featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Danica Patrick, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and a fantastic cast of SEGA All-Stars. The racing adventure allows players to race through land, air and water in the new dynamic tracks inspired by classic SEGA video games.

For more information about Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, please visit; to download SEGA game assets, please visit

About SEGA® of America, Inc.

SEGA® of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA® Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including Windows PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment. SEGA® of America’s Web site is located at

So to get this, you need to go to Gamestop and buy ASRT on any system as of today.

Normally, promotional items like this are welcomed by fans, however, due to how this promotion has started nearly a month after the game was first released, it hasn’t gone down that well if this small selection of comments on SSMB are anything to go by.

I’m actually a little bit pissed because people who pre-ordered the game get.. nothing,

Funny thing is, the “fans” they’re talking about bought the game back in November. So clearly, the Hot Wheels car isn’t for the fans.

For goodness sake, SEGA. You don’t launch a new promotion for a game mere weeks after it hits the market. Especially after you disappoint all your fans after announcing the promotion long before release. I really want this car, but **** off.

“Hey the fans that already bought the game will buy it again!” Yeah no. This seriously seems like you took a cue from Capcoms troll book.”

So what do you think? Great idea? To give people who didn’t buy the game on Day 1 a limited edition piece of merchandise, or terrible idea? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Autosaver & various SSMB Members

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  1. Ok, now I’m a little pissed off. Why are preorders affected?!!!!! There’s no reason why they can’t add the cars to the preorders!!!! >'(

  2. People are actually bent out of shape that they’re not getting Danica Patrick’s fictional car? I feel like I deserve at least a percentage refund for having been exposed to the word “Danicar.”

    1. it’s not because of the car. It’s because of how crappy and sloppy Sega’s marketing team has been with this game.

      1. XD Then maybe people should say “The marketing for this game is crappy and sloppy” instead of “I’m mad I didn’t get the car of a mediocre Nascar racer that’s in my game for some reason!” I’m past the point where I give that big of a crap about dumb trinkets with pre-orders/retailer-exclusives/etc., and I don’t think they get much dumber and trinket-like than this.

        1. I agree tho’… if it at least had a transforming gimmick.. doesn’t have to all three just car to plane form is enough I’d be interested to buy it is, nah…no thanks.

          Sumo digital has an excellent game but sega has bad timing scneario but I’m not too chuffed.

  3. Yes, I did want the Hot Wheel car…when I thought it wasn’t Danica Patrick’s, I just thought it was an ASRT branded Hot Wheel car. The fact that it has a pic of her on it AND the name “Danicar” branded on the packaging? I think I’ll pass.

    But for those who actually wanted it, that is pretty rotten to start the promotion how many weeks after the game comes out. Though for me, I won’t get bent out of shape, because the whole Danica Patrick in ASRT thing irritates me to begin with. If it helped Sega financially, that’s great, but she still doesn’t fit in the game…

  4. I would be pissed off, but this is for GameStop, so EB Games gets nada! Whoop.
    I think they might have done this purposely though. Who knows, maybe they waited to see how many people actually bought it at first, and if the sales weren’t good enough, they bribe people with this car. Kids would totally be like “MOMMY DADDY I WANT THAT HOT WHEELS CAR” and now this game can be sold to more children just because of the car, not just to older fans of SEGA who lyke teh nostalgias.

  5. I don’t mind that much. People who pre-ordered still got extra in-game content. I know the limited edition’s are still being sold in stores, but remember, they’re still limited. I guess it would’ve been nice to get some pre-order exclusive gift though.

  6. I went to my gamestop and asked if I pre-orded it for the 3DS if I get the toy. I explained that I already bought the Xbox version and wanted the toy. The gave me the toy because they don’t care and know me as a customer

  7. I work at gamestop and happened to come across a box filled with Danicars. I took a few thanks to my boss. Lucky for me, I dont need to preorder any game to obtain a physical item. I can take what I want.

  8. Man, screw her and her Danicar (ugh….)

    Why couldn’t we have someone like Phantom R in her place and get Rhythm Thief more exposure?

    1. Agreed. I really think it’s one of SEGA’s severely underrated games which could actually stand side-by-side, visual novel giants , Ace Attorney and Prof. Layton, if the gem was truly appreciated..

      I even voted for him as DLC, but alas, he did’nt make the cut…quite the blow..but at least two characters I liked did so that’s something…

      …even if it is’nt Phantom R.
      And sadly that game did’nt even get a limited edition..pity.

  9. I thought I might as well share my ramblings at TSSZNews about Danica Patrick here.

    I have a confession to make. Ever since the game was announced, I have had a obsession with the very thought of Danica Patrick with her photo plastered on every window and every wall of my house, in my wallet and on my t-shirt. I cannot help but think about her every time she makes another left turn on TV during the NASCAR events and hope she does better every race and does ASRT and me proud. I cannot stopping thinking now of having to get that Hot Wheels car or else my three months of therapy will go out the window and I will regress to my previous state and need medication and a straightjacket or I may get out of hand and hurt someone walking around in NASCAR apparel for any other driver and don’t even mention Jeff Gor…


    PS: Google “Danica Patrick overrated” and have the ride of your life.

    PPS: For anyone who has second thoughts of becoming a Danica fan or *shudder* SonDanica fan, set aside some time to carefully read the sites below to yourself. Reflect over its inner meaning and its application on the world in general. Realize how overrated Danica Patrick really is in the world of racing. Regret that you even remotely thought Danica Patrick was fitting to be in ASRT, let alone racing in the real world and so rightfully deserved your attention. Then remember there is more to life than video games, the Internet and Danica Patrick.

  10. First everyone complains about her being in the game, now they complain about not getting her toy car. How strange.

        1. No, I haven’t. I just think if the Sonic fans are so outraged at this character’s inclusion (some of them which have gone so far to avoid unlocking her, I hear), maybe they shouldn’t care about whether they own this or not.

          1. …Yes you have… for starters, this particular thing has nothing to do with her inclusion in the game, in fact the two issues are not even related.

            The fact is that this promotion started long after the fans of the game bought it which is why a lot of people are annoyed by it.

  11. I hope you realize the entire first half of my post is a sarcastic, fictitious portrayal of the community’s bipolar relationship with Patrick. It seems as soon as we are out with pitch forks and protest groups that we then make a 180 turn and come with open arms and cannot seem to get enough of her. Yes, for many, the idea of not getting the toy car with their game does hinge upon the principle of poor marketing as Hogfather has suggested. However, there are a remote few who have posted in this comment section to express their disappointment and frustration for simply not getting a Danicar as her new found fans. In other words, there are two sides to this coin or two points of view to this touchy situation–poor marketing and Danica Patrick.

  12. I have the Danicar in game, so I’m not missing anything. Hell, that one transforms and comes with a model scale Danica Patrick for all my PG needs.

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